20 Songs With Money in the Title

Money drives everything and we can’t deny that everyone is after money. We work and sacrifice our life and our time just to get more out of it. It is a universal truth and one that music artists are well aware of, and that is why there are so many songs about money.

Here is a list of songs about money in the title that will inspire you to work and fulfill your dreams. The list also shows how making money can make a whole lot of difference in terms of changing your life as long at you don’t abuse it.

1. “Money” by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video)Pink Floyd – Money (Official Music Video)

This classic slow-rock song is about the value of money and how it may enhance our lives. Its iconic riff and bass stand out with the sound of the cash register and talk about how magical money can be when you enter the world of capitalism. This song explains how money motivates us to obtain a job and earn more to meet our goals and requirements.

2. “Money Song” by Monty Python

Money SongMoney Song

The lyrics say everything about money, “there is nothing quite as wonderful as money, there is nothing quite as beautiful as cash!” The artist tells us that he likes all the different kinds of money in the world, and he wants to handle and touch all sorts of it. The song is weird and unique but it does not shy away from indulging in the joys of life that come to you when you have money.

3. “Got Money” by Lil’ Wayne and T. Pain

Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain (Official Music Video) ft. T-PainLil Wayne – Got Money ft. T-Pain (Official Music Video) ft. T-Pain

This song has a catchy beat and rap that enables anyone to move to its groove. This track is about flexing the best things that you can have because you work hard for it!

As the lyrics say “If you got money (and you know it), take it out your pocket and show it then!” This song could be showing off but it tells us that its’ our right to have the nice things in life as long as we’ve got money.

4. “Free Money” by Patti Smith

Free MoneyFree Money

Patti Smith’s song “Free Money” is simply us fantasizing about having everything for free. This song teaches us that it’s the things we want, not the money we need, that motivate us to earn money to spend on them. Every day, we fantasize about money and work tirelessly to obtain it.

5. “Mo Money Mo Problems” by The Notorious B.I.G.

The Notorious B.I.G. - Mo Money Mo Problems (Official Music Video) [4K]The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money Mo Problems (Official Music Video) [4K]

This song is negative, as it implies that the more money we have, the more troubles we will have. It goes into greater detail regarding the benefits of success and how they can obstruct certain aspects of your life. It also implies that those who watched your triumph with bated breath will be there for you when they need you, but you’ll never know where they are when you need them.

6. “Money For Nothing [Explicit]” by Dire Straits

Dire Straits - Money For NothingDire Straits – Money For Nothing

The song is about two working men who are watching music videos and telling each other what they are seeing as they feel a pang of envy for the lifestyle that you can have by making easy money through music. It also has Sting’s background vocals on the chorus of “I Want My MTV,” which has become Dire Straits’ most renowned song.

7. “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer

Donna Summer - She Works Hard For The MoneyDonna Summer – She Works Hard For The Money

This is one of these powerful songs that talk about women’s empowerment and the contributions that women can make to society. The track is a tribute to women who work day in and day out to get what they need and prove that they can do the same things as men. It’s positive reinforcement for women who make their mark. The song gives women respect because they deserve it.

8. “Money Trees” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)

“Money Trees” is a story about how being wealthy may provide comfort and help you overcome daily challenges. It also discusses the negative consequences of desiring too much money due to a lack of satisfaction. Kendrick contrasts working hard for money against taking the easy way out by engaging in illicit crimes.

9. “For The Love Of Money” by The O’Jays

For the Love of MoneyFor the Love of Money

This song is a funk classic that has an iconic intro and incredible bassline while having a surprisingly dark meaning. It speaks about how people will do bad things for the love of money.

The song goes on to share that people lie, cheat, and steal as long as they can make money. As the lyrics say, “For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight. Call it lean, mean, mean green!

10. “Money Machine” by James Taylor

James Taylor - Money Machine w/lyricsJames Taylor – Money Machine w/lyrics

“Money Machine” by James Taylor is one of those explosive songs that reveals the negative side of the music industry where those around him regarded him as a money machine rather than an artist. Musicians make music and it should be as simple as having your music played, getting paid, and becoming successful, but one of the pitfalls of this industry is that you risk becoming a “money machine”.

11. “Money, Cash, Hoes” by Jay-Z & DMX

JAY-Z - Money, Cash, Hoes ft. DMXJAY-Z – Money, Cash, Hoes ft. DMX

This song is one of Jay-most Z’s popular songs about money and has some very strong and scathing lyrics directed at the listener. It discusses money and what it can do, as well as how it may be easily exploited if we don’t consider the implications. Jay-Z and DMX’s song “Money, Cash, Hoes” is a certified smash that shocks listeners with its obscene lyrics.

12. “Love Or Money” by Sammy Hager

Sammy Hagar - Love Or MoneySammy Hagar – Love Or Money

This song is straight-up rock without any introductions. The music was created in the 1980s but still sounds fresh to this day because of its powerful and high-pitched vocals.

This one discusses the dilemma and the hardships of choosing between two good things and how choosing one affects the other. However, if you can strike a balance between the two, you can get amazing results.

13. “Easy Money ” by Billy Joel

Billy Joel - Easy Money (Audio)Billy Joel – Easy Money (Audio)

“Easy Money” by Billy Joel was written for his friend Rodney Dangerfield. It was intended for the movie with his role as a Gambler with hopes of winning easy money. In return, Rodney appeared in Billy’s music video titled “Tell Her About It”.

14. “Make The Money” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Make the Money - Macklemore & Ryan LewisMake the Money – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

“Make the Money” is the story of Mackelmore’s success in rap, and how his love for the job helped him achieve more success. Macklemore uses the lyrics to tell the audience that he will never stop rapping even if he can’t benefit from it. It is not about money or fame for him, or else he would be a lawyer.

15. “Money Honey” by Lady Gaga

Money HoneyMoney Honey

Lady Gaga’s song “Money Honey” is about a celebrity’s vanity, lifestyle, and society. It’s also about deciding between having the love of her life and having the best career, which will allow her to spend money on nice things. Because of its unusual synths and lively tone, the song may not be widely appreciated but the song showcases Gaga’s musical prowess and has contributed to making Lady Gaga famous.

16. “Money Changes Everything” by Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper - Money Changes Everything (Live)Cyndi Lauper – Money Changes Everything (Live)

“Money Changes Everything,” from the 1984 album “She’s So Unusual” was a hit when it was first released. The song’s lyrics are about a woman who left her partner for a richer man because it was money she was after and not really true love. This heartbreaking song may resonate with some people and will also force them to reconsider their position on love vs. money.

17. “I Don’t Care Where The Money Is” by Diana Ross

DIANA ROSS i don't care where the money isDIANA ROSS i don’t care where the money is

This is an easy listening song that speaks about the freedom of spending your hard-earned cash and not caring where it goes. You will probably hear it in shopping centers or malls so that subconsciously you don’t care about spending too much while roaming around and looking for things to buy.

18. “Easy Money” by King Crimson

King Crimson - Easy MoneyKing Crimson – Easy Money

“Easy Money” by King Crimson is one of the best tracks that they produced. This song is about gambling, as the lyrics mention, “Your admirers on the street got to hoot and stamp their feet”. It could be a horse race as it refers to a “star” that is making those betting rich and famous for winning races.

19. “Money (That’s What I Want)” by The Flying Lizards

The Flying Lizards - MoneyThe Flying Lizards – Money

This song has been performed by Jerry Lewis, The Beatles, and The Flying Lizards. Its tune and the way of singing are a bit unusual but there is definitely a very catchy vibe to it. Deborah Evans-Stickland’s vocals sound odd and hypnotic. This song ranked number 24 on the list of the best Beatles song.

20. “Money Money Money” by ABBA

Abba - Money, Money, Money (Official Music Video)Abba – Money, Money, Money (Official Music Video)

This 1976 song about money is one of the best-known tunes of Abba next to the “Dancing Queen”. Its music video was inspired by the film Cabaret with dream sequences about money and “the good life” in the chorus that goes with its very catchy tune.


Money and more money! This is one of the driving forces in the universe that keeps us working and reaching for our dreams. I hope that the line-up of songs will inspire you to work hard as you dream about money and the things that you want to buy as you make use of your hard-earned money for good. This song can serve as a motivation to get moving in your career. 

Be inspired! Spend wisely!