19 Songs About November

Songs about November capture the month’s unique essence, ranging from introspective ballads to uplifting anthems. These tracks, by artists like Guns N’ Roses and Wyclef Jean, explore themes of change, nostalgia, and the passage of time, offering a diverse soundtrack for the eleventh month.

1. “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses

“November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses stands as a towering achievement in the realm of classic rock, renowned for its epic structure and emotional depth. This long ballad, extending over eight minutes, showcases the band’s ability to blend classical music influences with hard rock, creating a masterpiece that has left a lasting impact on the genre. Its accompanying music video, featuring dramatic narrative sequences and memorable imagery, has become one of the most iconic in rock history, further cementing the song’s place in music lore.

2. “Gone Till November” by Wyclef Jean

“Gone Till November” by Wyclef Jean dives deep into themes of departure and the promise of return, reflecting the artist’s personal experiences with leaving loved ones behind in pursuit of a better life. This hip-hop track stands out for its poignant lyrics about sacrifice and hope, resonating with anyone who has faced the challenge of saying goodbye. Wyclef’s raw emotional delivery, combined with the song’s melodic hooks, makes it a standout farewell song in the hip-hop genre, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide.

3. “November” by Gabrielle Aplin

“November” by Gabrielle Aplin encapsulates the spirit of introspection and change that often accompanies the transition into the colder months. With its gentle, melodic tune, this indie folk song invites listeners into a world of self-reflection, set against the backdrop of changing seasons. Aplin’s heartfelt lyrics and delicate vocal performance resonate with the natural ebb and flow of life, making “November” a poignant soundtrack for those seeking solace and understanding in the midst of personal transformation.

4. “November Blue” by The Avett Brothers

“November Blue” by The Avett Brothers showcases the band’s knack for emotive storytelling through the lenses of Americana and bluegrass. This song, with its rich lyrical imagery and heartfelt melodies, holds a special place in The Avett Brothers’ discography, highlighting their ability to convey deep emotions and complex narratives. Its acoustic warmth and earnest vocal performances create an intimate atmosphere, drawing listeners into a reflective journey that’s both personal and universal, cementing its status as a beloved track among fans and newcomers alike.

5. “November Has Come” by Gorillaz

“November Has Come” by Gorillaz exemplifies the virtual band’s mastery in blending alternative rock with a variety of other genres, creating a sound that’s distinctly their own. Featured on the critically acclaimed album “Demon Days,” this track delves into lyrical themes that are reflective and nuanced, offering listeners a glimpse into the band’s explorations of societal and personal dilemmas. The combination of innovative music production and thought-provoking lyrics in “November Has Come” demonstrates Gorillaz’s unique position in the music world, pushing the boundaries of what a band—virtual or otherwise—can achieve.

6. “Sweet November” by SZA

“Sweet November” by SZA captures the essence of R&B and soul music, highlighting the singer’s lyrical prowess and her ability to convey deep emotional landscapes. This track dives into themes of love and vulnerability, with SZA’s soulful voice weaving through intricate melodies to tell a story that’s both personal and relatable. The song’s exploration of complex feelings against a backdrop of lush, captivating soundscapes showcases SZA’s talent for creating music that resonates on a profound level, further establishing her as a compelling voice in contemporary R&B.

7. “November Spawned a Monster” by Morrissey

“November Spawned a Monster” by Morrissey is a powerful example of alternative rock fused with incisive social commentary. Morrissey uses the backdrop of November to deliver a poignant critique of society’s treatment of the disabled, blending his signature lyrical wit with a deeply empathetic perspective. This song stands out for its bold exploration of themes often overlooked in music, showcasing Morrissey’s unique ability to challenge listeners while providing a captivating sonic experience. Through this track, Morrissey invites a reflective understanding of empathy and societal responsibility, making it a thought-provoking piece in his discography.

8. “November” by Tom Waits

“November” by Tom Waits is a testament to Waits’s distinctive sound, characterized by his gravelly voice and experimentation with the boundaries of rock music. The song crafts a brooding, atmospheric narrative that captures the essence of the month, weaving together themes of desolation and introspection. Waits’s ability to create a vivid, almost tangible atmosphere through his unique vocal delivery and innovative instrumentation sets “November” apart, offering listeners an immersive experience that is as haunting as it is beautiful. This track highlights Waits’s talent for storytelling within the framework of experimental rock.

9. “November 18th” by Drake

“November 18th” by Drake serves as a heartfelt homage to Houston and the influential DJ Screw, capturing a specific moment in time through the lens of hip hop. In this track, Drake skillfully blends his smooth flow with the chopped and screwed technique pioneered by Screw, paying tribute to the city’s sound and culture. The song stands out not only as a nod to Drake’s musical influences but also as a reflective piece that immortalizes a personal and cultural moment, showcasing his adeptness at weaving together personal narratives with broader musical legacies. “November 18th” is a compelling example of how tribute songs can transcend mere homage to become impactful works of art in their own right.

10. “November” by Sleeping With Sirens

“November” by Sleeping With Sirens marks a notable shift in sound for the post-hardcore band with its acoustic balladry, centered around themes of introspection and change. This track delves into emotional depths not often explored in their earlier, heavier work, showcasing a more vulnerable and reflective side of the band. The acoustic arrangement allows the raw emotions and lyrical sincerity to take center stage, providing listeners with a poignant meditation on personal growth and the passage of time. Through “November,” Sleeping With Sirens demonstrates their versatility as artists, capable of engaging their audience with both intensity and delicate introspection.

11. “Mr. November” by The National

“Mr. November” by The National stands as an emotionally charged anthem, weaving together indie rock with evocative political themes. The song serves as a rallying cry, marked by its raw emotion and a sense of defiance that resonates deeply with listeners. The National’s ability to blend melodic indie rock with poignant, thought-provoking lyrics in “Mr. November” captures the band’s knack for addressing complex themes with both subtlety and power. This track not only showcases their musical prowess but also highlights their engagement with the political and personal landscapes that shape our lives.

12. “Fall Into November” by Folk Implosion

“Fall Into November” by Folk Implosion encapsulates the essence of the transitional month with its laid-back vibe and unique blend of indie pop with electronic influences. This track stands out for its ability to transport listeners into the midst of November, capturing the month’s introspective mood and the gradual shift from autumn to winter. The soothing melodies and subtle electronic textures create an atmosphere that’s both reflective and comforting, making “Fall Into November” a perfect anthem for those embracing the changes and moods that come with this time of year. Through this song, Folk Implosion offers a musical exploration of November’s distinct, contemplative essence.

13. “November Air” by Zach Bryan

“November Air” by Zach Bryan showcases the artist’s exceptional storytelling skills, with lyrics steeped in heartache and reflective contemplation. Bryan’s ability as a singer-songwriter shines through in this country track, where the raw emotion of his voice perfectly captures the essence of lost love and the passage of time. The song’s narrative is a poignant exploration of personal pain, set against the backdrop of November’s crisp air, offering listeners a deeply emotional experience that resonates with the themes of longing and resilience. Through “November Air,” Zach Bryan adds depth and sincerity to the country music landscape, inviting audiences into his world of introspective songwriting.

14. “November Skies” by Tomas Barfod feat. Nina Kinert

“November Skies” by Tomas Barfod feat. Nina Kinert is an exemplary showcase of how electronic beats can be fused with deep emotional narratives, highlighting the unique collaboration between the artists. This track blends the atmospheric elements of electronica with Kinert’s evocative vocals, creating a sound that’s both energizing and poignant. The collaboration brings out a distinctive synergy, where the cold, crisp beats mirror the emotional depth of the lyrics, capturing the complexity and beauty of human emotions against the backdrop of November’s ambiance. “November Skies” stands as a testament to the possibilities that arise when artists from different backgrounds come together to explore the intersections of rhythm, melody, and emotion.

15. “November Night” by Peter Fonda

“November Night” by Peter Fonda encapsulates the essence of folk music with its rich poetic imagery and the trio’s exquisite harmonious delivery. The song serves as a beautiful reflection on the month of November, weaving together themes of transition, nature, and introspection. The harmonies crafted by Peter Fonda elevate the lyrical content, creating a memorable and emotive experience that perfectly captures the mood of a November night. Their ability to convey deep emotions through both words and melody exemplifies the enduring power of folk music to narrate and evoke the human experience.

16. “November” by Tyler, The Creator

“November” by Tyler, The Creator delves deep into an introspective journey, with the artist using November as a metaphor for a period of existential questioning and personal reflection. This rap track stands out for Tyler’s candid exploration of his experiences, fears, and dreams, offering listeners a glimpse into his complex psyche. The symbolism of November in his narrative represents a time of significant emotional depth and introspection, challenging audiences to consider their own “November” moments. Through “November,” Tyler, The Creator invites us into his personal exploration of identity and purpose, highlighting his prowess in weaving intricate, thought-provoking stories within his music.

17. “Late November” by Sandy Denny

“Late November” by Sandy Denny showcases the artist’s haunting vocals, solidifying the track’s status as a melancholic masterpiece within the British folk genre. Denny’s powerful voice, coupled with the song’s lyrical depth, creates a sense of poignant beauty that is both timeless and evocative. This folk classic captures the essence of its title month, weaving a tapestry of emotion and imagery that resonates deeply with listeners. Sandy Denny’s ability to convey complex feelings through her music makes “Late November” a standout piece, celebrated for its emotional resonance and vocal excellence.

18. “November Tale” by The Waterboys

“November Tale” by The Waterboys is an exemplar of narrative strength within the band’s rich discography, blending rock with literary references to create a compelling storytelling experience. The song’s lyrical depth and thematic richness position it as a significant piece that explores complex emotions and stories within the structure of a music track. Through “November Tale,” The Waterboys continue their tradition of crafting songs that are as intellectually stimulating as they are melodically engaging, further cementing their reputation as musicians capable of merging the poetic with the powerful in their unique brand of rock.

19. “November Boogie” by Sonny Boy Williamson II

“November Boogie” by Sonny Boy Williamson II brilliantly captures the essence of blues through the artist’s mastery of the harmonica and his raw emotional delivery. Williamson’s prowess on the harmonica, coupled with his uniquely powerful voice, brings to life the soulful depth and vibrancy of blues music, particularly as it resonates with the themes of November. This track not only showcases Williamson’s exceptional talent as a musician but also embodies the emotional landscape of the blues genre, making “November Boogie” a standout piece that highlights the enduring appeal and depth of blues music in capturing human experience and emotion.