16 Songs About Tigers

Songs about tigers capture the imagination with their fierce and powerful imagery. From the inspirational tones of “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor to the introspective “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes, music artists across genres have found inspiration in the majesty and mystery of tigers.

1. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor

“Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor is a true anthem of motivation and perseverance. Known worldwide for its association with Rocky III, the song encapsulates the essence of the fighting spirit required to overcome challenges.

2. “Tiger” by ABBA

“Tiger” by ABBA explores themes of vigilance and the primal instinct to remain alert, especially during the cover of night. It metaphorically captures the essence of feeling hunted, highlighting the need for constant awareness.

3. “Tiger in a Spotlight” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

“Tiger in a Spotlight” by Emerson, Lake & Palmer offers a whimsical glimpse into the life of a tiger under the circus spotlight. This track showcases the band’s progressive rock prowess, blending imaginative storytelling with complex musical arrangements.

4. “Tiger Bay” by Mina

“Tiger Bay” by Mina is an Italian pop masterpiece that uses the metaphor of a tiger to represent strength and fierceness. Mina’s powerful vocals perfectly complement the song’s theme, delivering a message of empowerment.

5. “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes

“Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” by Fleet Foxes is a stirring folk ballad that intertwines the imagery of a tiger and a mountain to explore themes of nature and existential thought. Its lyrics delve deep into reflections on life and the natural world around us.

6. “Tiger Rag” by Louis Armstrong

“Tiger Rag” by Louis Armstrong is a jazz standard that epitomizes the vibrant energy and spirit of the Roaring Twenties. Its lively tempo and spirited playfulness echo the majestic roar of a tiger, making it a timeless piece of musical history.

7. “Paper Tiger” by Beck

“Paper Tiger” by Beck delves into the theme of false bravado through melancholic lyrics, all wrapped in Beck’s distinctive alternative rock sound. The song metaphorically likens pretense and insecurity to a “Paper Tiger,” showcasing Beck’s lyrical depth and musical versatility.

8. “Tiger by the Tail (The Tale of Tiger Woman)” by Rick Springfield

“Tiger by the Tail (The Tale of Tiger Woman)” by Rick Springfield employs the metaphor of a tiger to weave a cautionary rock tale about a dangerously alluring woman. The song masterfully blends rock rhythms with storytelling, warning listeners of the perils hidden beneath enticing exteriors.

9. “When the Tigers Broke Free” by Pink Floyd

“When the Tigers Broke Free” by Pink Floyd is an emotional reflection on the personal loss of Roger Waters’ father during World War II, with tigers used as a metaphor for the enemy. This autobiographical piece delves into themes of war, loss, and the impact of historical events on personal lives.

10. “White Tiger” by Izzy Bizu

“White Tiger” by Izzy Bizu is an uplifting pop track that uses the symbol of a white tiger to convey messages of empowerment and uniqueness. Bizu’s soulful voice and infectious melody encourage listeners to embrace their individual strength and stand out from the crowd.

11. “The Lady and the Tiger” by They Might Be Giants

“The Lady and the Tiger” by They Might Be Giants weaves a compelling narrative that draws parallels between complex human emotions and the ferocity of a tiger. This alternative track stands out for its storytelling prowess, engaging listeners with its intricate lyrics and imaginative musical landscape.

12. “Tiger Suit” by KT Tunstall

“Tiger Suit” by KT Tunstall uses the metaphor of donning a “tiger suit” to explore themes of personal growth and transformation. This indie pop song resonates with its message of embracing a new, fearless persona, encouraging listeners to face their fears with boldness and confidence.

13. “Steel Claw” by Dave Edmunds

“Steel Claw” by Dave Edmunds delves into the “steel claws” of society, crafting a song that, while not directly about tigers, channels their ferocity in facing life’s challenges. This rockabilly track intricately combines sociopolitical commentary with a gripping musical arrangement, reflecting on the resilience needed to navigate through societal pressures.

14. “Black Tiger” by Y&T

“Black Tiger” by Y&T is a powerful heavy metal anthem that conjures the image of a “Black Tiger” to symbolize untamable strength and resilience. This track is a testament to overcoming adversity, with its driving guitar riffs and potent lyrics inspiring a sense of invincibility.

15. “Tiger in My Tank” by Eels

“Tiger in My Tank” by Eels creatively plays with the metaphor of having a “tiger in the tank,” symbolizing a surge of renewed energy and vigor in approaching life’s pursuits. This alternative rock track blends catchy melodies with thoughtful lyrics, offering listeners an invigorating musical experience that encourages them to recharge and tackle challenges with newfound enthusiasm.

16. “Little Tiger” by Tune-Yards

“Little Tiger” by Tune-Yards employs the imagery of a little tiger to delve into themes of vulnerability and the pressing need for compassion in a harsh world. This experimental track stands out for its innovative sound and poignant message, inviting listeners to reflect on the importance of empathy amidst life’s trials.