What Genre Is Beach House?

Beach House, an American musical duo, is most notably recognized for their distinctive contributions to the dream pop genre. Their ethereal, mellow melodies coupled with their uniquely profound lyrics are some key attributes of their music style, which also falls under lo-fi and indie pop.

Formed by Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, Beach House pioneered their soundscape within the boundaries of dream pop. It’s a genre that draws heavy influences from 1980s synth pop, featuring breathy vocals and encapsulating ambient sounds.

Their musical journey is described as a sophisticated blend of woozy synths, contemplative lyrics, and sparse melodies, resulting in cinematic and dreamy soundscapes that unfold like a thoughtful, haunting dream.

Understanding Beach House’s Musical Genre

Beach House has made its mark in the music world with its distinctive sound that epitomizes the dream pop genre. Their music is characterized by synth-heavy tracks that create an atmospheric sound, aptly referred to as dream pop.

When it comes to understanding this duo’s unique sound, there are a few defining characteristics that make their music stand out: their melancholic melodies, synth-heavy layers, and inspirational lyrics. Tracks such as “Space Song” and “Myth” exemplify their ability to intricately intertwine melancholy and depth, crafting a listening experience that encourages contemplation and introspection.

Over the years, the duo propelled their sound, evolving from purely ambient dream-pop to hybrid compositions with diverse experimental elements. They infused influences from other genres such as indie rock, shoegaze, and electronica. This evolution allowed them to move beyond the traditional boundaries of dream pop, establishing them as influential figures in that genre.

The Evolution of Beach House’s Sound

The evolution of Beach House’s music is best tracked by traversing their journey through the lens of each album. With every release, the duo has showcased growth and adaptability, pushing boundaries without straying too far from their dream pop roots.

Notably, their 2010 release ‘Teen Dream’ presented a major shift that helped solidify their identity in the musical landscape because It showed greater complexity in songwriting and instrumentation and brought forth more textured, diverse, and polished sounds.

On their 2015 album ‘Depression Cherry’, the evolution continued as they marked their return to simplicity and the essence of their early music with an added layer of maturity. The album also embodied a greater level of ambiance, minimalism, and refinement in both music and lyrical content.

Essentially, the variations in sound from one album to another speak volumes about Beach House’s ability to explore and experiment while remaining loyal to their cherished dream pop roots, a quality greatly appreciated by their fanbase.


Beach House, with its enchanting blend of dream pop nobility, has definitely carved a unique niche in the music world. Through maintaining continuity in their signature sound while also pushing the boundaries of dream pop, Beach House’s constant evolution has echoed through their music, piquing interest and winning hearts among a wide spectrum of music lovers and musicians.

Beach House Featured Image by: Tristan Loper, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons