20 Songs With the Name Sarah in the Title

It’s surprising how many famous songs have been written with the name Sarah in the title, with each one featuring different stories and emotions. From classic rock ballads to pop hits, these tracks capture the beauty of the name Sarah in different ways.

In this list of 20 songs, we have curated a diverse mix of music that will take you on a journey through time, featuring both classic and new songs. Sarah’s name echoes through songs of love, heartbreak, friendship, loss, and everything in between. With a range of genres to choose from, there’s something for everyone in this collection of songs that celebrate the name Sarah.

1. “Sarah” by Thin Lizzy

This pop-rock classic holds a remarkable story. It’s a joyful celebration of life inspired by the birth of the lead vocalist’s daughter, Sarah.

The tune expresses the happiness a father feels when his child is born into the world. The song is filled with love and affection, paying tribute to this special and cherished child.

Thin Lizzy - SarahThin Lizzy – Sarah

2. “Sara” by Fleetwood Mac

As humans, we can sometimes be tempted to do things that can cause pain. This song portrays the story of an affair that took place between band members, resulting in heartbreak and involving others as well.

This song is believed to be a heartfelt apology to Mick Fleetwood’s ex-wife, Sara Recor. Despite their efforts, the relationship couldn’t be saved. This song was Mick’s way of expressing his feelings.

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (Official Music VIdeo)Fleetwood Mac – Sara (Official Music VIdeo)

3. “Zach and Sara” by Ben Folds

This song is about a young couple named Sara without an ‘h’ and Zach. Zach tries out guitars and plays Sara’s favorite tune. While listening to the music, Sara fell into a trance, getting swayed by the music.

The song concludes with Zach finishing his guitar performance, and Sara applauds. It creates a groovy atmosphere and is a popular choice for jamming sessions, especially if your name happens to be Sara.

Zak and Sara- Ben FoldsZak and Sara- Ben Folds

4. “Sara Smile” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

The background of this song carries a bittersweet tone. Daryl Hall, the songwriter, revealed that it is dedicated to an ex-girlfriend, adding an emotional depth to the lyrics.

They had a long run as a couple, a total of 28 years. Although they never married, Sara holds a special place in his heart as a cherished and unforgettable memory.

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Sara Smile (Official Audio)Daryl Hall & John Oates – Sara Smile (Official Audio)

5. “What Sarah Said” by Death Cab for Cutie

According to Ben Gibbard, Sarah is a close friend of his who is happily married. However, she carries the fear of losing either herself or her husband.

The song is set in a hospital, reflecting her worries. It portrays the heart-wrenching experience of watching your loved one go and being left with no choice but to say goodbye.

Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said (‘Directions’ Music Video)Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said (‘Directions’ Music Video)

6. “Creeping out Sara” by NoFx

This catchy song is tells a funny story. Fat Mike attempted to ask a girl to hang out, but unfortunately, she declined. In an effort to keep the conversation going, he ended up asking strange questions that made the girl uncomfortable and creeped her out.

So much for trying hard, but the song itself is still fantastic. Keep your chin up, Fat Mike, and better luck next time.

Creeping Out Sara by NOFXCreeping Out Sara by NOFX

7. “Sara’s Mask” by CKY

A member of the band CKY wrote this song after meeting a girl who had facial deformities. The girl is shy and always hides her face under her hair.

Sadly, it is also known that she has a serious terminal illness. It adds a touch of sadness to this cool pop-rock tune.

Sara's MaskSara’s Mask

8. “Song for Sarah” by The Samuel Jackson Five

A timeless and delicate instrumental song that is very moving. The mixture of sounds coming from the piano and guitar builds up its intimate feel.

Then it escalates to a rock sound giving it intensity. The melody carries powerful emotions, dedicated to someone truly special.

Song for SarahSong for Sarah

9. “Sarah Smiles” by Panic! At The Disco

A smile is an attractive feature that gets a person noticed. This awesome song reflects that idea. The lyrics suggest that the songwriter is deeply captivated by a woman.

At first, the woman in question is oblivious. But the man is determined to wait, believing that they are destined to be together.

Sarah SmilesSarah Smiles

10. “Sara” by Bob Dylan

This tune transpired as a real-life experience of Bob Dylan and his then-wife Sara. Unfortunately, their relationship fell apart and they got divorced. The song narrates the story of how their relationship went downhill.

This song expresses Bob’s regret over how things turned out. But sadly some things can’t be helped and are bound to happen.

Bob Dylan - Sara (Official Audio)Bob Dylan – Sara (Official Audio)

11. “Halls Of Sarah” by Neko Case

The name Sarah was used in this song to personify the tragedy and joyful grossness of being human. Neko Case sees the name Sarah as a source of inspiration for creativity, which is true considering many songs bear this name in their titles.

She thinks it is a very melodic epitaph that makes it musically charming. So she came up with her version.

Neko Case - "Halls of Sarah" (Full Album Stream)Neko Case – “Halls of Sarah” (Full Album Stream)

12. “Sarah Yellin'” by 3 Doors Down

Abuse is a delicate subject, and this song bravely addresses it. It tells the story of a young girl who faced the challenge of having an abusive father. Despite her difficult situation, she tried reaching out to her mother and brother for help.

But she had to take matters into her own hands, which resulted in her father’s demise. The theme is quite heavy, listen to it with caution.

Sarah Yellin'Sarah Yellin’

13. “Me And Sarah Jane” by Genesis

The song describes the special relationship of the narrator to a fictional woman named Sarah Jane. It describes the guy who suddenly came up with Sarah’s persona while waiting in the rain.

The imaginary woman became his source of comfort and security. This tune is an example that people seek company even to the point where imaginary characters can fulfill that role.

Me And Sarah JaneMe And Sarah Jane

14. “Sara Swan Sleep Head” by Jewel

This sweet and melodic song feels like a children’s story. It tells the tale of a young girl named Sara Swan being awakened by her mom. But Sarah was having such a great dream and did not want to wake up just yet.

However, as the dream became intense, she realized it wasn’t the reality she desired. Finally, the girl decides to leave her bed.

Sara Swan Sleepy HeadSara Swan Sleepy Head

15. “From Sarah with Love” by Sarah Connor

This lovely triple gold hit’s title is inspired by the James Bond movie “From Russia with Love.” The narrator of the song talks about her friend Sarah who is very much in love but Sarah was not able to say what she feels.

Sarah then expresses her feelings by writing a letter. She’s hopeful that the person receiving it will accept her feelings of love.

Sarah Connor - From Sarah With Love (Official Video)Sarah Connor – From Sarah With Love (Official Video)

16. “Sarah” by Mojave3

This soft ballad expresses the loneliness felt when missing someone. The piano accompaniment adds flair to the emotion of the song.

The delivery of the lyrics is intense and sweet. You can feel the longing, definitely worth listening to.


17. “Sara” by Starship

This adult contemporary hit landed number one on the Billboards Hot 100. The chord progression in this song is truly one-of-a-kind. It tells the story of a man who is deeply in love with a girl named Sara, but circumstances force them to part ways.

Despite feeling hurt, the guy lets the lady go. It’s a very selfless act that only genuine love can do.

Starship - Sara (Official Music Video)Starship – Sara (Official Music Video)

18. “Sara’s Not Sober” by Sidewinders

This lively song talks about a man’s perspective of a woman he barely knew. The lady is named Sara and she was intoxicated when they meet.

The guy starts questioning her intentions and behavior due to the drunkenness. The man decided not to take her seriously because of her state.

Sara's Not SoberSara’s Not Sober

19. “Calling Sara” by Jellyfish

This power pop ballad by Jellyfish has a 60s vibe. The tune talks about a man admiring a woman named Sara, firmly believing that she is the perfect match for him.

However, he is still mustering some courage to confess his feelings. The guitar work in this song is remarkable and delightful to listen to.

Calling SarahCalling Sarah

20. “The Eyes of Sarah Jane” by The Jayhawks

This song is a standout track from The Jayhawks’ album called Rainy Day Music. It is considered one of their finest works.

The narrator of the song recalls the the joyful moments shared with the woman he loves. With its catchy alternative country-rock sound, the song captures the blissful feeling of being in love.

Eyes Of SarahjaneEyes Of Sarahjane

Sarah is a lucky name with many hit songs dedicated to it. These melodies must have inspired countless daughters to carry the same name. No matter the era, these songs are filled with intriguing stories, reflecting life and music’s incredible diversity.