20 Songs About Connection

There are a lot of different ways to interpret the word “connection”. Some see it as a method to connect with people to form long-term relationships while others believe it entails attaching a wire to a power source. Artists see it as a way to form a unique connection with their audience. 

Musicians use instruments and words to express their ideas through music. Their craft is beautiful because it lets us interpret the meaning in our own way, and there’s no right or wrong answer to what it conveys.

With the vast world of connections, we have collected 20 songs to see what connection means to different artists that we can all enjoy!

1. “Invisible Connections” by Vangelis

Do not be alarmed by the length of the song! Though surprisingly minimalist, Vangelis experiments as it progresses. It’s not the usual music people hear; some may see it as a musical landscape rather than a focused photo.

There is so much going on and yet so little and that’s what makes it so magical. The connection Vangelis makes to their audience is very different from one person to the next and perhaps that was their intention all along.

2. “Connection” by Elastica

This is a song that creates that connection in your brain that gets you tapping your feet without knowing what you are doing. Elastica sings about going beyond just meeting someone and feeling chemistry. They explore the deeper aspects of connection.

The song talks about the idea of sacrifice, giving something up to build a connection. Is it necessary to make a meaningful connection? It’s like taking a risk, hoping it’ll turn out well. You can interpret the song in your own way, relating it to your experiences and feelings.

3. “Make That Connection” by Tom Petty

How do people connect with someone they feel is right for them? Tom Petty makes it clear that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make them smile, no matter how small.

This song is about someone who is determined and will do everything needed to make things happen. What’s more, they will not let go of the connection if they succeed.

4. “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit The Frog

Voiced by the wonderful Jim Henson as the adorable Kermit The Frog, Rainbow Connection is a song that calls out to the dreamers. Kermit speaks to the audience about what it means to have hope in your heart while perhaps taking a chance on an adventure.

The song teaches us that even when things don’t go as expected, unplanned adventures can still lead to a rainbow connection.

5. “Connect” by Sick Puppies

With lots of people interested in different things, it might seem easy to find someone with similar interests, but this song is about how it takes a little more than that. Shimon Moore said something emotional about the song and its significance in connecting with people.

Finding someone who understands us is special, and this song celebrates that feeling.

6. “Connection” by OneRepublic

People can now interact more easily thanks to social media — it’s incredible that we can video chat with someone halfway around the world despite time zone differences! However, as simple as it has made things, there is a downside: some connections have become shallow.

Ryan Tedder, the lead singer, and songwriter of OneRepublic speaks about his fears about this: is he hanging out with people for the sake of it, or does he have a deeper connection with them?

7. “This Connection” by Lucious Bloodfire

This is a rather controversial song because it’s either about a person succumbing to depression or making a connection with the devil. The lyrics largely imply being in darkness until a hand reaches out and pulls you in even deeper.

Some people find comfort in knowing others feel the same way, whether it’s a good or bad experience and Lucious Bloodfire might have wanted that when he made this song.

8. “Internet Connection” by M.I.A.

Remember the days when we spent so much time trying to talk to the help desk to fix the dodgy internet? Funny enough, this is exactly where M.I.A found her inspiration for this track.

During an interview, she shared that the song came to her while she was waiting on hold to fix her internet. It’s funny how inspiration can come from this type of moments.

9. “Tight Connection to My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love)” by Bob Dylan

What’s it like to be in love while also having doubts about it? Bob Dylan sings about this in this lovely, lyrical song that reads like a story.

He falls in love, but he has doubts about the relationship — is this person too good for me? Is it possible that I’m too good for them? But, in the end, it’s bittersweet because he realizes it he was in love, but he couldn’t keep it.

10. “Likwit Connection” by Defari

Defari is not holding back any punches with this song. A lot is being thrown at mainstream production teams for rejecting them for something far more radio-friendly. They gave people the opportunity to showcase their talent, but are equally happy to have their songs played in clubs.

Don’t give up just because some people can’t see your talent. Defari shows that you can still succeed with dedication and hard work by building connections.

11. “No Connection” by Sophie B. Hawkins

Experiencing unrequited love can be heartbreaking, like a sad melody. It’s more painful when you realize the relationship was just in your imagination. Sophie’s words, “Hell is just below me/And that’s why I keep sliding down,” capture that deep emotional pain.

12. “Uncommon Connection” by John Hiatt

Introverts find it challenging to connect with others and prefer to observe the world from a different perspective, enjoying it in their own way.

John Hiatt honors introverts by embracing their preference for solitude over social gatherings. He wants introverts to understand that their way of connecting, even from the comfort of their own chairs, is perfectly okay.

13. “Connections” by Naughty by Nature

This rap track by Naughty by Nature catchy. Unlike the other songs, this isn’t about forging romantic relationships but making meaningful friendships.

It is about knowing who has your back and understanding who your family is because, at the end of the day, they are the ones who support you.

14. “L.A. Connection” by Rainbow

How does it feel when your family is in one place and your job is in another? Can you manage your time well in such a situation? The song title, “Los Angeles,” is quite literal and touches on this theme.

The song talks about wanting to connect with someone to find comfort and rest. This track is for those tired of work pressures, longing to return to a place that makes them feel alive again.

15. “Connected” by Caught A Ghost

When you truly connect with someone, it’s hard to break that bond. This song is about how the heart knows what it wants, no matter the distance.

You’ll see your lover’s face in your dreams, and hear their voice in your thoughts. Even if you want to forget, it would be difficult because connections cannot be broken so easily.

16. “Heavy Connection” by Van Morrison

Have you experienced a moment when you realize you’ve discovered something truly unique? Van Morrison made a song for that moment!

When people find the one they love, they say time stands still. But for Van Morrison, it’s like one dance among thousands—gentle yet strong.

 17. “Connection” by The Rolling Stones

This track is about the real life of a rock star. Traveling is typically portrayed as a pleasurable event, but it may become tiring when it becomes the norm.

Being a celebrity has its perks, but dealing with health scares and airport delays can be mentally tough when it happens often. As listeners, we can only imagine.

18. “Ethereal Connection” by Babylonia

In a dancing song like this, lovely lyrics often get lost, but there is one phrase that genuinely speaks of an ethereal connection: “Among the eagles, you fly like a dove”. It’s a lovely way to describe the feeling of finding grace.

19. “Love Connection (feat. Shaun FLMG & Dutch)” by Cliff Neptune

This is a fun song about letting your emotions take over. Step into the club without any worries and let the connection guide you. This track will take you on exciting new adventures and unexpected journeys.

20. “Beat Connection” by LCD Soundsystem

No one ever said that falling in love was simple, but a world without it is even more difficult and that’s what this song is about. It encourages us to take a leap of faith and experience the joy and connection that love brings. Embrace love because it’s worth it, and only the brave are rewarded!

Final Thoughts

Art and music are powerful because they produce a one-of-a-kind emotion that cannot be replicated. The magic of connecting with others brings us joy and a sense of self-worth. As you listen to these connection-themed songs, open your heart to love, and watch as new opportunities come knocking on your door.