Songs With the Name Levi in the Title

Do you have a favorite song with the name Levi in it? There aren’t many, but I think I found some good ones! These three songs will surely get you thinking about the name Levi.

1. “Levi” by Old Crow Medicine Show

Levi- Old Crow Medicine ShowLevi- Old Crow Medicine Show

First on the list is “Levi” by Old Crow Medicine Show. This song is a great example of how the name Levi can be used in a song.

The track is about war and how innocent people can be caught in the middle of it. It was released in 2012 for the album  Carry Me Back.

2. “My Name is Levi (And I’m Awesome)” by The Very Very Awesome Song Band

My Name is Levi (And I'm Awesome)My Name is Levi (And I’m Awesome)

“My Name is Levi (And I’m Awesome)” by The Very Very Awesome Song Band is a fun and upbeat song under the album I am Awesome, Vol. 3. It can only be streamed on Youtube so be sure to check it out!

3. “LEVI SONG” by FabvL 

LEVI SONG - Far From Over | FabvL [Attack on Titan]LEVI SONG – Far From Over | FabvL [Attack on Titan]

The third and final song on this list is “LEVI SONG” by FabvL. It is inspired by the character in one of the most popular anime series, Attack on Titan.

This was released in 2020 for the album Far From Over. It can be streamed on all major music platforms.

Final Thoughts

The name Levi is not as popular as other names, but there are still a few songs out there with the name in it. These songs vary in genre and style, and we hope you found a new addition to your playlist. Thanks for reading!