20 Songs With the Name Amy in the Title

Imagine your name serenaded in a chart-topping tune! Some folks named Amy don’t need to imagine – they have a whole playlist dedicated to them! From jazz ballads to pop bops, let’s dive into 20 songs where ‘Amy’ takes the spotlight.

In this article, we’re about to embark on a musical journey, discovering and exploring 20 songs that have the name Amy in their titles. From stirring jazz ballads to catchy pop tracks, rock anthems to country tear-jerkers, there’s a diverse symphony of ‘Amy’ songs waiting for you.

1. “Amy Amy Amy” by Amy Winehouse

As the final track on Amy Winehouse’s debut album, “Amy Amy Amy” tells a risqué tale of a student-teacher crush. It’s a jazz-tinged tune that dances with the idea of two individuals finding an unexpected connection, despite their professional boundaries. Winehouse’s rich, soulful voice adds a unique layer to this seductive narrative.

2. “Amy Never Misses” by A Small Victory

In the lyrical hands of punk rockers A Small Victory, Amy becomes a metaphor for substance abuse. The band paints a haunting picture of addiction with lines like, “We all get lonely for her now and need her sometimes,” and describes the devastation left in its wake: “Well so long I’ve got bridges in ruin to rebuild.” It’s a poignant anthem of struggle and recovery.

3. “Saving Amy” by Brantley Gilbert

Country artist Brantley Gilbert offers a heart-wrenching narrative in “Saving Amy,” sung from the perspective of a departed husband. He pleads with a higher power to save his wife from her grief, and later, he thanks the same for their reunion in the afterlife. It’s a powerful tale of love, loss, and healing.

4. “If U Seek Amy” by Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ “If U Seek Amy” is not as innocent as it first appears. While the title cleverly hides a risqué message, the song itself focuses on Spears’ tussle with her public image. Despite the media scrutiny, she maintains a defiant stance: everyone secretly desires to be like her.

5. “Amy, Run For The Hills” by courtship

Indie pop duo courtship’s “Amy, Run For the Hills” takes a different route with how people typically sing about breakups in relationships. The song revolves around a woman named Amy and how they warn her to keep running for the hills. The duo themselves stated that “Instead of breaking up with Amy, we’re telling her to run away and don’t stop running”.

6. “Amy Hit The Atmosphere” by Counting Crows

This compelling track from Counting Crows spins a melancholic tale of a girl named Amy who may have wandered too far to return. Lead vocalist Adam Duritz has mentioned that it’s based on a young heroin user he encountered in San Francisco, adding an extra layer of sorrow and mystery to the lyrics.

7. “Once In Love With Amy” by Dean Martin

Crooner Dean Martin offers a jazz-infused take on this Broadway show tune from Frank Loesser’s 1948 musical, “Where’s Charley”. The song croons about an Amy who has bewitched the singer – though others might fall for her too, he’s convinced that her heart beats only for him.

8. “Amy” by Green Day

“Amy” by Green Day is an emotive tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. Tucked away in their party-centric 10th album “¡DOS! AWESOME AS F**K,” this track serves as a haunting memento of the price of fame. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong confessed that, despite not knowing Winehouse personally, her talent inspired this moving homage.

9. “Amy’s in the Attic” by Insane Clown Posse

“Amy’s in the Attic” by the horror hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse spins a chilling narrative about an accidental childhood death, guilt, and mental descent. The song recounts the haunting memory of a girl named Amy whose end came too soon in a playground accident, leading to a lifetime of remorse and hallucinations.

10. “Amy, I” by Jack’s Mannequin

“Amy, I” by Jack’s Mannequin takes us into the emotional heart of a struggling relationship, exploring the often-overlooked in-between moments. Lyrics like “Amy, I never felt this kind of cold before” underscore the frosty periods within relationships that are as revealing as breakups or make-ups. It’s a track that resonates with the poignant and subtle realities of love.

11. “Has Anybody Seen Amy” by John & Audrey Wiggins

John & Audrey Wiggins’ 1994 track “Has Anybody Seen Amy” is a poignant tale of an old flame named Amy. The song traces the protagonist’s journey back to his roots, only to find the landscape of his past dramatically changed and his long-lost Amy nowhere to be found. The lyrics drive home the harsh truth that time marches on, and we can never truly go back.

12. “Amy Stay Away” by Jonny Marrero

Infused with psychedelic vibes and a catchy groove, Jonny Marrero’s “Amy Stay Away” is a cautionary plea to a potential lover. Marrero warns Amy to keep her distance due to his emotional fragility, a message reinforced by the refrain, “Amy stay away, don’t think that I’m this way”.

13. “Miami, My Amy” by Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley’s country classic “Miami, My Amy” serenades us with the challenges and sacrifices of long-distance love. When a call from Amy in Miami reaches him just after he’s touched down in LA, the singer doesn’t hesitate to jump on the next flight back to his beloved.

14. “Amazing Amy” by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne, alongside Migos, serves up the hip-hop counterpart to the 2014 thriller, “Gone Girl”. The song, just like its cinematic inspiration, delves into the unnerving complexities of being involved with a woman who leans towards the wild side.

15. “Amy’s Back in Austin” by Little Texas

With “Amy’s Back in Austin”, country group Little Texas delivers a bittersweet tale of love and longing. The song weaves the narrative of a couple who elope from Texas, only for Amy to succumb to homesickness and leave in the middle of the night, leaving the protagonist grappling with loss and yearning.

16. “Chasin’ Amy” by Steve Helms Band

In the folksy rhythms of “Chasin’ Amy”, Steve Helms reminisces about a youthful romance with a girl named Amy. This nostalgic number paints a vivid image of simpler times, of easy-going, carefree love. Even after months of no contact, the memory of Amy continues to bring a smile.

17. “Amy’s Song” by Switchfoot

“Amy’s Song” by Switchfoot is an ode to a fictional character, a devoted Christian navigating a superficial world. As bassist Tim Foreman points out, “Amy” is someone who finds solace and answers to life’s biggest quandaries in her faith.

18. “Fat Amy” by The Waist Deep

“Fat Amy”, a mellow alternative number by The Waist Deep, is a heartfelt assurance to the singer’s niece, Amy. The song is a comforting reminder that Amy’s worth extends far beyond her physical appearance or the moniker attached to her name.

19. “When My Amy Prays” by Vince Gill

In his Grammy-winning song “When My Amy Prays”, country artist Vince Gill shares the profound spiritual connection he shares with his wife, Christian singer Amy Grant. Despite their different religious backgrounds, he finds his faith manifesting through the blessings of their marriage.

20. “Airline Amy” by Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al Yankovic’s “Airline Amy” is a playful account of falling head over heels for an airline stewardess, Amy. He humorously blurs the line between professional courtesy and romantic interest, creating a comedic interpretation of a one-sided relationship.


The name Amy seems to turn up around song titles quite often, most commonly with Country Songs. These songs tell stories of love, heartbreak, and every human emotion in between, all encapsulated in four simple letters – A-M-Y. It seems that whether as a muse, a metaphor, or a moniker, “Amy” continues to strike a chord in the hearts of artists and listeners alike