20 Songs That Start With the Letter X

Songs that start with X are hard to find because X is one of the rarely used letters in the alphabet. But you might be surprised to find out that there are actually many songs written using the letter X to start the verse or as a song title.

To make your music experience easier, we compiled them in your “Songs that Start With X” Playlist” that you can share. Have fun listening to these songs and find something you can add to your favorites!

1. “X-Static Process” by Madonna

The Queen of Pop never disappoints with her song which shared a message on how she dealt with the near-existential crisis she experienced herself. Many people can relate to this experience, and sometimes, being alone is the best way to find solace and reflect on life.

2. “XO” by Beyonce

From one pop queen to another, this song is a total crowd-pleaser existing around the world as Beyonce showcased her signature vocals her own way. This song is a surefire hit which even conquered music charts more than once.

3. “XIX” by Slipknot

XIX is the roman numeral of 19. This song from Slipknot’s Iowa album also signified their nineteen years in the music industry. Further, it is a signature Slipknot track as it represents a new start for more successes in the band’s overall career.

4. “X” by Chris Brown

On this song, Chris Brown talks about moving on from his past relationship with a girl who played games with his heart. It can have a lot of different meanings and people can interpret it as a song of being rejected or moving on. Regardless, many people know this song as one of the best breakup songs written on the record.

5. “XYZ” by Hiromi Uehara

This song is from Hiromi Uehara’s debut album, and it’s a perfect example of why she’s loved by everyone. The jazz notes are incredibly sweet, not too soft or boring. Plus, the piano accompaniment makes it perfect for those lazy rainy days when you’re just staring out the window, watching the raindrops fall.

6. “XXX” by Kendrick Lamar

This song showcases a collaboration of Kendrick Lamar’s smooth beats and the Irish band U2’s collective quirk in an exciting fashion. This song talks about how human rights are still shelved and not accessible to the members of the black community.

At the same time, U2 sings about the American dream of getting lost somewhere. This is a pretty intense song packed with a deep meaning that you will surely enjoy.

7. “X-Static” by Foo Fighters

Now people should not get this confused with a song sung by Madonna simply because they share the same title. Nevertheless, this song is still dope and it is the only song that features another musician, Greg Dulli. He also saw how the first Foo Fighters album was made. That’s why it’s special for him.

8. “Xoxoxo” by Black Eyed Peas

If you are a kid from the 90s and early 2000s who used to woo women and men by text messages, you might relate to the Black Eyed Peas song. This is about pursuing a girl using the power of text messaging, and XOXO is an old-fashioned way of saying “hugs and kisses” over the phone.

9. “Xtal” by Aphex Twin

A fantastic song and an underrated gem, as not many people know about this song. This is a delightful mix of vocals and EDM which is a good thing if you want something that will get your groove going without having too overwhelming notes in it.

10. “X Marks the Spot” by Coldplay

This is actually a hidden track as it was not a publicly released track by Coldplay. It sends a message to those who are expecting them to be the typical rock band.

11. “Xtabay” by Yma Sumac

If you want a song that can give that exotic feel without feeling creeped out, this song is for you. Sung by the iconic Yma Sumac, this song totally captured the vibe expected from her, given that her stunning vocals are indeed ageless and timeless.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if a lot of people would still love listening to her songs 60 years from now. It is one of the greatest examples of Central and North American folk music that is loved by generations.

12. “X-Kid” by Green Day

This is another heavy song from Green Day, which talks about a suicide done by a friend of Billie Armstrong, one of the songwriters of the hit track. It also talks about Generation X who might be experiencing a lot of rough time these days. This is a heavy song, indeed, but we hope that you won’t let the message deter you from appreciating how good this song is.

13. “Xscape” by Michael Jackson

This song is included in his posthumous album, and it talks about feelings of individuality and freedom. The King of Pop, as in icon, has always been known for his deep love for originality. The song talks about the time when he escaped from the “imprisonment” he experienced within him.

14. “X.Y.U.” by Smashing Pumpkins

It is known as one of the favorites during their concerts which shows how really good this song is. So many people have described it as one of the loudest yet one of the best songs the band has produced. The song talks about how in the end, everything ends with you (U).

15. “Xanadu” by Olivia Newton-John

This song is one of the tracks used in the movie musical of the same name. “The girl from Grease” was really stunning in her vocals in this song as she was able to send the message of the song to the listeners. While the film got a lot of mixed reviews, the song was undeniably one of the best things that came out of it.

16. “X-Offender” by Blur

This song talks about drugs and the “bugman” as the drug supplier of the one singing in the music. It is a bit heavy to digest and not many people are familiar with this song either. Still, the vocals are decent and the music is still interesting which shows that it can still appeal to a lot of people.

17. “X-Ray Girls” by Zoogz Rift

This is also one of the undiscovered gems for heavy metal fans as it is not known by many people. The sick beats of the song complemented the vocals and it is indeed a treat to anyone who enjoys metal and heavy metal music.

18. “Xanny” by Billie Eilish

The song talks about Xanax and how the people around her misused it to achieve their inner peace. In an interview, Billie Eilish said that the song is not necessarily a “don’t do drugs” song but more of a “be safe” song. This song does not encourage you to do drugs, still, but this song gives you a perspective on what it’s like to live with people who are constantly high and stoned.

19. “X-Ray Man” by Liz Phair

It’s all about the singer’s insatiable boyfriend, who can’t get enough intimacy and sex. He’s so desperate for it that he’s willing to cheat to satisfy his desires. Now, this song doesn’t promote infidelity, but it’s definitely worth a listen.

20. “Xplosion” by Outkast

This last song on the list is a little bit rated for some people but if you are not that sensitive, you might still find this one cool and fun to listen to. This song shows a characteristic of every Black American rapping style – fun, explicit, yet sends a message. Many people love this kind of rapping style as it is one of the known examples of how great early rap music is.


These songs have different genres, messages, and artistic styles. Still, they all have a common denominator as all of these songs are fantastic to listen to and are known as rare gems, whether popular or underrated ones.

And hey, there are so many songs starting with the letter X in different languages out there. It’s like a treasure hunt to find these tunes that we don’t usually hear on the radio. So go ahead, make a playlist and have a blast exploring these awesome tracks!