20 Songs With the Name Kelly in the Title

Today, we’ve managed to dig out 18 different songs that feature the name ‘Kelly’ in their title and we’re going to talk a little bit about each and every one. There are some number one hits compiled in this list, as well as EPs from artists that you’ve probably never heard of but take this opportunity to re-listen to some classics and explore new music at the same time.

1. “Kelly’s 12 Play” by The-Dream

Kelly's 12 PlayKelly’s 12 Play

This track from The-Dream’s second album “Love vs Money” pays homage to R.Kelly’s debut 1993 album “12 play”. Although this track was never released as a single, it was still part of The-Dream’s most successful album, with Love vs Money peaking at number two in the United States in 2009. The ballad makes multiple references to ’12 play’ and credits the album for being a good record to make love to.

2. “Kelly Rowland” by MadeinTYO

MADEINTYO - Kelly Rowland [Prod By K Swisha & 808 Mafia]MADEINTYO – Kelly Rowland [Prod By K Swisha & 808 Mafia]

This effort from MadeinTYO is open to interpretation but it’s clear that the artist has some kind of infatuation with ex Destiny’s Child star, Kelly Rowland. It appears that MadeinTYO is holding all girls that he’s interested in to the same level as Kelly Rowland and won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t meet those standards. Although the lyrics are limited, the beat of the track is contagious and makes you come back for seconds, even though you know you shouldn’t.

3. “Pete Kelly’s Blues” by June Christy

June Christy/Pete Rugolo - "Pete Kelly's Blues"June Christy/Pete Rugolo – “Pete Kelly’s Blues”

Going way back to the 1950s now for this jazz/pop release from June Christy. ‘Pete Kelly’s Blues’ was originally from the film of the same name before Christy decided to record it herself and add it as a bonus track to her album “Something Cool”. The song makes you feel like you’re sitting in a speakeasy, which is intentional due to the fact the film it originates from is set in 1920s America.

4. “Kelly” by Van She

Van She - KellyVan She – Kelly

Australian rock band Van She’s debut single “Kelly” is a fun and relatable song for a lot of young women. The upbeat track tells the story of a girl called Kelly who takes forever to get ready for a night out with her friends. The song bounces between two perspectives, first of all Kelly’s and second of all her friend who wants her to hurry up.

5. “Kelly’s Gone” by Danny Vaughn

Kelly's Gone from Myths, Legends and Lies by Danny VaughnKelly’s Gone from Myths, Legends and Lies by Danny Vaughn

This upbeat country release from Danny Vaughn is the second single from his studio album  “Myths Legends and Lies”. Although the song is presented in an upbeat manner the song is actually the story of a woman walking out on a relationship and moving as far away as possible.

This makes me believe that the story is about a woman who was previously in an abusive relationship, however that is left open to interpretation by Danny Vaughn.

6. “Grace Kelly” by Mika

MIKA - Grace Kelly (Official Video)MIKA – Grace Kelly (Official Video)

This was Mika’s second single from his smash shit debut album “Life in Cartoon Motion”. The song reached number one in the UK and went platinum in five different countries and was nominated for Best British Single at the 2008 BRIT Awards.

The song was written on the back of Mika receiving advice from record companies to change his look and sound to fit in with the rest of the pop market at the time. He points out that he could pretend to be anyone, for example Grace Kelly, and it was written after he rejected the advice of industry ‘experts’. A true triumph for individualism.

7. “Accidently Kelly Street” by Frente

Frente! - Accidently Kelly Street (Version 2 1992)Frente! – Accidently Kelly Street (Version 2 1992)

This 1992 track from Australian indie band “Frente” is the result of a domino effect of various mistakes. First of all, bass player Tim O’Connor told his bandmates that he was going to write a song about his new house on Kelly Street, when it was in fact Kenny Street that he was moving to.

As a result, the band named the song “Accidentally Kelly Street” but the record label printed promotional material with an incorrect spelling of ‘accidentally’. The band decided to keep the misspelling as it fitted in with how the song came about in the first place.

The song itself is a classic feel-good summary tune about making all the right decisions. It’s certainly one that you can picture listening to on a warm day in the garden or down at the beach.

8. “Run Kelly” by Roken is Dodelijk

Roken is Dodelijk - RUN KELLYRoken is Dodelijk – RUN KELLY

“Run Kelly” by Dutch band Roken is Dodelijk is a very simple song lyrically. The words “run Kelly’s around” are repeated throughout the track suggesting that this could be about someone who brings trouble with them everywhere they go. This is probably the most unusual song on this list but it’s worth a listen.

9. “Kelly Price” by Migos ft Travis Scott

Migos - Kelly Price ft Travis Scott [Audio Only]Migos – Kelly Price ft Travis Scott [Audio Only]

This six minute anthem by Migos and Travis Scott provides us with an insight into their materialistic and womanising lifestyles. The title of the track is named after R&B star Kelly Price which is in keeping with Migos and Travis Scott’s trend of name dropping R&B artists into their songs. The reason for Price’s inclusion is due to her powerful singing voice and Migos bragging that he makes women scream like her while making love to them.

10. “Song for Kelly Huckaby” by Death Cab for Dutie

Song For Kelly HuckabySong For Kelly Huckaby

Washington-based rock band “Death Cab For Dutie” pull it out the bag with this slower paced ballad about going on a road trip to California with your significant other – in this case Kelly Huckaby. Lead singer Ben Gibbard excels on this track as he gets to show off his underrated vocal ability and tells the story beautifully.

11. “Jellyman Kelly” by James Taylor and the Sesame Street kids

Sesame Street: James Taylor and Kids sing Jellyman KellySesame Street: James Taylor and Kids sing Jellyman Kelly

What better way to spend an afternoon than composing a song about your daughter’s favourite Sesame Street character? Well, that’s exactly what James Taylor did in 1979 after his daughter came home from school with a poem written about Jellyman Kelly.

The song was then performed on an episode of Sesame Street in 1980. The song is a feel-good, cheery and bouncy tune all about a cartoon character who loves jelly.

12. “Kelly’s Song” by Uncle Russell

Kelly's SongKelly’s Song

This song will be unknown to many but after a quick YouTube search, I would definitely recommend it. It’s written and sung by an artist called Uncle Russell and it’s a deeply emotional song about someone close to him who passed away after a battle with addiction. The lyrics hit home the sadness of the situation and deal with emotions such as anger, grief and regret.

13. “Kelly Kapoor” by Miqui Brightside

Miqui Brightside - Kelly Kapoor (ft. Kenjamin Franklin)Miqui Brightside – Kelly Kapoor (ft. Kenjamin Franklin)

This tune from Spanish DJ and music producer Miqui Brightside is named after a character from the television show, The Office. The song is inspired by the idea of someone who falls in love with a fictional TV character, such as Kelly Kapoor.

Miqui comedically draws on his own experience of this and mentions his love for a Dragonball Z character during the song. It’s a song that – and this may surprise you given what I’ve described – would be at home in a nightclub in the early hours of the morning.

14. “Kelly Watch the Stars” by Air

Air - Kelly Watch The StarsAir – Kelly Watch The Stars

French electronic duo “Air” released this song to solid critical acclaim back in 1998 as the second single to their debut studio album “Moon Safari”. The song charted reasonably well in the UK, lasting three weeks in the top 50 but didn’t do much elsewhere.

It’s difficult to depict what the song is about based on the lyrics given that the only lyrics throughout the song are ‘Kelly watch the stars’ but the music video shows a young girl named Kelly who loses consciousness during a game of table tennis and floats into the night sky. Read into that what you will!

15. “Kelly’s Heroes” by Black Grape

Black Grape - Kelly's Heroes (The Bank Job Version)Black Grape – Kelly’s Heroes (The Bank Job Version)

Kelly’s Heroes was Black Grape’s third single after forming in 1993. The song was all about the world’s obsession with celebrities and carried a tone similar to the famous saying ‘never meet your heroes’.

Essentially, the song is telling its audience not to bother worshipping celebrities because they aren’t always what they are portrayed as. Shaun Ryder, who penned the track, looks back at the song somewhat sheepishly after he himself became a popular celebrity years later when he started to take part in reality TV shows.

16. “Kate Kelly” by The Whitlams

The Whitlams - Kate Kelly [26-27/07/2002 The Metro, Sydney]The Whitlams – Kate Kelly [26-27/07/2002 The Metro, Sydney]

This song by The Whitlams tells the story of Kate Kelly, the sister of famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly. Kate Kelly is suspected to have killed herself after a series of horrible events plagued her life including assault, the death of her brother and the death of assumed lover Joe Byrne. The song tells a tragic story in a beautiful way.

17. “Ned Kelly” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - Ned KellyJohnny Cash – Ned Kelly

This track by the iconic Johnny Cash may only be two minutes and 18 seconds long but it essentially acts as a musical biography for the life of Ned Kelly. As mentioned above Ned Kelly was an outlaw and part of a gang known as the bushrangers. If you listen to this song alongside the Whitlams’ Kate Kelly, then you get a really good idea of how tragic both of their lives were right from their childhood through to their untimely deaths.

18. “Gene Kelly” by Mirandaclare


This debut EP by Mirandaclare is all about the artist wishing they were born in a different era, specifically when Gene Kelly was around. Although the song hasn’t taken off, the theme of young people today wishing they were born in times gone by is one that should resonate with a lot of people.

Well, there we have it. Those were 18 songs all about different Kellys, ranging from jelly monsters to Australian outlaws. These songs span across multiple generations, genres and themes making them all unique in their own way. We hope you have enjoyed this list, make sure to keep an eye out for similar articles in the future.