18 Songs With the Name Kelly in the Title

Remember that high school crush named Kelly? Or that memorable trip with your best friend Kelly? This compilation of 18 songs with the name Kelly in the title might just awaken those memories, or simply introduce you to new melodies that you’ll grow to love.

The name “Kelly” holds a certain charm in the music industry. From sizzling chartbusters to indie surprises, it has resonated across artists, genres, and eras. So grab your favorite headphones or crank up your car stereo, and embark on a laid-back journey through the world of Kelly-themed music.

1. “Kelly’s 12 Play” by The-Dream

This track from The-Dream’s second album Love vs Money pays homage to R.Kelly’s debut 1993 album 12 play. Although this track was never released as a single, it was still part of The-Dream’s most successful album, with Love vs Money peaking at number two in the United States in 2009. The ballad makes multiple references to ’12 play’ and credits the album for being a good record to make love to.

2. “Kelly Rowland” by MadeinTYO

This next song is MadeinTYO’s homage to the radiant Kelly Rowland. The artist’s intriguing obsession with the Destiny’s Child star gives this beat an irresistible allure. It’s as though MadeinTYO won’t settle for less than Rowland’s caliber, raising the bar for all romantic pursuits. This contagious groove keeps calling you back, despite your knowing you’re down a rabbit hole.

3. “Pete Kelly’s Blues” by June Christy

We are going way back to the 1950s now for this jazz/pop release from June Christy. “Pete Kelly’s Blues” was originally from the film of the same name before Christy decided to record it herself and add it as a bonus track to her album Something Cool. The song makes you feel like you’re sitting in a speakeasy, which is intentional due to the fact the film it originates from is set in 1920s America.

4. “Kelly” by Van She

Take a detour Down Under with the Australian rock band Van She’s debut single, “Kelly.” This catchy song resonates with many young women, telling the all-too-familiar story of Kelly, the girl who just can’t seem to be on time for a night out. It intriguingly bounces between Kelly’s perspective and her friend’s impatient viewpoint.

5. “Kelly’s Gone” by Danny Vaughn

Kick back with Danny Vaughn’s country vibe in “Kelly’s Gone,” the second single from his studio album Myths Legends and Lies. Despite its upbeat presentation, it’s the tale of a woman fleeing a relationship, suggesting she was potentially in a troubling situation. Vaughn leaves the specifics to your interpretation, adding another layer to the song’s appeal.

6. “Grace Kelly” by Mika

This platinum hit from Mika’s debut album Life in Cartoon Motion stormed the UK charts and scored nominations for Best British Single at the 2008 BRIT Awards. Inspired by record companies’ advice, Mika created this track as a rebellion against conforming to any one style.

7. “Accidently Kelly Street” by Frente

This humorous tale from the Australian indie band, Frente, is their 1992 track “Accidently Kelly Street”. It’s a delightful error-ridden saga about a new home on the wrong street. The happy accident led to a heartwarming, feel-good summer tune, perfect for a sunny garden day or a beach trip. A fun fact: the band embraced the record label’s misspelling of ‘accidentally’ as a nod to the song’s quirky origin.

8. “Run Kelly” by Roken is Dodelijk

Next up is “Run Kelly,” a deceptively simple song by the Dutch band Roken is Dodelijk. The recurring phrase “run Kelly’s around” suggests a story of someone bringing chaos wherever they go. It’s probably the most unconventional pick on our list, but it’s worth a spin.

9. “Kelly Price” by Migos ft Travis Scott

Slide into the lavish lifestyle of Migos and Travis Scott with their six-minute anthem, “Kelly Price.” The song is a tribute to R&B artist Kelly Price, reflecting the duo’s tradition of embedding R&B icons into their lyrics. The track explores their grandiose and flamboyant lifestyles, making for a fascinating listen.

10. “Song for Kelly Huckaby” by Death Cab for Dutie

Washington rock band, Death Cab For Cutie, delivers a laid-back ballad with “Song for Kelly Huckaby.” The song tells the story of a nostalgic California road trip with a significant other. This track lets lead singer Ben Gibbard’s vocals shine as he narrates this captivating tale.

11. “Jellyman Kelly” by James Taylor and the Sesame Street kids

“Jellyman Kelly” is a delightful collaboration between James Taylor and the Sesame Street kids. Taylor penned this feel-good tune inspired by his daughter’s favorite Sesame Street character, and it’s all about the joys of jelly. The track even made it to a 1980 episode of Sesame Street!

12. “Kelly’s Song” by Uncle Russell

This song will be unknown to many but after a quick YouTube search, it’s actually a must-listen. It’s written and sung by an artist called Uncle Russell and it’s a deeply emotional song about someone close to him who passed away after a battle with addiction. The lyrics hit home with the sadness of the situation and deal with emotions such as anger, grief and regret.

13. “Kelly Kapoor” by Miqui Brightside

Spanish DJ Miqui Brightside serves up a club-ready tune inspired by an unexpected muse – Kelly Kapoor from The Office. This catchy song explores the somewhat hilarious idea of falling in love with a TV character, even giving a shout-out to a Dragonball Z character along the way.

14. “Kelly Watch the Stars” by Air

“Kelly Watch the Stars” is a critically acclaimed hit from French electronic duo, Air. Hailing from their debut studio album, “Moon Safari,” this 1998 track charts the strange journey of a young girl named Kelly who ends up floating into the night sky during a game of table tennis – interpret that as you will!

15. “Kelly’s Heroes” by Black Grape

Take a trip back to 1993 with Black Grape’s third single, “Kelly’s Heroes.” This tune tackles the world’s celebrity obsession, echoing the well-known warning, ‘never meet your heroes.’ It’s a candid piece of advice, especially considering the songwriter, Shaun Ryder’s own rise to fame in later years.

16. “Kate Kelly” by The Whitlams

Embark on a heartrending journey with The Whitlams’ “Kate Kelly.” This evocative track delves into the life of Kate Kelly, sister of infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Her tragic tale—marked by assault, loss, and suspected suicide—is beautifully, albeit sorrowfully, brought to life by the band.

17. “Ned Kelly” by Johnny Cash

The legendary Johnny Cash takes us on a two-minute history lesson with “Ned Kelly,” a musical biography of the notorious outlaw. This concise, potent track brings Kelly’s life into focus, revealing the grim realities of his existence. For a fuller picture, consider pairing this song with The Whitlams’ “Kate Kelly”.

18. “Gene Kelly” by Mirandaclare

Wishing for a different time? Mirandaclare’s debut EP “Gene Kelly” resonates with anyone yearning for the “good old days.” The song’s theme, reflecting a longing to exist in the era of Gene Kelly, is a sentiment familiar to many in today’s fast-paced world. Though not widely known yet, this track definitely merits a listen.

Final Thoughts

Well, there we have it. Those were 18 songs all about different Kellys, ranging from jelly monsters to Australian outlaws. These songs span across multiple generations, genres and themes making them all unique in their own way. We hope you have enjoyed this list, make sure to keep an eye out for similar articles in the future.