20 Songs About Trust

Songs about trust open our minds to different ideas about this value. Trust is believing in the good faith of others, whether it is our partner, family, friends, God, etc.

The songs about trust describe the different aspects that this value can have depending on the context. These musical creations tell us about the virtues of trust, the betrayals, and the expectations that are generated around this moral value.

When you listen to these songs you feel identified with the situations they describe and that makes you feel well accompanied. Some songs that deal with the subject of trust are so good that they leave valuable lessons about life and human relationships.

These musical creations transform your way of thinking and you face your interpersonal relationships from another perspective. The best thing to do is to relax and listen to all the interesting things these songs have to say.

1. “Trust in you” by Lauren Daigle

Lauren Daigle - Trust In You (Live)Lauren Daigle – Trust In You (Live)

“Trust in you” describes the trust in God that an individual feels in the face of different life circumstances. This is one of the songs for trust that best relates the inner strength of a person in the face of a negative context. No matter what happens, this individual continues to trust in God because he believes that everything will work out in the end.

2. “Count on me” by Bruno Mars

Count On Me - Bruno Mars (Lyrics) 🎵Count On Me – Bruno Mars (Lyrics) 🎵

“Count on me” is a song where an individual asks his friend to trust him under any context and circumstance because he will always be there to support him. He doesn’t want his friend to feel alone, so he asks him to count on him for anything. The talented singer Bruno Mars always offers valuable lyrics with which to feel good company.

3. “The Myth of Trust” by Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg- The Myth Of TrustBilly Bragg- The Myth Of Trust

“The myth of trust” has a highly descriptive title. This song talks about the limitations of trust and the fragility of human behavior. People tend to take certain truths for granted, but reality takes care of overthrowing certain myths. The protagonist of the song has lost faith in some people and feels a deep disappointment.

4. “Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - A Matter of Trust (Official Music Video)Billy Joel – A Matter of Trust (Official Music Video)

The most famous song by hit singer Billy Joel talks about the breakdown of trust in romantic relationships. “Matter of Trust” tells the story of a man hurt by the various betrayals he has suffered throughout his love life. He feels that the behavior of some women has hurt the trust he felt for them.

5. “Marchin on” by One Republic

OneRepublic - Marchin On (Official Music Video)OneRepublic – Marchin On (Official Music Video)

“Marchin on” describes the inner strength that an individual possesses despite having suffered betrayals that damaged the trust he felt for certain people. The protagonist of the song goes on with his life despite having gone through numerous disappointments. This is one of the best songs about trust to be in good spirits in the face of adversity.

6. “Trust” by Justin Bieber


“ww” is a song full of hope regarding love. The protagonist of the song invites his girl to help them build the trust necessary for their relationship to continue despite the problems.

He believes that in this bond there is true love, therefore it is necessary to continue working for the good of the couple. Justin Bieber always creates love songs as good as this one with which he has conquered fans from all over the world.

7. “Trust and Honesty” by Aretha Franklin

Truth and HonestyTruth and Honesty

The song by legendary singer Aretha Franklin (1942-2018) invites people to show themselves as they are. “Trust and honesty” describes that everything would be better if people would act honestly, always telling the truth. That would avoid deep sadness and depression that in the long run would do irreparable damage to our hearts.

8. “Honest” by Kodaline

Kodaline - HonestKodaline – Honest

“Honest” describes an individual who is in love with a girl who lies to him and hides some truths from him. The protagonist of the song wants her to change her attitude and show herself as she is.

If she doesn’t, he is willing to end the relationship. He wants to forgive the damage she has done with her lies but the problem is that he no longer trusts her.

9. “I Trust You to Kill Me” by Rocco DeLuca and The Burden

I Trust You To Kill MeI Trust You To Kill Me

“I trust you to kill me” describes an individual who seriously questions trust. The true meaning of that song is that he prefers not to believe or trust anything or anyone in order to avoid great disappointments. This is one of the best songs about trust to deeply question this moral value.

10. “Be Still” by The Fray

The Fray - Be Still (Lyrics)The Fray – Be Still (Lyrics)

“Be still” describes an individual who invites his friend to trust him in the worst of circumstances. He will always be willing to help you in difficult times. He invites his friend to keep calm because no matter what happens he can always rely on him.

11. “I Put My Trust in You” by John Lee Hoocker

I Put My Trust In YouI Put My Trust In You

“I put my trust in you” is one of the best songs about trust to describe a love disappointment. The protagonist of the song has suffered a serious betrayal by the woman he loves and is now deeply hurt.

He also cannot believe that this sad situation is true. This piece of music masterfully describes the pain generated by human betrayal.

12. “Trust Me” by Susanne Sundfør

Susanne Sundfør - Trust MeSusanne Sundfør – Trust Me

“Trust me” is a song that tells of a woman’s request to be trusted in spite of the errant behavior she might have. This piece of music describes very well the distrust of others that any of us could suffer because of our own mistakes.

13. “Only Trust Your Heart” by The New Stan Getz Quartet featuring Astrud Gilberto

Susanne Sundfør - Trust MeSusanne Sundfør – Trust Me

“Only trust your heart” is a song that says that you should not trust anything or anyone because you could be sadly disappointed. This musical creation invites you to follow only your heart because it will always lead you to the truth. This piece of music uncovers the purity within us, which we must harness for our own good.

14. “Trust Nobody” by The D4

The D4 - Trust Nobody lyricsThe D4 – Trust Nobody lyrics

“Trust nobody” is a song that asks you not to trust anyone because people lie and betray others. The protagonist of the song suggests that you go on with your life, but never trust anyone because you may be disappointed. This piece of music describes very well the degree of generalized distrust that exists in our society today.

15. “Trust In me” by Mildred Bailey

MILDRED BAILEY - Trust in Me (1937)MILDRED BAILEY – Trust in Me (1937)

“Trust in me” is a beautiful song that exalts the positive power of trust. The protagonist of the song wants her partner to trust her so that everything will go well. She trusts him and wants him to trust her.The famous jazz singer Mildred Bailey (1907-1951) describes very well the need for trust within a couple.

16. “Trust” by Brent Faiyaz

Brent Faiyaz - TrustBrent Faiyaz – Trust

“Trust” is about a boy who wants others to trust him. He feels disappointed because others don’t trust him. He needs to feel at peace knowing that others believe in him, but when that doesn’t happen he feels frustrated. This is one of the songs about trust that best describes the need to feel valued by others.

17. “Trust No Man” by Jimmy Cliff

jimmy cliff - trust no man  - aka - man to man  - aka  - the man - beverleys records skajimmy cliff – trust no man – aka – man to man – aka – the man – beverleys records ska

“Trust no man” describes the bad intentions that some individuals may have. This song talks about the falseness of people, that’s why it is convenient to protect oneself from the lies of others. The song says that you should not trust any man because anyone could betray you in the worst way.

18. “Trust Fall” by Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha - Trust Fall [Official Audio]Bebe Rexha – Trust Fall [Official Audio]

“Trust fall” tells us about a woman who wants to trust others and not be betrayed. She wants to believe in people but she has experienced too many betrayals and fears that she will be made to suffer again.

She wants to leave that pain behind because her heart is broken. In spite of that she wants to give a new chance to those who know her.

19. “Trust in Me” by Susheela Raman

Trust In MeTrust In Me

“Trust in me” describes a woman who asks others to trust her. She is an honest woman who can be trusted in any context and circumstance.

20. “Love and Trust” by Ben Harper

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite - Love and Trust - 3/6/2018 - Paste Studios - New York - NYBen Harper and Charlie Musselwhite – Love and Trust – 3/6/2018 – Paste Studios – New York – NY

“Love and trust” is a song that describes every individual’s need to feel love and trust throughout life. The song says that all human beings, even though they are all different, need love and others to believe in them.

This is one of the songs about trust that best describes the importance of trust in our lives.


Songs about trust help us to better understand the human soul in order to be more empathetic with others. On the one hand we all need a certain level of trust in others in order to develop in all areas of life.

However, we also need to be prudent and consciously analyze the behavior of others. That will prevent us from being deceived and betrayed.

Songs about trust will help us to to understand complex situations in which we do not know what to do.The key is to keep our hearts open to others, without neglecting our own criteria.