20 Songs With the Word Carpenter in the Title

There are plenty of songs out there with the word “carpenter” in the title. This list includes 20 of them! From tunes that talks about the artistry of a skilled craftsman to falling in love with one, each song varies in its stories. With each track, a unique narrative unfolds, offering you a varied and enjoyable playlist.

1. “How to Be a Carpenter” by Aesop Rock

The song is about the protagonist’s father, who worked as a carpenter. The lyrics describe his father’s daily routine while working in construction sites.

A “carpenter” reference in this song is not to be confused with the title of Bob Dylan’s “House Carpenter,” which is an entirely different song.

2. “The Carpenter’s Way” by Hal Ketchum

Hal Ketchum sings of how he misses his sweetheart during the day as he works from sunup to sundown as a carpenter. Through the lyrics, he beautifully illustrates the importance of pouring affection into relationships, drawing parallels between love and the craftsmanship of his trade.

3. “He Sent a Carpenter” by Sawyer Brown

In this moving song, Sawyer Brown highlights the incredible story of Jesus Christ. It shares how God sent Him to Earth, offering us everlasting life and coming in human form was important because it helps us relate to Him and understand His forgiveness.

4. “The Carpenter” by Nightwish

This gothic metal song is about a tale of unrequited love that spans a lifetime. The protagonist, since childhood, has harbored deep feelings for the carpenter’s daughter.

One day, she met someone else who asked her to marry him right away, which caused her to leave town. The protagonist ponders if she ever truly understood the depth of his love for her.

5. “House Carpenter” by Bob Dylan

This song delves into themes of temptation, loyalty, and the complexities of love. The lyrics reveal the intense emotional struggle as the ghost of the past lover attempts to entice the woman away from her current life, her carpenter husband, and their child. Known for its traditional English ballad style, this composition has captured the hearts of many listeners.

6. “My Little Carpenter” by Uncle Earl

This song from the American bluegrass band tells the story of a young carpenter who falls in love with a fair maid. Many men attempted to win the maid’s heart through gifts. But the maid fell in love with the carpenter’s hard work and dedication.

7. “Carpenters Wife” by Janne Hea

The song “Carpenter’s Wife” by Janne Hea tells the story of a woman who is married to a carpenter. In the lyrics, she shows her emotional struggles and challenges faced by a carpenter’s wife, emphasizing her desire for recognition and a sense of self-worth.

8. “Grandpa Was A Carpenter” by John Prine

This song celebrates the craftsmanship, values, and familial bond represented by the narrator’s beloved grandpa. The lyrics paint a picture of a hardworking and modest man who took pride in his appearance, precision, and attention to detail with his work. The song also touches upon the fond memories the narrator shared with their grandfather.

9. “House Carpenter” by Natalie Merchant

Another rendition of the traditional folk ballad, the man confesses his love, but the woman shares that she is married to a house carpenter and cannot be with him. Against all odds, she decides to leave her family to be with him.

However, their joy is short-lived as their ship sinks, leading to a tragic end. This poignant tale explores the complexities of love and the consequences of temptation.

10. “Carpenter” by MzVee

This Ghanaian Afro-Pop artist sings about wanting a partner who is strong and in control. She compares this ideal partner to a skilled carpenter, emphasizing the importance of genuineness and reliability. The lyrics also express the excitement and passion that come with finding the right person.

11. “Song for a Carpenter” by Dan Fogelberg

This wholesome song tells the story of a carpenter who finds fulfillment in his work and embraces a simple, grounded life. The lyrics depict his dedication to his craft and the satisfaction he derives from his labor. He meets his love and together they create a home in the natural beauty of the piney woods where the ocean meets the land.

12. “The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride” by Primus

“The Carpenter and the Dainty Bride” is a sad song that tells the story of a conversation between a carpenter and his bride-to-be. The bride contemplates if the grass is greener on the other side, but the carpenter assures her that true happiness lies in their commitment.

In a later twist, the bride confronts a preacher, implying her husband’s betrayal. Overwhelmed, she takes extreme measures, leading the preacher to advise seeking forgiveness and finding solace on the other side.

13. “Jesus Was A Carpenter” by Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash pays homage to Jesus’ profession as a carpenter through this track. The song describes His craftsmanship and how He chose to leave His tools behind to build a community based on love and compassion. It raises questions about His reception in today’s world and calls for His return to build hope and unity.

14. “If You Were a Carpenter” by Joan Baez

Joan Chandos Baez sings about a scenario where occupation and social status don’t matter, questioning if love can transcend such boundaries. It’s a heartfelt reflection on the power of unconditional love and the desire for a lasting connection, no matter the circumstances.

15. “If I Were a Carpenter” by The Four Tops

The R&B rendition of “If I Were a Carpenter” takes Tim Hardin’s original and delves into themes of love, commitment, and embracing one another unconditionally. The lyrics paint a scenario where a carpenter expresses his desire to know if the woman he loves would still choose to marry him and build a future together, irrespective of his profession or societal standing.

This heartfelt song encapsulates the essence of genuine love and acceptance, highlighting the importance of embracing someone for who they truly are.

16. “Son of A Carpenter” by Taylor Hicks

This song speaks to the struggles and resilience of a carpenter in a changing world. The song acknowledges the weight he carries, symbolized by the fire-lit kiln, while highlighting the value and impact of his work. It reminds us of the challenges we face and the importance of perseverance in our own endeavors, finding strength in our crafts and leaving a lasting legacy.

17. “Karen Carpenter” by Tommy Lellan

This is a heartfelt tribute to the late singer, Karen Carpenter. The lyrics reflect on the impact she had on the world, acknowledging that while she may be gone, her music and spirit continue to resonate. It conveys a sense of longing and nostalgia for her presence, with a hopeful belief that her legacy will endure for generations to come.

18. “The House Carpenter” by Clarence Ashley

As another take for the traditional American folk song, “The House Carpenter” tells the story of a reunion between an old true love and a sailor returning from the sea. The lyrics reveal the bittersweet nature of their encounter as they reminisce about their time apart.

19. “Carpenter’s Son” by Graveltooth

Graveltooth’s rock tune tells the story of a hardworking individual who embraces their diverse skills and experiences. The lyrics describe a person who is a combination of various personas, from a hillbilly to a head banger, a gunslinger to a city slicker.

Despite not being a master in any particular trade, they work diligently every day, leaving their all on the job as a carpenter. The song highlights the sweat, dedication, and independent spirit of someone carving their own path.

20. “Carpenter Boy” by Jean Green

The lyrics of this song symbolizes the struggle of a young carpenter as he hammers a nail into his soul, representing the emotional wounds he carries. The mention of the saw indicates the challenges he faces in life.

The song suggests that his pain is connected to a person, possibly a past lover, who carved her name into his heart. This name, once a symbol of love, now brings him anguish and sorrow. The song portrays the unfairness and difficulties encountered by this carpenter boy in his journey through life.

Being a carpenter demands skill and artistry, qualities we can all appreciate. Whether it celebrates the craftsmanship or embodies the spirit of determination and hard work, each song in this list has a distinct tale to share. Take a journey through these diverse tracks and uncover the captivating stories of songs about carpenters.