What Genre Is Harry Styles?

Harry Styles, a celebrated British musician, primarily centers around pop, soft rock, and folk. However, his eclectic music refuses to be boxed in, blending elements of 70s rock, 80s pop, and an array of other influences to create a sound that’s uniquely his own.

From chart-topping hits like “Watermelon Sugar” to emotionally resonant tracks like “Sign of the Times,” Styles continuously showcases his ability to blur the lines between genres. His music is a kaleidoscopic array of sounds and influences, which not only adds complexity to his discography but also makes the task of pinning him down to a single genre an intriguing, yet near-impossible endeavor.

Styles’ Musical Genre

Harry Styles burst onto the music scene as a member of One Direction, captivating audiences with his voice and charisma. But ask anyone who’s followed his solo career, and they’ll tell you he’s far more than just another pop star. His music encompasses a wide spectrum of genres, offering fans a dynamic auditory experience that defies easy categorization.

Styles initially gained fame as part of One Direction, a band synonymous with the contemporary pop genre. However, his solo work diverges significantly from the band’s more mainstream sound. His melodies often flirt with elements from 70s and 80s rock, wrapped up in lyrics that venture deep into emotional and introspective territories. 

Over the years, Styles’ musical lexicon has expanded to include soft rock and traces of folk, revealing an artist who refuses to be boxed in by conventional genre labels.

Styles’ Key Songs and Their Influence on His Genre

Harry Styles’ discography is like a well-curated playlist that spans multiple genres. His songs “Watermelon Sugar” and “Sign of the Times” provide excellent examples of his artistic evolution and genre experimentation.

“Watermelon Sugar” won him a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance, but listen closely and you’ll hear hints of folk and an irresistible 70s rock groove. It’s a song that both honors and transcends its pop categorization.

On the other hand, “Sign of the Times,” his debut single as a solo artist, signaled a radical departure from his earlier pop inclinations. The song is a sprawling opus that owes its emotional depth to the grandiosity of 70s rock ballads and the sentimental weight of 80s pop.


Harry Styles is an artist who defies simple categorization. Starting from his early days in One Direction to his multifaceted solo career, his musical journey has been anything but linear. With influences from rock legends to contemporary pop stars, Styles has synthesized a rich tapestry of sounds that spans pop, rock, and folk. 

His willingness to experiment and push boundaries proves that he’s not just a product of his influences but a continually evolving artist shaping his unique narrative in the music world.

Harry Styles Featured Image by: Raph_PHCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons