20 Songs With the Word Gray in the Title

Colors represents different personalities. Gray is practical and neutral, like a good old pair of jeans that go well with anything. It’s not as flashy as red or as moody as black.

Gray can also represent maturity, sophistication, and conservatism, and it is also synonymous with sadness, loss, melancholy, and dullness. 

To honor all shades of gray, we have compiled a list of 20 songs with the word gray in the title. Each track puts gray in different perspectives.

1. “Earl Gray” by Fleetwood Mac

This 1970s pastoral blues-rock song is all instrumental. This piece has an intriguing guitar arrangement, something Danny Kirwan can take pride in.

Though his stint with the band was short-lived, his contribution to this song made him memorable. This track is soothing and blends perfectly with any playlist you create.

2. “Andy Gray” by Jaws the Shark

This energy-filled song has a lot of hooks and riffs that would make you want to bang your head. It is the story of a former sports commentator that made an ill remark. It leads him to lose his job, and the track talks about how things progressed after that.

3. “Fields of Gray” by Bruce Hornsby

Slow and nostalgic, this song makes you feel like you are enjoying a cool breeze outdoors. It talks about how people change once they mature.

During one’s youth, your beliefs and principles are strong. But as time progress, you learn the importance of compromise. When you were younger, everything was either black or white, but now everything seems gray.

4. “Ms. Gray” by HoneyWire

The song is a quiet storm, gripping and relatable with a heavy beat of passion – a dialogue that seems to emit directly from the speaker’s heart. It’s compelling as it exemplifies true love in a perfect combination of romance and longing. The vocals are smooth and seductive, seamlessly coexisting with the music, enriching it all the more.

5. “Only Shades Of Gray” by Monkees

This harmonious track is very sentimental. The song talks about how as we get older, we start to understand ourselves better. Our intentions and choices change as we gain more awareness about life. And when things go bleak and become uncertain, situations feel like they’re in shades of gray. 

6. “Sun Shines Gray” by Steve Perry

This song has lively guitar riffs that will pump up your energy. Steve’s vocals here are top quality as always. This track talks about the longing for a former lover. The narrator is hopeful that their love might blossom if given a second chance.

7. “Charcoal Gray” by Liam the Younger

This energetic song talks about the color charcoal gray. It feels like an art enthusiast is expressing his thoughts and sentiments about this color. It’s a fun track that proves that gray-themed song doesn’t have to be gloomy.

8. “Gray [Europe Exclusive]” by Demi Lovato

This song by Demi talks about a casual relationship between two people that never quite becomes solid and steady. They keep their feelings in the gray zone, where things are uncertain and not quite stable. It’s like a rollercoaster – sometimes they’re together, and other times they take a break.

9. “Three Gray Hairs” by Dillon M.

This catchy song is all about a guy who’s going through a stressful time. Whenever life throws him curveballs and stress starts piling up, he’s quick to notice something quite amusing – three gray hairs on his head. And get this, he’s just in his twenties!

10. “Molly Gray” by Little Terry AKA the Bairn

This acoustic number talks about a lady named Molly Gray. The lady frequently goes to parties and other social events, and owing to her self-absorption, this leads to her abandoning her responsibilities. This song reminds listeners that while having fun is okay, you shouldn’t let it consume you to the point of destroying you or your life.

11. “The Lullaby Of Gray” by Takako Minekawa

In the song, the singer seems to be bewildered by a growing feeling of solitude. There’s also a deep sadness felt at the loss of sight or vision that occurs as a result of seeing nothing but gray.

12. “Goodbye Dolly Gray” by John Edmond

This song talks about a man’s feelings toward a lady named Dolly Gray. The protagonist has strong feelings for the lovely lady. The soldier must leave for duty, but he’s torn, not wanting to be away from beloved Dolly.

13. “Blue Clouds In A Gray Gray Sky” by Tim Ponzek 

This breezy and rhythmic song makes you feel like peacefully lying on the beach. Though blue clouds in a gray sky are unusual, the description is imaginative and lovely. This is the kind of song you would want to listen to while relaxing on the shore or while sailing across the ocean on a boat.

14. “Gray Clouds” by 5233 Ok

The longing for the outdoors is expressed in the track. We’ve all experienced those moments when being stuck inside the house just isn’t fun. The song serves as a reminder for us to cherish and make the most of sunny days by spending time outside.

15. “Shades Of Gray” by Robert Earl Keen

This catchy country tune is fun to listen to. The inclusion of the fiddle and mandolin adds charm to this masterpiece.

It talks about friends and their adventures and tells the story of how they spent their youth freely and how some of their choices turned into regret. But that is what life is about, learning from our mistakes.

16. “Cold Gray Light of Gone” by Vince Gill

This is a sad and emotional country song, and it’s about missing a person you love deeply. The lyrics speak of a man longing for his wife, who already passed away. If you have ever lost a loved one, you will relate to this track.

17. “Crawlin’ on Gray (feat. Paul Wall)” by AD Green

This rap number is groovy, and audiences will want to dance to it. It talks about the protagonist’s struggle to earn money. Even if it is hard, and there are a lot of obstacles, he pushes forward. Never losing focus, he marches toward his goal.

18. “Living in the Gray” by Godsmack

This energetic rock song is both entertaining and has a deep meaning. It talks about how as humans, we have to make many decisions in life, and sometimes we question what is right or wrong. Things become gray since the distinction between the two choices is unclear.

19. “When You Are Old And Gray” by Tom Lehrer

This humorous song is another relatable piece. It talks about how an old couple’s relationship might turn out as time passes.

The singer tells his partner that they should seize the moment and have fun together before they become too old to do so. This catchy tune makes you laugh and reminds you to enjoy life before old age sets in.

20. “Peter Gray” by T-Love


This polish rock song is from the album titled “Alcapone.” It talks about a fictional character named Peter Gray.

In the storyline, Peter is said to be a criminal, and the narrator tries to prove his innocence by directing blame on Peter Gray. But is he the real culprit? The answer depends on the listener’s interpretation of the lyrics. 

Final Thoughts

These gray-titled songs may sound a bit sad, but there’s a unique and oddly beautiful charm to them. Most of these “gray” songs are either atmospheric or introspective, taking us on a soulful journey.

So, if you’re in the mood for somber music or having a gray day, turn the volume up and add these songs to your playlist. They might just speak to your emotions and make the moment feel more meaningful.