19 Songs About Potatoes

You may find yourself looking for songs about potatoes for some reason, whether you really like potatoes, or you’re just in the mood for some potato music. Believe it or not, potatoes have had their fair share of the limelight in the world of music, inspiring artists across generations and genres.

Who said that music and potatoes don’t mix? From rock ballads to folksy ditties, these 20 tunes about spuds are as delectable as a hot, buttered baked potato. Whether you’re a potato enthusiast or just have a quirky musical palate, these ‘potato songs’ are bound to peel back layers of pure enjoyment.

1. “Potato Head Blues” by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven

Is it a tuber tune? Well, technically, no. But with a name that intriguing, it had to make the list. This instrumental jazz piece takes you back to the roaring 1920s in New Orleans. The story behind the peculiar title? Well, let’s say the term “potato heads” was a playful dig at those not-so-skilled musicians who often stuffed a potato in their instrument to dampen the sound.

2. “Potato” by Cheryl Wheeler

Ever had a tune stuck in your head? Cheryl Wheeler did, and she turned it into this spud-inspired song. The melody of the famous “Mexican Hat Dance” coupled with a relentless repetition of the word “potato” forms the backbone of this delightful ditty. It’s a catchy tune, no matter how you slice, mash, or fry it.

3. “Sad Potato” by Jetti Tha Boi

This track from SoundCloud artist Jetti Tha Boi uses the ‘potato’ as a metaphor. In urban slang, ‘potato’ often refers to someone who feels dull, ordinary, or overlooked – much like a plain, uncooked potato. The melancholic lyrics mirror this sentiment, making it a relatable anthem for anyone who’s ever felt a little bit ‘potato’.

4. “Potato Graveyard” by The Pox Men

“Potato Graveyard” is a sea shanty song about the location of where everything lost ends up and where all things will eventually go to. The Potato Graveyard is the place where missing socks, leftover dinner, and even lost love can be found resting.

5. “Sweet Potato Pie” by Ray Charles, James Taylor

Who knew our humble potato could inspire a soulful serenade? Ray Charles and James Taylor coo over their “Sweet Potato Pie,” an affectionate nickname for the women who light up their lives. This heart-warming tune is a melodious tribute to love, spiced with a delightful potato twist.

6. “Potato Girl” by Jake Llaguno

Jake Llaguno, a virtual maestro of the internet, conjures up tunes based on requests from fans about their beloved fictional characters. Enter “Potato Girl,” an ode to Sasha Brauss from the anime titan, “Attack on Titan”. Sasha, famously caught munching on a stolen potato, hence the nickname, really embodies the potato spirit of seizing life (or in her case, potatoes) by the handful.

7. “Couch Potato” by Weird Al” Yankovic

King of parody, Weird Al Yankovic, whips up a belly-aching spoof of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. In “Couch Potato”, Yankovic brilliantly showcases life at its most ‘potato-y’ – lazing on the sofa and munching snacks, with the TV remote as the scepter of control. It’s the anthem for every tuber who loves a good time, potato style.

8. “Sweet Potato Piper” by Bing Crosby

From the flick, “The Road to Singapore”, Bing Crosby serenades with the “Sweet Potato Piper.” It’s a melody cooked up by two tricksters aiming to win over locals before peddling their bogus wares. The Piper’s tune, they reckon, is irresistible, much like a hot, buttered sweet potato on a cold day.

9. “Diggin’ My Potatoes” by Buddy Guy & Junior Wells

This bluesy number takes you on an emotional roller coaster, equating the invasion of personal space to someone else “diggin’ my potatoes”. A raw expression of heartbreak, it reminds us that even potatoes have their highs and lows.

10. “Potato Salad And Shrimp” by Glenn Davis Doctor G

This song is everything that its name promises! The track is about the artist’s enjoyment and craving for potato salad and shrimp and follows him on his journey to get some from the deli. We can hear the artist beaming with joy as he eats the potato salad and shrimp.

11. “Couch Potato” by Lucky Doug Fergus

This song by Lucky Doug Fergus is a positive spin on his own life. Doug can be heard proclaiming how proud he is to be a couch potato and as he constantly watches television and eats food, he believes that all people who are exercising or working are fools.

12. “Mrs. Potato Head” by Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez tackles the pressing issue of beauty standards and the devastating effects on self-image in “Mrs. Potato Head.” The song, a metaphor derived from the versatile toy, is a hard-hitting commentary on society’s obsession with physical perfection. It serves as a poignant reminder of the perils of aesthetic conformity. 

13. “Mashed Potato Time” by Dee Dee Sharp

Dee Dee Sharp was the first black female teen idol and her biggest song “Mashed Potato Time” was released in the early 1960s. She wrote this song to help promote the dance “Mashed Potato” and uses it to showcase other songs of the time. 

14. “Potato Chips” by Jamin Bradley

“Potato Chips” is a song that was written, recorded, and filmed over the course of one five-hour session between Jamin Bradley and his brother. The song, as the name clearly suggests, talks about their mutual love for potato chips and how there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for a potato chip.

15. “Boiled Potato” by Blake Babies

“Boiled Potato” by Blake Babies is the ultimate love ballad for the humble spud. Through their lyrics, they personify the boiled potato, praising its ability to fill voids and satiate hunger. The tune emphasizes the emotional connection we can feel towards our food, especially when it’s as comforting as a boiled potato. 

16. “Mr. Potato Head” by The Game

In the early 2000s, The Game dropped “Mr. Potato Head,” using the playful character as an analogy for his contributions to his community. The tune serves as a friendly reminder to those he has uplifted, emphasizing their origins and the hand that helped them rise.

17. “Hot Potato” by The Wiggles

“Hot Potato” is a song by the children’s band The Wiggles. The song goes through different foods, starting with the hot potato, and uses physical actions to associate with the food in an effort to get kids up and moving while working on their speech.

18. “Potato’s In The Paddy Wagon” by The New Main Street Singers

This tune is a veritable rollercoaster ride! “Potato’s In The Paddy Wagon” is a saga of a girl named Potato, born in a sweet potato’s embrace, who grows up to catch the sheriff’s fancy. The fast-paced polka music accentuates the wild twists and turns of Potato’s life, making for an intriguing narrative.

19. “Baked Potato” by Joyful Awe Music

“Baked Potato” by Joyful Awe Music is a simple and straightforward homage to the tuber in its most delicious form. The recurring chorus of “baked potato and margarine” punctuated with mentions of lemon tart and cool whip paints a mouthwatering portrait of comfort food.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve journeyed through this melodic potato patch, we’ve encountered tunes dealing with everything from literal potatoes to poignant metaphors for societal issues and unrequited love. So, whatever your mood or palate, there’s a potato song ready to serenade you.