19 Songs with the Name Ruby in the Title

Songs with Ruby in the title seem to be about a captivating woman who went on breaking hearts while some are heart-wrenching stories about those too young to deal with the troubles of the world. There are so many songs with Ruby in the title and they continue to stand the test of time and are popular and loved. 

1. “Ruby Tuesday” by Melanie Safka

While ‘Ruby Tuesday’ was originally released by the Rolling Stones in 1967, Melanie Safka released a powerful and heartfelt cover of the song only three years after its debut. The song is about loving someone who leaves you because they feel they can’t be tied down to just one place or one person.

Ruby is free-spirited and ever-changing, and Melanie Safka really puts the emotion and power into those lyrics, giving you a good feel for just what this person was like and who they were.

Ruby Tuesday - Melanie SafkaRuby Tuesday – Melanie Safka

2. Hey Miss Ruby by Conway Twitty

Released at the end of the 1950’s, ‘Hey Miss Ruby’ is a song about a lovestruck lad who wants to marry a lady named Ruby who does not reciprocate his love. The boy is clearly head over heels for her but no matter how hard he tries, his love stays unfulfilled. This doesn’t stop him from loving her, and he continues to do anything for her because he simply loves her too much.

Conway Twitty - Hey Miss Ruby (1959)Conway Twitty – Hey Miss Ruby (1959)

3. “Ruby’s Stool” by Loretta Lynn

A song by the country star Loretta Lynn, ‘Ruby’s Stool’ is about a woman prepared to show Ruby she means business as Ruby tries to steal her man. Ruby is depicted as the villainess in the story who is mean and constantly breaks hearts.

No one in the bar is willing to stand up to Ruby, so she gets away with her shenanigans, but this lady is at her breaking point and tonight, she’s sitting on Ruby’s stool, just waiting for the chance to teach her a lesson.

Loretta Lynn - Ruby's Stool (Official Audio)Loretta Lynn – Ruby’s Stool (Official Audio)

4. “Ruby Ann” by Marty Robbins

So many people know the awkward feeling of running into their partner’s ex, and they are verbalised via the lyrics of this song. Even though the song was written in the 1960’s, it shares the feeling of knowing your partner loves you more than anyone else even if they have more money than you.


5. “Ruby” by Kaiser Chiefs

This song goes on about how the singer can think of nothing and no one else besides their believed Ruby, so much so that they might as well not know the time of day. However, they do wonder if Ruby likes them back or if she is simply playing games with their heart.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby (Official Video)Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby (Official Video)

6. “Rock and Roll Ruby” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash wrote many hits, and this one is about loving to watch Ruby dance. Ruby loves to dance to rock and roll so much that she would stay out late dancing and make him go look for her.

Some listeners believe the song is about the partner while some believe it is for his daughter but all unanimously agree that the girl Ruby is very much loved by the singer. 

Johnny Cash Rock and roll RubyJohnny Cash Rock and roll Ruby

7. “Ruby Duby Do” by Tobin Matthews and Company

‘Ruby Duby Do’ is a song with next to no lyrics, but it has a wonderful jazzy tune that has enthralled many listeners. It was written in 1960 out of its marketability for commercials and ended up becoming so popular they had to get someone to make personal appearances as ‘Tobin Matthews’.

The story goes that Tobin Matthews didn’t actually exist and the song was recorded by a group of musicians together initially.

Ruby Duby Du - Tobin MathewsRuby Duby Du – Tobin Mathews

8. “Loneliness in Ruby’s Eyes” by David Allen Coe

This song is about a woman named Ruby who has weathered hardships and tough times, and hasn’t had an easy life and did what she needed to get by. She had a lot of lovers, but she’d never been able to settle down, and it’s implied she might’ve left a child behind, leaving Ruby herself lonely, filled with shame and regret.

David Allan Coe - Loneliness in Ruby's EyesDavid Allan Coe – Loneliness in Ruby’s Eyes

9. “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love” by Kenny Rogers

A tough song to listen to that still rings true for many veterans, the song is about the struggles that war veterans have to endure. A man went to war and came back with mental health issues.

His legs were paralysed and he could no longer satisfy his wife Ruby. The song outlines the hurt he feels as Ruby goes to town to find someone else who will take care of her both physically and emotionally, all while he begs her to stay.

Kenny Rogers - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to TownKenny Rogers – Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town

10. “Ruby, are You Mad at Your Man” by The Carolina Chocolate Drops

The Carolina Chocolate Drops perform an amazing cover of ‘Ruby, are You Mad at Your Man’ with great instrumentals and lyrics with so much power and emphasis put into them that it’s worth a listen even if bluegrass isn’t your preferred genre.

Nearly 80 years after it was written, people still haven’t been able to figure out if this is a love song about spiriting away Ruby, or a song of hatred and the potential of putting Ruby in the ground.

Ruby, Are You Mad at Your Man?Ruby, Are You Mad at Your Man?

11. “Ravishing Ruby” by Tom T. Hall

‘Ravishing Ruby’ is a song about a child who grew up on the road with her father, only for him to leave her when she was a teenager. Throughout her life, she continued to wait for her dad to come back into her life like he had promised, leaving her waiting.

Tom T. Hall  -  Ravishing RubyTom T. Hall – Ravishing Ruby

12. “Ruby’s Shoes” by Lori McKenna

‘Ruby’s Shoes’ is a song about Ruby Bridges, the first African American to attend a desegregated school in 1960, where she faced protesting and backlash fueled by racism at only six years old. The song pays homage to her patience and perseverance as she walked to and from school everyday.

She equated her red shoes to Dorothy’s red shoes from the Wizard of Oz as they helped her cope with the racism, hatred, and bigotry she faced. She survived everything and is currently alive and well at 67 years old.

Ruby's ShoesRuby’s Shoes

13. “Play, Ruby, Play” by Conway Twitty

A song about a country pianist named Ruby with big dreams of being on stage and a penchant for wearing tight dresses and dancing while she played the piano. She captivated men, young and old with her playing and her dancing body kept the audience hooked. 

Play Ruby Play (Live)Play Ruby Play (Live)

14. “Ruby Baby” by Dion DiMucci

Dion DiMucci sings wonderfully in a way that he really conveys the meaning of the lyrics in ‘Ruby Baby’. The song tells the tale of a man who is desperately trying to woo a woman named Ruby and how he tries to stand out among all her romantic pursuers, always asking her if she would be his.

Ruby Baby Dion ReStored Dual-Video ReCut with 1963 TRUE STEREO HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm 720pRuby Baby Dion ReStored Dual-Video ReCut with 1963 TRUE STEREO HiQ Hybrid JARichardsFilm 720p

15. “My New Love is Ruby” by Jim Ed Brown

‘My New Love is Ruby’ is a song about a man drowning his sorrows in ruby red wine to forget the pain and memories of his lover who left him sad and alone without any explanation or reason. He wonders about the new lover and her whereabouts as he mourns the loss of his beautiful companion. 

Ruby (My new love is);   (Jim Ed Brown's);   by Will RoyazRuby (My new love is); (Jim Ed Brown’s); by Will Royaz

16. “Ruby Soho” by Rancid

‘Ruby Soho’ is a song about a couple who fight and argue and eventually part ways. The song is about a man who travels for his music; he leaves often, and this time is the last time because they both know it’s the end of the relationship.

The song uses a catchy punk rock edge and portrays the feeling of a man who has chosen to pursue his music over his partner, and now he doesn’t even know where he’s headed, but he’s not going back.

Rancid - "Ruby Soho"Rancid – “Ruby Soho”

17. “Ruby’s Two Sad Daughters” by Pat Green

As the title suggests, the song is about a woman called Ruby and her two daughters. The singer seems to be working in a small cafe in the middle of nowhere where he meets these two girls.

They seem to be related to the owner and the whole town that had been in love with them at some point or the other. Unfortunately for him and all the townpeople, the two daughters leave the first chance they had with the first guys who sweet-talked them, taking away the last bit of beauty from the area.

Rub'ys Two Sad DaughtersRub’ys Two Sad Daughters

18. “Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love to Town” by Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings is the original artist of this song and he talks about the life of soldiers who return from war. Like a song mentioned earlier, the sad song talks about the pain of returning from war injured and damaged and the helplessness he feels when his wife dolls herself up to find a new man to take care of her.


19. “Ruby (Are You Mad)” by Buck Owens

Featuring impressive banjo-work, no one does justice to a song like the original artist. The song continues to confuse many listeners who cannot decide if this is a love song for Ruby, asking her to finally run away with him, or if he has something more sinister in mind for her after she’s annoyed him one time too many.

Ruby (Are You Mad)~Buck Owens.wmvRuby (Are You Mad)~Buck Owens.wmv

Ruby seems to be a much-loved name through the ages. Many have been in love with a lady called Ruby but some manage to find her while others talk about their unrequited feelings. Some also face betrayal and hurt by women of this name. Despite the many stories and adventures, Ruby manages to be a crowd favorite.