20 Songs With the Name “Jennifer” in the Title

Having trouble searching for a song that has the name Jennifer in the title? Well then, check this article out! There is nothing to worry about because in this article, you will find a list of 20 songs with the name Jennifer  in each title. You will also know the different styles of music, the artists who wrote the songs, and the meaning behind the songs.

1. “Jennifer” by Eurythmics

Eurythmics - JenniferEurythmics – Jennifer

Annie Lennox and David Allan Stewarts, who are both songwriters and members of  Eurythmic, performed this song. Annie Lennox, who wrote the song’s lyrics in a poem style, dedicated this song to her dead boyfriend.

Jennifer is a significant song to hear and a sad song. This is a haunting song who talks about a boy looking for a girl named Jennifer.

This song talks about the girl’s disappearance and the boy’s feelings and love for Jennifer who misses her so much. Listeners of this song might also come to think and wonder where Jennifer could be. 

2. “Jennifer Shrugs” by The Salt Water Window 

Jennifer ShrugsJennifer Shrugs

Jennifer shrugs a piece of the song that tells about the love story of Jennifer and her ex-boyfriend. Jennifer doesn’t want their love to last long.

Thus, she ended it with a shrug expression and told him that she doesn’t want to continue the relationship anymore. Every single time her ex-boyfriend asks for another chance, she just continues to ignore him.

Jennifer said in a song that her heart is for someone else and that she will never go back to her ex-boyfriend. This song represents a love that is never getting back together and Jennifer’s continued shrugging expressions made her ex-boyfriend sad and tear apart.

3. “Jennifer’s Rabbit” by Tom Paxton

Jennifer's RabbitJennifer’s Rabbit

Tom Paxton is an American folk singer-songwriter who performed this song which actually sounded like a children’s song. Tom Paxton is a unique artist, and his expansive imagination is incredible.

He wrote this song to talk about Jennifer’s adventure with the rabbit and the other animals in the zoo. Hearing this piece of music and knowing its meaning gives the listener a happy imagination. They played, sifting to different places and dancing in an adventure story in the Alice in Wonderland film. 

4. “Jennifer’s Jacket” by The Presidents of the United States of America 

The Presidents Of The USA - Jennifer's JacketThe Presidents Of The USA – Jennifer’s Jacket

Jennifer’s jacket song is a fun style of music. If I were to describe this song, it’s a happy song that everyone can listen to if they’re bored and just want to listen to something funny. The artist repeatedly says at the end of the lyrics how Jennifer still wears her jacket even though it is already starting to fall apart.

5. “Jennifer’s Veil” by The Birthday Party 

The Birthday Party Jennifer's VeilThe Birthday Party Jennifer’s Veil

The Birthday Party band, also known as The Boy Next Door band, performed and wrote this song. Nick Cave’s voice in this song sounds worried, creepy, and dark. This song is about Jennifer and Frankie’s love story.

It seems like the song sends a message about how Frankie felt guilty and couldn’t move on because of Jennifer’s situation. Meanwhile, some people interpreted this song saying that Jennifer’s baby is dead and that she’s insane.

6. “Jennifer Juniper” by Donovan 

Jennifer Juniper - DonovanJennifer Juniper – Donovan

Jennifer’s Juniper is a song from the album Hurdy Gurdy Man in 1968. The name “Juniper” was the name of Jennifer’s Boyd boutique that she managed with her sister Pattie. Artist Donovan came up with writing this song for Jennifer. Donovan sang the last verse of the lyrics in French.

7. “Jennifer Grey” by Lil Bronk 

Jennifer GreyJennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey is a well-known American actress in Dirty Dancing in the year 1987. Plus, her distinct physical characteristic of having a large nose makes her much more recognizable to everyone.

People no longer recognized her when she decided to have a nose job and change her appearance which affected her acting career. Lil Bronk’s, who wrote this song, also chose a rap style intentionally for Jennifer Grey.

8. “Jennifer’s Body” by Hole

Jennifer's BodyJennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body, a song by the band Hole, is a piece of American alternative rock music. This song has a meaning that talks about the violence that Jennifer experienced.

Its ending line of,” relax, relax, go to sleep,” means that the woman victim is experiencing death or silenced to sleep. This  song represents sexual abuse or refers to a rape incident, and that a man controls Jennifer’s body.

9. “Jennifer’s Cold” by Buck-O-Nine 

Buck-O-Nine - Jennifer's ColdBuck-O-Nine – Jennifer’s Cold

Buck-O-Nine band is an American ska punk band who performed this song. This music tells a story about Jennifer’s situation wherein she is being mean to the government and why she’s being like this.

10. “Jennifer’s Johnson and Me” by Conway Twitty 

Conway Twitty - Jennifer Johnson and MeConway Twitty – Jennifer Johnson and Me

Conway Twitty performed this song which is a folk love song about Jennifer Johnson. It’s also a piece wherein he is reminiscing his old memories with Jennifer. The lyrics of this song are indeed lovely and inspiring to hear.

11. “Jennifer’s Gone” by Wand 

Wand -Jennifer's GoneWand -Jennifer’s Gone

Wand, an American psychedelic rock band, talks in this song about Jennifer’s disappearance and her possible death. The message implies how everyone misses her so much that they cannot imagine that she’s already gone. A song with sad lyrics which also send a message of mourning.

12. “Jennifer Ever” by Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins- Jennifer EverSmashing Pumpkins- Jennifer Ever

Jennifer’s Ever song was played by Smashing Pumpkins, an alternative rock band that came from Chicago. The lyrics of this song tell about the girl’s feeling who always waits on something. This song was composed and written in a love song piece wherein the boy simply wants Jenny to stay with him.

13. “Jennifer Eccles” by The Hollies

The Hollies - Jennifer EcclesThe Hollies – Jennifer Eccles

Jennifer Eccles is a piece of a love song which was performed by The Hollies – a British pop-rock group and a well-known group in the 1960s and 1970s. The lyrics send a message to a girl named Jennifer saying that their love can continue even though her father will not allow the boy to come into their house. The boy always thinks about Jennifer and he will wait no matter how long it takes her father to approve of him because he loves her that much.

14. “Jennifer Goodbye” by Dream Street

Jennifer Goodbye - Dream StreetJennifer Goodbye – Dream Street

Jennifer Goodbye is a heartbreaking song performed by Dream Street. This band was an American pop boy band by Louis Baldonieri and Brian Lukow. The lyrics of this song are pretty sad and it is a song for those who are heart broken. This song also tells about how he felt the pain of Jennifer’s reckless love every single night.

15. “Jennifer Z” by James Booth and The Return 

Jennifer ZJennifer Z

The artists James Booth and The Return have a great sense of music. Next on the list is a piece of sad music which inspired both artists. The man from the song Jennifer Z instead of the lyrics, tells about how he sadly longs for Jennifer and simply wants her to be on his side.

16. “Jennifer Castle” by Daniel Romano 

Jennifer CastleJennifer Castle

Jennifer Castle is a song from the modern album pressure which was released on May 19, 2017. Daniel Romano is a poet, visual artist, and Canadian musician. His genres of music are indie rock, country, hardcore punk, etc. This is an uplifting song as it talks about hope and how to come alive amidst the chaos and trouble.

17. “Jennifer Johnson and Me” by Robert Earl Keen, Jr. 

Jennifer Johnson and Me - Robert Earl KeenJennifer Johnson and Me – Robert Earl Keen

This music is a country song and a love song about a man’s memories with Jennifer Johnson. He also placed Jennifer’s picture in his sport coat pocket.

18. “Jennifer’s Baby” by Hazell Dean

Jennifer’s Baby, a piece of music played by Hazell Dean, talks about Jennifer’s desire of having a child. The song’s lyrics have an inspiring message for mothers who also wish to have a baby even though waiting for this moment to finally happen might be difficult at times.

19. “Jennifer Lopez (Interlude)” by Soundfreeks 

Jennifer Lopez (Interlude)Jennifer Lopez (Interlude)

Interlude music of Jennifer Lopez created by Soundfreeks.

20. “Broke Jennifer’s Window” by Dada

Dada is a rock band from the United States of California. The lyrics of this song are vague but have a deep meaning. It’s about not knowing the reason behind Jennifer’s broken window. 


After discussing the song titles  with the name “Jennifer,” you already have an idea on what songs to play. Musically inclined people are cautious of what type of songs or music they want to hear. In this article, you can now list 20 songs to listen to and add to your music playlist because finding a piece is fun and interesting.