20 Songs With Laura in the Title

“Laura” carries a whole lot more meaning than just being a common girls’ name. Think fame, victory, and honor. Let’s take a little journey through some of the coolest tunes featuring the name Laura.

It’s not at all shocking that musicians find Laura to be an irresistible muse. With the depth of meaning it carries and the sweet rhythm it adds to lyrics, this name has proven to be a hitmaker.

1. “Tell Laura I Love Her” by Rey Peterson

Laura and her lover Tommy are the subject of this lovely ballad. Tommy is a race car driver, according to the story. As the song progresses, we find out that Tommy dies in a tragic accident, but not before uttering the words, “Tell Laura I Love Her”. This song emphasizes the importance of expressing your honest feelings because life is unpredictable.

2. “Laura” by Girls

Misunderstandings will eventually generate a rift between people and this is being discussed in this indie rock song by Girls. The narrator had a friend called “Laura”. The two got along really well initially, but due to some issues, drifted apart. It gives the message that the secret to restoring friendships is that one must be willing to apologize and work it out. 

3. “Think of Laura” by Christopher Cross

Everyone will experience the heartache of losing a loved one at some point in their lives. Christopher Cross’ song “Think of Laura” effectively expresses these thoughts.

It depicts the story of Laura, a girl who was taken away unexpectedly. The vocals and musical arrangement both exude affection and sincerity. For some, life is too brief, so savor every minute. We don’t know how much longer we have.

4. “Laura Palmer” by Bastille

This song is based on the popular television show, Twin Peaks. It tells the story of Laura Palmer, a high school student who died mysteriously. The song speculates on what might have happened in Laura Palmer’s final moments. Listening to this song will pique your interest in the upcoming events and may persuade you to watch the complete season. 

5. “Laura” by Jimmy Nail

This upbeat pop song is about a man who is head over heels in love with Laura. However, it is revealed later in the story that he never got to tell her how he feels. Every passing season reminds him of the love he never got to experience while his heart yearns for Laura.

6. “Laura Laurent” by Bright Eyes

This alternative rock song tells the story of Laura, a lonely young woman. The narrator recounts the lady’s depressed mood. Laura’s heart void is visible to all, despite her best efforts to live a regular life. This melody is a reminder to be more aware of your surroundings and keep an eye out for a friend who might be yelling for assistance in the dark.

7. “Laura” by One Of A Kind Song

Aside from your parents, you have immediate family members that are dear to you. This song is dedicated to these exceptional individuals. “Laura” is the protagonist’s aunt in this case. She is the narrator’s confidante and source of comfort. It’s implied that the two have a great deal in common. The music expresses thankfulness to the lovely lady.

8. “Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got)” by Kenny Rogers

Pouring a glass to long-term love, Kenny Rogers paints an all-too-real picture of a fading relationship in this hit. The narrative unwraps a husband’s quest for answers as he grapples with his wife’s wandering heart.

Let’s face it, things can get tough and this song mirrors that raw emotional struggle. The climactic hint suggests that our Laura might be trading familiar love for fresh passion.

9. “Tell Laura I Love Her” by Sha Na Na

This song is a cover of “Tell Laura I Love Her,” which has been listed earlier as well. This version has a more upbeat arrangement but you can still sense the original sentiments of the song.

Tommy’s unending love for Laura continues to be an overpowering presence but the musical arrangement breathes fresh air into the melody. The song has a strange but familiar vibe about it, and it is extremely enjoyable to listen to.

10. “Laura” by Billy Joel

Have you ever had a demanding buddy that makes it difficult for you to take care of them? This is the circumstance depicted in Billy Joel’s song. This song has a Beatles vibe to it, which is fun to listen to. Despite the exhaustion portrayed in the words, the song’s speed is appealing.

11. “Hey Laura” by Gregory Porter

Unrequited love is a terrible thing to go through. People may try to cope by convincing themselves that the other party has not yet rejected them.

In the soulful song “Hey Laura,” a man who is most likely Laura’s friend unexpectedly appears and hopes to hear comforting words from her. His request, however, is not straightforward and if you were in Laura’s situation, you’d be uneasy as well.

12. “Lady Laura” by Robert Carlos

Who hasn’t nurtured a crush on an older figure as a kid? Roberto Carlos’ Italian hit “Lady Laura” explores this exact narrative. Our protagonist reminisces about his childhood affection for Lady Laura, who cared for him in his youth.

As he navigates adulthood, he yearns for the innocence and warmth of those bygone days. The song is a sentimental journey that’ll transport you back to simpler times, no matter how old you are.

13. “Willie & Laura Mae Jones” by Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield’s folk-pop gem, “Willie & Laura Mae Jones,” will make you feel nostalgic for your childhood BFFs. It spins the tale of two lifelong neighbors who have accomplished a ton together, only to realize that change is inevitable.

The heartstring-pulling narrative unfolds as Willie and Laura Mae part ways, leaving behind their shared hometown and starting anew. It’s the stuff that poignant coming-of-age movies are made of.

14. “Laura And Marty” by Screaming Females

This indie-rock banger is as fiery as they come. “Laura And Marty” tells the story of two young adventurers navigating life and learning from their missteps. Sure, they stumble, but isn’t that what youth is all about? It’s a sonic roller coaster that embodies the raw, unfiltered spirit of being young, making mistakes, and growing from them.

15. “Left on Laura, Left on Lisa” by The Avett Brothers

You must have known an innocent love at some point in your life. The song “Left on Laura, Left on Lisa” depicts this beautiful memory. It’s about a young boy who used to adore a close friend. They’ve drifted apart as the years have passed but his heart still flutters whenever he passes by that familiar location.

16. “Laura’s Gone (feat. Finnlay K)” by Have A Word Pod

This song is about a woman named Laura who has decided to leave her toxic spouse. The lady had had enough of her husband’s shenanigans and packed up her belongings, and her children, and left.

Her determination is evident in her words. It sends a message to women that they don’t have to put up with those who don’t respect them. It’s sometimes preferable to move on your own.

17. “Laura’s Theme” by Nathan Johnson

Straight from the soundtrack of the thrilling feature film “Brick,” Nathan Johnson’s “Laura’s Theme” plunges you into a world of mystery. The melody carries an eerie undertone, apt for a murder-mystery plot.

The moment you hit play, it feels like you’re embarking on an enigmatic journey, descending into an abyss of the unknown. It’s a tantalizing teaser that leaves you curious and unnerved, in the best way possible.

18. “Laura” by Johnny Hallyday

Taking a leap into the French music scene, we have Johnny Hallyday’s swooning track, “Laura.” The narrative is centered around a man who’s smitten by our girl Laura, despite feeling like he can’t match up to her other admirers.

But hey, love isn’t a competition, right? It’s his authentic emotions he’s hoping will catch Laura’s eye. It’s an enchanting tune that captures the vulnerability of love.

19. “Laura” by Flogging Molly

Laura is the name of the girl who inspired this musical piece. Unfortunately, Laura is no longer alive and the song is about happy memories she left behind.

Laura was a stunning woman on the inside and out. Many people miss her because of her lovely personality. And, as the song’s lyrics suggest, the people she cared about will never forget her.

20. “Laura Plays The Piano” by Akira Yamaoka

Fans of Silent Hill will probably recognize this instrumental. The melody gives a sense of suspense and it continues to stay true to the essence of the Silent Hill franchise. This one will be a good fit if you are looking for a tune for Halloween!

Final Thoughts

The name Laura has served as a muse across countless music genres, inspiring everything from love songs to spooky instrumentals. There’s a Laura-inspired melody out there to cater to every taste, painting this classic name in as many shades as there are songs. Whatever your preference, these tunes are a testament to the enduring allure of the name Laura.