Songs With the Name Ethan in the Title

Ethan is a very popular name for boys, but there are only a few songs with this name in the title. Some of these are about love, while others are about loss or heartbreak. Here is a list of songs with the name Ethan in the title.

1. “Ethan” by Nuclear Gears

First on the list is a song by Nuclear Gears, which is an American rock band. “Ethan” is a ballad with a slow and emotive melody.

The lyrics tell the story of a boy who considers himself as a “she” and is wondering what his parents will think of him. It can be found in his self-titled album released in 2019.

2. “Ethan’s Song” by Jason Schwartzman

The second and last song on this list is “Ethan’s Song” by Jason Schwartzman. This song is from the soundtrack of the film Slacker. It now has over 100k views on Youtube and can also be streamed on all major music platforms out there.

Final Thoughts

These are songs with the name Ethan in the title. They tell different stories but are all beautiful in their own way. So go ahead and give them all a listen! Thanks for reading!