20 Songs With Water in the Title

It may be random to think about, but water is actually mentioned quite often in some songs across genres! Aside from its necessity for all of us, it can also be used as a metaphor for many things. We have listed some popular songs with water in the title that you may have heard before.

1. “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon and Garfunkel

Starting off the list is a classic hit by Simon and Garfunkel. This song is often misinterpreted as being about religion, when in fact, it is about the comfort that friends can bring during tough times.

It was released in 1970 and remained a popular song even to this date. You can find it on their album of the same title.

2. “Drink The Water” by Jack Johnson

The next song will remind you of those summer days spent by the pool or at the beach. It is a chill track by singer-songwriter Jack Johnson and can be found on his album Brushfire Fairytales. It’s one of the least popular songs on this list but still worth a listen!

3. “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple

Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” is a classic rock song that has water in the title. The song is about a fire that happened at a casino in Montreux, Switzerland.

The song is told from the perspective of someone who was there and saw the fire. The song has a catchy riff that is iconic in rock music. You can find it on their Machine Head album.

4. “The Water Song” by The Incredible String Band

You can tell from the title that this song is going to be about water. It’s a short ode to the element and its life-giving properties.

The song is from the perspective of someone who is grateful for water and all that it does for us. You can find it on their album, The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter.

5. “Water” by The Who

The Who is a British rock band formed in 1964. They are considered one of the most influential rock bands of all time, with hits like “My Generation” and “Baba O’Riley.”

“Water” is a song from their album Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 1970, which was released in 1996. The song is about the daily struggles of life and how they can take their toll. It can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

6. “Water No Get Enemy” by Fela Kuti

Next on the list is “Water No Get Enemy” by Fela Kuti. Fela Kuti was a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and activist who is considered one of the pioneers of Afrobeat.

“Water No Get Enemy” is a song from his album  Music Is the Weapon, which was released in 1975. The song is sung in Yoruba, a Nigerian language, with a few lines in English.

7. “Rock Me on the Water” by Jackson Browne

“Rock Me on the Water” is a song written and performed by Jackson Browne. It was released as a single in 1971, but did not gain much popularity until it was included on his album Together Again (Live At Jabberwocky, Syracuse Ny 27 Mar 1971).

The song is about how nobody is in charge of our own lives but us. This can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

8. “By the Waters of Babylon” by Will Butler

This next song is a rather unique one. “By the Waters of Babylon” is written and performed by Will Butler, who is best known as a member of the indie rock band Arcade Fire.

The song was released as a single in 2015 and was included in their Policy (Deluxe Version) album which can also be streamed on all music platforms.

9. “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele

Adele is known for her heart-wrenching ballads and “Water Under the Bridge” is no exception. The song was released as a single in 2015 and is included in her hit album, 25.

It’s a heartbreak song about a relationship that just didn’t work out in the end. This now has over 13 million views on Youtube, making it one of her most popular tracks.

10. “Deeper Water” by Public Image Ltd.

The next song on our list is “Deeper Water” by Public Image Ltd. The song was released in 2012 and is included in their This Is PiL album. It’s a dark, atmospheric track with elements of post-punk and new wave.

The lyrics are about addiction and drowning in your own demons. This is one of their most popular songs and has been covered by various artists over the years.

11. “All Along the Water” by Duran Duran

If you’re looking for a sexy song about water, look no further than Duran Duran’s “All Along the Water.” The song is off of the band’s album  Liberty, which was released in 1990.

This now has over 30k views on Youtube and can also be streamed on other platforms. It’s about a man hitting up on a woman with pick-up lines about water.

12. “Down By The Water” by PJ Harvey

From the album To Bring You My Love, this song was released in 1995 and has over 10 million views on Youtube.

“Down By The Water” is a pretty dark and eerie song, which makes sense given that it’s about a woman drowns her child. It’s a really beautiful and haunting song, though, and definitely one of PJ Harvey’s best.

13. “Black Water” by Doobie Brothers

Up next is the Doobie Brothers with “Black Water.” This song is off of their 1974 album What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits. The song was written by Tom Johnston and it peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

It’s about a man who is down on his luck and trying to get back to his home in Louisiana. The song has a swampy feel to it and the lyrics are full of images of water.

14. “My House by the Water” by Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco is up next with “My House by the Water.” This song is from his 2015 album Another One.

The song was written by Mac DeMarco and it’s about, you guessed it, living by the water. The song has a chill vibe and the lyrics are full of images of the ocean. This will make a great addition to your summer playlist.

15. “Looking for Water” by David Bowie

David Bowie is a legend, and this song is one of his lesser known tracks. It’s a beautiful, ethereal ballad about searching for water.

The lyrics are vague and open to interpretation, but the overall message is clear: we all need water to survive. You can find it on his Reality album released in 2003.

16. “What The Water Gave Me” by Florence and the Machine

The next song on our list is “What The Water Gave Me” by Florence and the Machine. This track is off of their 2011 album, Ceremonials. It’s a haunting, emotional song that deals with loss and grief.

The lyrics are inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel, To The Lighthouse. If you’re a fan of Florence and the Machine, then you’ll definitely want to check out this song.

17. “Head Above Water” by Daryl Hall & John Oates

If you feel like you’re barely keeping your life together, then this song is for you. “Head Above Water” by Daryl Hall & John Oates is a great motivational tune about staying afloat and not giving up.

You can find it on their 1977 album, Private Eyes (Expanded Edition), which can be streamed on all music platforms out there.

18. “Oats in The Water” by Ben Howard

Next on the list is a more modern track. “Oats in The Water” is a 2011 song by Ben Howard. The English singer-songwriter rose to fame with the release of his debut studio album, Every Kingdom, in 2011.

“Oats in The Water” is a beautiful and reflective song that features Howard’s signature folk sound. It’s a perfect song for a summer day by the water.

19. “Heavy Water” by Jethro Tull

Jethro Tull’s “Heavy Water” is a bit of an oddity on this list. The song is actually about society and how it’s pouring heavy water on people who are struggling.

Despite the somber subject matter, the song is surprisingly upbeat and catchy. It was released in 1989 as part of his Rock Island album.

20. “Cold Water” by Major Lazer

Wrapping up the list is “Cold Water” by Major Lazer. The track features Justin Bieber and MØ and was released in 2016. It’s a summery, feel-good song that’s perfect for the beach or pool.

This became an instant hit and was one of the most popular songs of Bieber with over a billion views on Youtube!

Final Thoughts

As we conclude our look at songs with water in the title, we can’t help but be impressed by the range of emotions and experiences that these songs cover.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope that it has given you a taste of the different ways in which water can be used as a metaphor in music. Thanks for reading!