20 Songs About Wonder

Wonder is usually a mix of surprise and awe sparked by something beautiful, unexpected, or mysterious.

The word “wonder” has lots of meanings, which is why artists love writing songs about it. This article will show you 20 great songs about wonder that will take you on a delightful journey.

1. “I Stand in Wonder” by Joe Cocker 

“I Stand in Wonder” by Joe Crocker is a powerful ballad about a woman who has entirely changed his life. From being a lonely man, he was surrounded by love.

He’s amazed at how incredible she is, how kind she treats him, and he can’t believe he found such a wonderful partner.

2. “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

This is a beautifully written song about recognizing the amazing aspects of this world, despite all of the negativity that also exists. Armstrong sings about the natural beauty of the world, such as the blue skies, and the colors of the rainbow.

He also sings about how people can be kind or distant to each other. This song has an important message: there’s goodness in the world, and we should choose to see it.

3. “Sometimes I Wonder” by Fate Sensor 

This heartbreaking song highlights the doubt and troublesome feelings that can be associated with wonder.

Sensor sings of someone struggling from possible addiction and abuse. The song depicts someone who is worried if their life will improve or “could it get any worse”.

4. “Star of Wonder” by Tori Amos 

Tori Amos’ second song comes from her album “Midnight Graces.” In this song, she changes a Christian carol (We Three Kings) to talk about a pagan sun-god. The words in the song have hidden meanings. The message of this song appears to be that light is necessary for life and survival, both physically and spiritually.

5. “Wonder” by Chuck Kiidd

Chuck Kiidd is a Houston-based artist who is relatively unknown. He has a few songs available on Spotify, one of which is Wonder.

This song is about Kiidd’s uncertainty and hesitation over a new connection or partner. He wonders what will happen in the relationship, where it will lead, and whether or not the sentiments are mutual and genuine.

6. “Wonder Boy” by Tenacious D 

Jack Black and Kyle Gass established the band Tenacious D. Kyle Gass is known as Nasty Man, whereas Jack Black is known as Wonder Boy.

The song Wonder Boy is meant as a humorous track that pokes fun at the over-the-top theatrics in certain genres of rock music. David Grohl of Nirvana and The Foo Fighters play drums on this song and throughout the album.

7. “I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto [Hip-Hop Version]” by 2Pac

This hip-hop track by 2Pac has been loved for decades. In the song, 2Pac wonders if there will be a ghetto in heaven, like the one on Earth. He also highlights the discrimination that exists in this world.

Things are so divided and based on race that he might not even be shocked if heaven turned out to be the same way.

8. “World of Wonders Bruce Cockburn” by Bruce Cockburn

“World of Wonders” is a song from 1986 that talks about the amazing things in the world. The singer thinks about life’s meaning and the beauty of Earth’s nature.

9. “I Wonder Who She’s Seeing Now” by The Temptations

Have you ever lost someone you love? Well, this track by the Temptations tackles this theme. The words “I wonder who she’s seeing now” mean he’s still thinking about his ex-lover and wondering if she’s with someone new.

10. “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant 

This song is about a woman with disabilities who thrives because of the love she gets from her adoptive family, especially her mother. It’s inspired by the artist’s time at a summer camp for kids with disabilities. The track is touching and relatable for families facing similar challenges.

11. “I Wonder” by The MacQueens 

“I Wonder” is all about a feeling of wonder, surrounding yourself what seems to be a relationship or the end of one. The song wonders how the relationship will turn out and think about the memories they’ll keep.

12. “I Wonder” by Louis Armstrong 

In this song, Armstrong sings about not getting over an ex-lover. Despite his feelings for her, he chooses to move on because it breaks his heart. Wearing his best suit finds someone new, he hopes a new romance will catch his ex’s eye.

13. “Wonder What It Do” by Snoop Dogg 

“Wonder What It Do” is a Snoop Dogg track that features Uncle Chucc. It talks about the hustle and grind, and it makes you question what it can do to a person.

Snoop Dogg, on the other hand, emphasizes that if he becomes lost or depressed, he has a girlfriend who will help him turn his mood around and consider him as a savior.

14. “Oh I Wonder If You Will Let Me Know” by Anterhilic

If you are looking for a song about the ups and downs of a relationship, this track is for you. The rap shows the good times in the relationship that the artist loved, but also the bad parts and what happened after the partner left.

15. “I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder” by Eddy Howard 

“I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder” is a song performed by Eddie Howard. This song is all about an ex-lover and the curiosity surrounding what they are doing now that they have moved on.

Despite knowing she is long gone, Howard sings about how he can’t get rid of the intrusive thoughts. Even though he’s trying to move on, he can’t stop thinking about her.

16. “In Wonder” by Newsboys 

The song “In Wonder” by Newsboys came out in 2006. It’s a Christian hymn that praises the amazing things God created on Earth. It’s also about how Jesus sacrificed for our peace.

17. “King of Kings (He’s a Wonder)” by CeCe Winans

This song is about Jesus Christ and talks about his different sides and how powerful he is. It also mentions how everything gets scared when he’s around and how he’s always kind to his followers.

18. “We Wonder (feat. Bryant Curtis, Gil Gatsby, Nine Up & Skill tha Lightmare)” by Transparent-C 

In this thoughtful rap, the artist talks about important things on their mind. They wonder when women will be treated equally and when people will stop hating and fighting, aiming for peace instead.

19. “Little Wonder” by David Bowie 

David Bowie’s song “Little Wonder” came out in 1997 on his album called Earthling. People often find the lyrics of this song a bit confusing and nonsensical.

You can hear him sing the names of all Seven Dwarves along with elements of jungle, drum, and bass music. The music video shows David Bowie in scary situations, making people wonder what the song’s title really means.

20. “Wonder” by Shawn Mendes 

“Wonder” is all about wanting to fall in love, the challenges of fame, and the uncertainty that accompanies it. It’s also about having deep feelings for someone and wondering if they feel the same way back.

Final Thoughts

Songs about wonder or the feelings it brings have been popular for a long time. People are curious about the unknown and enjoy thinking about things they don’t know.

Having a sense of wonder is a strong desire that drives us to know more, while potentially being mixed with some doubt. So the next time you wonder about what songs you want to listen to, this might just be the perfect list for you.