What Genre Is Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley, also known as the “King of Rock and Roll,” predominantly performed and popularized rock and roll music, with influences of pop, gospel, blues, and country. His unique musical styles were a blend of many genres, making him one of the most iconic singers in 20th-century music.

Having sold over 146 million units in the US alone, Elvis Presley blends different music styles that people adore. He mixed the heartfelt emotions of Southern Gospel, the rhythm and blues of African American culture, and the twang of country music. This special mix not only gave him his unique sound but also laid the foundation for Rock and Roll.

Exploration of Elvis’ Musical Styles

Elvis Presley is famous for Rock and Roll, both because of his own style and because of how he made this genre popular. However, his music goes beyond Rock and Roll. He has a wide range of songs in various styles, showing his versatility as an artist.

Pop was another big part of Elvis’s repertoire, with several of his hits dominating the pop music charts. His rendition of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, for instance, exemplifies his ability to sing memorable, chart-topping pop melodies.

Gospel music also held a special place in Elvis’s heart. Growing up in the South, he was greatly influenced by the genre. Songs like “How Great Thou Art” and “He Touched Me” really show how much gospel music meant to him.

Gleaning from his southern roots once again, Elvis also had a certain flair for performing country music. He often incorporated elements of country into his music, resulting in hits such as “Don’t Be Cruel” and “Love Me Tender”. 

Also, Elvis was great at mixing blues into his rock and roll. His version of “That’s All Right” by Arthur Crudup is a perfect example. He was skilled at moving between different music styles, showing how talented and influential he was.

Elvis’ Impact on His Chosen Genre

The cultural significance of Elvis Presley is truly vast. As an artist, he explored various musical styles to create a unique Rock and Roll sound that went on to shape the music industry in unprecedented ways.

A crucial part of this influence was his role in breaking down racial barriers within the music industry. Elvis embraced and incorporated musical styles that originated in African American communities—a move that, at the time, was groundbreaking. This act not only elevated these genres but also shifted the musical landscape towards a more inclusive space.

Another thing is that Elvis’ performances were synonymous with energy, charisma, and novelty. On every stage and screen, Elvis’ lively and provocative performances, including his distinctive hip-shaking dance moves, captivated audiences and set a new standard for live entertainment.

In a nutshell, the lasting legacy of Elvis Presley reaches far beyond the scope of his incredible music. He’s not just known for his individual songs or albums, but for his monumental impact on the music industry and cultural landscape as a whole.


Elvis Presley wasn’t just a famous performer; he was a musical icon. From his romantic ballads and energetic rock and roll anthems to his deeply touching gospel songs, there’s no one-size-fits-all description of Presley’s style. His influence reached far and wide, and his legacy is undeniably strong, rightfully earning him the title of “King of Rock and Roll.”