15 Songs With the Name Joe in the Title

The name Joe seems to be a favorite choice of musicians when creating song titles, making its way into numerous songs across different genres.

So, we’ve compiled a list of songs that feature the name Joe. Whether you’re into rock or country, there’s a Joe song for you. You can choose your favorites from our list!

1. “Hey Joe” by Wilson Pickett

This is a song has an intense story. The track is a conversation between two individuals, one of them named Joe, who opens up about his feelings of betrayal after discovering his wife’s infidelity.

2. “Joe The Lion” by David Bowie

The song depict Joe, a character who seeks solace in a bar and encounters a fortune teller. The lyrics also touch on themes of escapism, dreams, and the mundane routines of life.

3. “Cotton Eye Joe” by Rednex

This is one of those goofy, foot-thumping numbers that make you want to get up and start dancing. In this song, Joe plays the role of the villain, stealing the lead vocalist’s girlfriend and leaving him feeling like he missed out on marriage.

Despite the rather sad undertones, this song is all about the joy and energy.

4. “Hank and Joe and Me” by Johnny Cash

The song was first released in 1959 and is a tale of the struggles that people have to endure to get something they want. Just like searching for gold in a desert, with its cold nights and hot days, life presents hurdles that may tempt you to give up. However, Johnny Cash’s message is clear: find your motivation, your source of water, and keep pushing forward.

5. “Joe’s Turkey” by Fatlip

The song became an instant hit when it was released in 2005. This is a story about a man who has had a difficult childhood where he had to struggle for the basics in life and how he has to work hard.

6. “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe” by Tony Bennett

This song seems to be about a person called Joe, who spreads happiness and joy wherever he goes. It’s one of those feel-good tracks that will leave you humming along, especially if you’re named Joe or know someone with that name.

7. “Poppa Joe” by The Sweet

“Poppa Joe” tells a heartwarming tale of a beloved figure who brought joy to his town, delivering delights like coconut rum and creating cherished memories along the way.

This track emerged in 1971 because of its soaring high-pitched harmonies. Penned by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, it made a triumphant comeback in 2010, earning multiple accolades.

8. “Joe Kirby Blues” by John Fahey

With its mesmerizing guitar skills, “Joe Kirby Blues” is an instrumental track that effortlessly brightens your day.

9. “Old Joe” by The Guess Who

This heartfelt song tells a story of an aged man who finally returns home after years of toiling away elsewhere. Though not met with great success, his journey was one filled with dedication and hard work, leaving him weathered and weary.

10. “Darryl And Joe” by Run-D.M.C.

The song emphasizes their dominance in the rap scene, their ability to captivate audiences worldwide, and their success in the music industry. If you are a fan of the Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, and pop genres, this song that goes on will make a place on your playlist. 

11. “Say It Ain’t So Joe” By Murray Head

Murray Head released this as a tribute to fallen heroes. With a blend of folk-rock and soft rock, this song struck a chord with listeners and sold over a million copies.

12. “Walk away Joe” by Trisha Yearwood

Walk Away Joe is a country song that depicts as a walkaway boy who they say was born to be a leaver. The lyrics depict the girl’s longing for love and her willingness to overlook the boy’s flaws. However, as time goes on, the boy’s true nature is revealed when he robs a gas station and leaves her alone.

13. “Sleepy Joe” by Smog

Smog released this song, Sleepy Joe in 1995 under the album Wild Love. The song is a description of a man who treasures his sleep over everything else. He wakes up, eats his food, and goes back to sleep!

An English song, the album had many cherished titles like Wild Love, Sweet Smog Children, and Bathysphere.

14. “I Had A Dream, Joe” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

In “Walk Away Joe” by Trisha Yearwood, the song is like a conversation between two people. One person tells Joe about a dream they had, where Joe was standing in the middle of a road and then started moving towards the sky. It’s a simple and relatable way of describing the dream and the imagery it creates.

15. “Viva Bobby Joe” by The Equals

The song kicks off with admiration for Bobby Joe, who had been away for some time. When Bobby Joe finally returns, he brings along exciting and sensational stories. It’s a relatable tale of being thrilled by someone’s return and eagerly listening to the adventures they’ve experienced while away.


Joe is a name that musicians love to sing about. Whether it’s a joyous or challenging moment, songs featuring Joe have resonated with people throughout the years. If you’re curious about the music that was all the rage back in the day and revolves around this name, don’t wait any longer—press play and let the melodies transport you to that nostalgic era.