Songs With the Name Liam in the Title

Liam is a popular name for baby boys, and it seems to be cropping up more in song lyrics and titles as well. It can be incorporated in different ways, as a first name, last name, or even just as is. Here are some popular songs that have “Liam” in the title.

1. “It’s Liam (feat. Liam Lam)” by Squinty Eyed Bandit

The first song on the list is It’s Liam by Squinty Eyed Bandit. The name is used in the title as a first name, and it features rapper, Liam Lam, as a special guest. The song is upbeat and has a fun, party vibe to it. You can listen to it on major music platforms.

2. “Liam Neeson” by Dorian The Menace

“Liam Neeson” by Dorian The Menace is another rap song. It was released in 2021 for the album Black Romeo [MIXTAPE].

This can be streamed on major music platforms like Spotify, Deezer, and Soundcloud. It now has almost 6k views and Youtube so make sure to check it out.

3. “Liam the Leo” by Nieida

Nieida’s song “Liam the Leo” has a more mellow and indie feel to it. The lyrics tell a story of a young man, Liam, who is also a Leo.

It’s written from the perspective of someone who is in love with him. Right now, it is only available for streaming on Youtube and Deezer.

4. “Liam Neeson” by Emmv

“Liam Neeson” by Emmv is an rap electronic/dance song. It has a catchy beat and the title refers to the actor, Liam Neeson, but the lyrics don’t seem to have much to do with him. It only has 17 views on Youtube but if you’re a fan of rap music, it’s worth a listen.

5. “Liam Need Some” by Harley Mac

Finishing off our list is “Liam Need Some” by Harley Mac. This is another rap song released in 2020.

The lyrics are about a guy named Liam who is going through a tough time and needs some help from his friends. You can find this song on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few popular songs that have “Liam” in the title. It’s interesting to see how the name can be used in different ways and incorporated into different genres of music. Whether you’re a fan of rap, indie, or electronic, there’s definitely a song out there for you. Thanks for reading!