20 Songs With Spring in the Title

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than by listening to songs about it? Getting in the mood for warmer weather, flowers blooming, and spending time outdoors, music will put you in the perfect spring state of mind.

It doesn’t have to be spring season to listen to these feel-good tunes that’ll make you appreciate the warmer weather. From pop anthems to country crooners, these are the best songs with spring in the title.

1. “Lullaby of the Spring” by Donovan

This first song is a classic example of how to use the season of spring as a metaphor for new beginnings.

The lyrics talk about how the world is reborn in the springtime, and how everything is fresh and new again. It’s a peaceful song released in 1967 as part of the A Gift from a Flower to a Garden album.

2. “Spring (Among the Living)” by My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is a rock band known for their experimental sound, and this song is no exception.

It’s a little bit more upbeat than the first song on our list, and it’s about how springtime is a time of new beginnings and hope. This song was released in 2015 as part of the album The Waterfall.

3. “It Might as Well Be Spring” by Nina Simone

Spring can be a metaphor for new beginnings, and that’s what this song is about. It talks about how the person singing is trying to change their ways and start fresh, and how springtime is the perfect time to do that. This song was released in 1959 as part of her album: The Amazing Nina Simone.

4. “Spring Affair” by Donna Summer


Ever had a spring fling? This song is about one. It’s a fun and playful song about how springtime is the perfect time for a casual romance.

This song was released in 1976 as part of her album Four Seasons of Love. It’s an upbeat disco song that will make you want to get up and dance along with a partner.

5. “Season Suite: Spring” by John Denver

Here’s another song that paints a picture of the beauty of springtime. This song is part of the album Rocky Mountain High, and it’s all about how everything comes alive in the spring. This song was released in 1972 and can still be streamed on all music platforms out there.

6. “A Father’s First Spring” by The Avett Brothers

This song is a little bit different from the others on our list, in that it’s not about springtime specifically. It’s about the season of fatherhood, and how it can be both joyful and difficult. This song was released in 2012 as part of their The Carpenter album.

7. “When It’s Springtime in Alaska (It’s Forty Below)” by Johnny Horton

This next song will give you so many emotions because of its context. It’s about a man who spent his winter season with a woman whom he thought was the one for him, only to find out that she’s engaged with a big man.

He talks about how he would be buried six feet under come springtime. It was released in 1959 and has a popular cover by Johnny Cash in 1965.

8. “Spring Break-Up” by Luke Bryan

Here’s another ode to spring love, but this time, it’s about breaking up. This 2013 song by Luke Bryan is all about a couple breaking up before they go their separate ways after spring break. They both agree that it’s for the best and that they’ll come back together when they return.

If you ever had a spring break fling that didn’t work out, this song will definitely resonate with you.

9. “Spring Haze” by Tori Amos

Tori Amos’ “Spring Haze” is a bit different from the other songs on this list. It’s not about love or heartbreak, but instead, it’s about loss and grief. This was released in 1999 as part of her To Venus and Back album which can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

10. “Spring Is Here” by Carly Simon

Up next is Carly Simon’s “Spring Is Here” which is a delightful and cheerful song about the season. It was released in 1981 as part of her album Torch. This now has over 12k views on Youtube so be sure to check it out.

11. “Can’t Stop the Spring” by The Flaming Lips

Nobody can stop the spring from coming and that’s what The Flaming Lips are trying to say in this song. This was released in 1987 as part of their album Oh My Gawd!!!. It’s a bit more upbeat than the previous song but still has that melancholic feeling to it.

12. “Fires of Spring” by Chris Rea

Chris Rea is a British singer-songwriter, born in Middlesbrough, England. Her song “Fires of Spring” is from her 1978 album Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?.

It talks about the feeling of finally being in love after a long winter. It’s a great track to listen to when you finally find that special someone.

13. “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” by Bette Midler

This track is from the movie The Rose, in which Bette Midler plays a self-destructive rock star. The song is about how spring can be a difficult time of year when you’re reminded of all the things you’re missing in your life. It’s a sad but beautiful song released in 1990 as part of her Some People’s Lives album.

14. “Some Other Spring” by Billie Holiday

“Some Other Spring” is a jazz standardthat Billie Holiday recorded in 1939, and it was released as part of her LP. The lyrics are about how love can spring up unexpectedly, even when you thought your heart was closed off to it. It can still be streamed on all music platforms out there.

15. “Spring Again” by Biz Markie


Biz Markie’s “Spring Again” is from his 1989 album The Biz Never Sleeps. The song is about how he’s looking forward to the season because it means he can finally get out and party again after being cooped up all winter. It’s a fun track that will get you pumped for the warmer months.

16. “Spring Fever” by Elvis Presley

Up next is a classic from the king of rock ‘n’ roll himself, Elvis Presley. “Spring Fever” was released in 1965 as part of his Girl Happy album.

The song is about how love can make you feel when springtime rolls around. It’s a fun and catchy track that will get you dancing along with Presley’s signature moves.

17. “Spring Vacation” by The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are an American group, and their 2012 track “Spring Vacation” is the perfect song for when you’re finally able to take a break from work and enjoy some time off.

The song is about how much fun you can have when you let loose and enjoy the warmer weather. It’s a timeless track that will still make you want to hit the road.

18. “Some Other Spring” by Dianne Reeves

“Some Other Spring” is a song about love and loss, but also about hope and resilience. The lyrics speak to the idea that even when our hearts are broken, we can still find beauty in life.

Reeves’ soaring vocal performance is powerful and it’s easy to get lost in the emotion of the song. It was released in 1996 as part of The Grand Encounter album.

19. “Spring Breakdown” by Luke Bryan

Next on the list is a song that’s perfect for a road trip with your friends. “Spring Breakdown” is all about letting loose and having a good time.

It’s the perfect anthem for anyone who’s looking to let off some steam. Bryan’s lyrical wit is on display, as he paints a picture of what spring break is all about.

20. “Late Winter, Early Spring” by John Denver

Finishing off the list is a song that’s perfect for a peaceful morning walk. “Late Winter, Early Spring” is all about taking in the beauty of nature and enjoying the simple things in life.

Denver’s lyrics are reflective and thought-provoking, making this song a great choice for anyone who wants to take a moment to reflect on the world around them.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to have a few songs that remind us of spring. These tunes are perfect for getting us in the mood for sunny days and spending time outdoors.

From classics to more modern hits, there’s a little something for everyone. So pull out your favorite springtime playlist and enjoy the warmer weather. Thanks for reading!