19 Great Songs with the Name “Maria” in the Title

Maria is one of those names we hear all the time. It’s so popular that many musicians have been inspired to write songs about it. These songs capture various themes like friendship and love, each with its own unique story to tell.

We’ve put together a list of twenty amazing tracks that feature the name “Maria” in their title. So, get ready to discover some great music!

1. “Ave Maria” by Jackie Evancho

“Ave Maria” is Latin for “Hail, Mary”. Jackie Evancho lends her angelic voice to this highly popular and globally recognized Catholic prayer which was initially performed at Tim Jani’s television special called PBS: “Celebrate America”.

2. “Maria (You Were The Only One)” by Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s top-of-the-class music has once been a favorite of everyone. The song is about a lover who wants Maria, his lady, back. It is a romantic and classy song that anyone can relate to.

3. “I Did What I Did For Maria” by Tony Christie

This song has fun and danceable music but the lyrics tell a different story. The song has been sung from the point of view of a man who has been sentenced to death for killing the man who killed his wife. This is a song that might leave you feeling divided about revenge.

4. “They Call the Wind Maria” by Roberts Pernell

“They Call the Wind Maria” is a famous American song about the names of elements of nature: fire, rain, and wind. So the fire is named Joe; The rain is called Tess, And the wind is named after Maria.

5. “Maria” by Blondie

The song “Maria” by Blondie is a delectable power-pop about the attraction towards a girl named Maria. The lyrics describe her alluring presence and how she effortlessly captures attention. It also hint at the singer’s past experiences with similar intense infatuations.

6. “My Maria” by B.W Stevenson

If you’re born somewhere around the 1970s, you’ve probably heard this great song over the different radio stations. This song is about a man announcing his love to Maria, which is romantic and wholesome at the same time.

7. “Maria Maria” by Santana ft. The Product G&B

The romantic “Maria Maria” song by Santana featuring the known Product G&B has gathered popularity for its excellent tone and lyrics. The song has been seen at the top of the charts in different countries all over the world.

It is inspired by the melody riff of a Wu-Tang Clan song. That’s why you may notice similar vibes. The song is about a man’s love confession for Maria.

8. “I’ve Got to Find a Way to Win Maria Back” by Jr. Walker and the All-Stars

“I’ve Got to Find a Way to Win Maria Back” is yet another romantic song where the man declares his love for Maria, hoping to win her back. Jr. Walker and the All-Stars sang this song in the featured album titled “What Does it Take to Win Your Love”. Johnny Bristol produced it.

9. “My Maria” by Brooks & Dunn

This melodious piece is all about a man longing for his special someone named Maria. It has over 31 million views online, probably why it peaked at the US Pop Chart as Top 9. The song is beautifully made with various instruments and great vocals to make anyone fall in love.

10. “Maria’s Interlude” by Sanchez Bby

“Maria’s Interlude” is an upbeat song that can make you groove and move. It was sung by Sanchez Bby and released in 2020. If you’re into slow jams, rap, rock, or even a touch of classic tunes, this song is definitely worth a listen!

11. “O Maria” by Beck

“O Maria” by Beck explores themes of loneliness, disillusionment, and the search for meaning in a world that feels empty and devoid of joy. The song expresses a longing for companionship, as the narrator searches for a good time and a new friend. The reference to death creeping in slowly until one feels safe in its arms conveys a sense of resignation or acceptance of the inevitable. It’s has a sad but relaxing tune that makes you want to lull yourself to sleep.

12. “Along with Comes Maria” by The Association

“Along Comes Mary” is a classic song that was a huge hit in the late 1990s. It tells the story of a man who finds inspiration and joy in a woman named Mary. The song’s catchy melody and unique blend of vocals and instruments by The Association make it a timeless favorite. It’s the kind of song that adds a touch of class to any holiday celebration.

13. “Sancta Maria” by Enya

This high-toned soprano has made its name from the opera Intermezzo by Enya. It is a great song to hear and evokes energy for a new start and beginning after a breakdown. “Sancta Maria” gives a unique vibe to the music because of its memorable melody. It is relaxing and, at the same time, motivating.

14. “Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me)” by Willie Nelson

“Maria (Shut Up and Kiss Me)” is a nostalgic song by Willie Nelson. It gives off a vibe of a man turned on by a glamorous woman named Maria. The piece states how much a man can be in love with a woman. Even the melody and beat evoke memories of a fulfilling love.

15. “Take a Letter Maria” by R.B. Greaves

If you want to go back to the 60’s you’d probably want to hear this song first. “Take a Letter Maria” is a melodic song that states a workaholic man’s distress as he sees his wife Maria in another man’s arm.

The melody and tune have an old-school and retro charm. But, again, R.B. Greaves has done an excellent job in storytelling.

16. “They Call The Wind Maria” by Harve Presnell

This is a remastered version of “They Call The Wind Maria”. The lyrics and melody are still the same except for the singer who is Harve Presnell. The song is still about the names of elements: fire, rain, and wind. 

17. “Maria (From West Side Story)” by Andrea Bocelli

“Maria” is a beautiful song from the famous musical and film “West Side Story”. It has that special cinematic quality that touches the hearts of its listeners. The talented Andrea Bocelli brings his powerful voice to enhance the magical atmosphere of this musical experience.

18. “Dear Maria, Count Me In” by All Time Low

If you’re in your twenties, chances are you know the catchy song “Dear Maria, Count Me In” by the awesome band All Time Low. It’s got that energetic, rockin’ vibe that makes it perfect for jamming out at concerts. The song came out in 2008 and it’s been a huge hit, racking up over 66 million views.

19. “Elma Maria” by Don Miguelo, Maffio, Darrell

Elma Maria is a cool rap song performed by Dominican artists Don Miguelo, Maffio, and Darell. It’s a mix of Spanish and English lyrics with catchy tunes that’ll get you hooked. The song tells the story of a girl named Elma Maria and how the narrator


The music industry is enormous, and the sheer number of songs featuring the name Maria in their titles is just a fraction of what’s out there. These songs tend to explore themes of love, romance, and confession, but each carries its own distinct emotions and stories. Through this list, you’ll surely find the perfect track to accompany your Maria-inspired music adventure.