20 Songs About Tea

Tea is a delicious and refreshing drink that has been enjoyed by people all over the world for centuries. While tea is often associated with countries like England and China, it is consumed in many different cultures and there are a variety of songs that have been written about tea, ranging from lighthearted and fun to more thoughtful and reflective.

Here are 20 of the best songs about tea:

1. “Tea in the Sahara” by The Police

This ambient song isn’t related to tea, but was inspired by characters in the book entitled “The Sheltering Sky.” The protagonists of the book hoped to have tea in the desert with a prince they met.

The tale speaks about broken hopes of meeting the man again. The lyrical creativity of this British band in creating this song has been rather poetic.

2. “Cup of Tea” by Shack

This alternative rock band has made a song for tea lovers who know the distinct flavor and comfort that a cup of tea can bring. The song is about a lady who put drugs in the protagonist’s tea, but he isn’t sure.

With the lyrics, “it’s not that I don’t trust it it’s just a cup of tea / I think she smashed around I think it’s LSD.” Maybe he should’ve just had coffee instead.

3. “Tea For Two” by Thelonious Monk

This song is a relaxing instrumental track made by the jazz artist Thelonious Monk. He’s known to be a pioneer of jazz repertoire – making an unconventional style of jazz piano.

Although his song doesn’t necessarily scream tea when you listen, you’d enjoy his song when you’re enjoying a warm cup of Twinings while reading a book.

4. “Katie’s Tea” by Camille

Here’s a song for all the tea-induced people out there! Her song speaks about how tea eases her pain and asks for more from her cup. Mourning over the loss of her mother, all she wants is another cup of tea until her “blood turns green.” What a weird request, but we feel you, Camille.

5. “Tea For Two” by Nat King Cole

This magnificent jazz pianist has made an upbeat instrumental track entitled “Tea For Two.” A song that makes you envision yourself and your partner enjoying a cup of tea while dancing to this melody. With its smooth and gentle piano, it’s perfect for a tea party or a romantic evening.

6. “Green Tea” by Shonen Knife

Shonen Knife is a Japanese rock band that made this song about their extreme love for green tea. Screaming the lyrics “I like green tea / green tea ice cream,” they sure are tea fanatics. Their song also features a lot of food and drinks that are tea-flavored.

The craze for matcha green tea has been growing in the West, and this song is a great way to get introduced to it.

7. “When I Take My Sugar to Tea” by Frank Sinatra

The perfect date, according to Frank Sinatra’s song, is to invite her out for tea. With the lyrics, “When I take my sugar to tea / All the boys are jealous of me,” Sinatra is ahead of his time – making tea seem like the new wine. He serenades his love interest by singing about how he’ll take care of her with a cup of tea.

8. “Cup of Tea in Bed” by Lorraine Bowen

The song is about dreading tea and how her perception of tea changed when her partner makes it for her.

It’s a relatable song for anyone who doesn’t like tea but is forced to drink it because someone they love made it for them. Accepting the efforts of your loved one, no matter how bad it tastes, somehow grows on us and we eventually like it.

9. “Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana

The first existential song in this list, “Pennyroyal Tea” is a herbal tea made from the pennyroyal plant. The plant is presumed to be abortive, hence the lyrics of this song reflect on ending a life.

Therefore, the song suggests that he is weary of his current lifestyle and wishes to start afresh. It’s a heavy song with a slow and melodic rhythm, perfect for people who like their tea strong, black, and depressive – I mean bitter.

10. “The Tea Dance” by Philip Jeays

This upbeat song would surely make you dance on your feet. It’s a fun and quirky track that would make you smile while sipping your tea.

It features an array of different instruments such as the violin, cello, and drums which makes it an interesting listen. The song is perfect for playing in the background while hosting a tea party.

11. “Cup of Tea” by Kacey Musgraves

This country song is about not being everybody’s ‘cup of tea.’ This is a gentle song that reminds listeners that we can’t please everybody, let’s do whatever we please. Being the least favorite is okay, live your life and enjoy your tea.

12. “Sugar in Your Tea” by Harumi

A song about pretending to be okay, Harumi has made this pop track to indirectly talk about her struggles.

The lyrics go, “You put some sugar in your tea / Just to hide the flavor of Reality” It’s a relatable song for when you’re struggling and trying to put up a brave face for the world. Sometimes, all we need is a little sweetness in our lives.

13. “Tea for One” by Led Zeppelin

Away from the rock tracks, Led Zeppelin made this reflective blues song that describes the loneliness a person is feeling while traveling on the road.

Although there is no mention of tea in the song, the title itself speaks of how lonely getting tea for one can be. It’s a slow and mellow song, perfect for when you’re feeling lost and alone.

14. “Earl Grey with Honey” by Loveninjas

This upbeat song is about pleasure with someone’s partner. With the lyrics, “Let me taste your tea with honey / It’s good to be ignited.”

It’s a light and fun song to listen to, with its catchy chorus and playful lyrics. It’s the type of song that would make you crave a cup of tea, with or without honey.

15. “Tea for Two” by Doris Day

Abandoning the world with only each other, “Tea for Two” is a love song about being content with your partner. It’s a feel-good track that would make you smile and appreciate the company of your loved one.

The lyrics go, “Just tea for two and two for tea / Just me for you / And you for me alone.” So if you’re feeling lonely, put on this song and have a cup of tea with someone you love.

16. “Cup of Tea” by Sage Francis

Hip-hop artist Sage Francis made this song to describe how we often share our problems and wait for solutions. Being aggravated with having to figure things out on our own, we still enjoy sharing our problems with people who won’t do anything about it.

The lyrics go, “Every midnight we sit at the coffee table and we share a cup of tea / He stays up with me and we discuss things / Most of the time he just listens.” It’s a relatable song for anyone who’s feeling lost and frustrated.

17. “Afternoon Tea” by The Kinks

This song from the rock band The Kinks is just a feel-good song about enjoying afternoon tea with the person you love. It’s a short and sweet track that would put you in a good mood. It’s perfect for playing in the background while bobbing your head along to the music.

18. “Everything Stops for Tea” by Jack Buchanan

English singer Jack Buchanan made this song in the 1930s, and it’s about how tea time is a break from the hustle and bustle of life. When Germany has booze, England has tea.

With the lyrics, “Turkey has its coffee / and they serve it blacker than ink /Russians go for vodka and England loves its tea.” It’s a charming and light-hearted track that would make you feel nostalgic for the good old days.

19. “Tea Song” by Róisín O

This blues song is about how tea can be a comfort in difficult times. It’s a mellow and heartfelt track that would make you appreciate the simple things in life.

The music video contains random clips of people drinking tea in different parts of the world, which reminds us that even if we are alone, there’s someone out there drinking tea with us.

20. “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” by Kelis

Ending this list with an R&B song, this track is about being in love with her ‘sugar honey iced tea.’ Using it as an endearment to her partner, she sings about how he’s the sweetest thing in her life. It’s a track that would make you appreciate the sweetness your partner can make you feel.


Tea is a sensational drink that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Whether you like it sweet or dark, there’s tea out there for everyone. And what better way to enjoy a cup of tea than with some good music?

Tea is more than just a drink–for some, it’s a metaphor for feelings like loneliness, love, or companionship. Over the years, tea has been a source of inspiration for countless artists.