What Genre Is Glass Animals?

Glass Animals music is described as psychedelic indie pop, and their songs often incorporate elements of funk, soul, and electronica.

The band consists of David Bayley (vocals, guitar), Drew MacFarlane (guitar, vocals), Edmund Irwin-Singer), and Joe Seaward (drums, percussion). Glass Animals has gained a large following since its formation in 2010 and has released three studio albums.

Their songs often have soulful undertones, with drums and basslines that are groovy and rhythmic. The lyrics are often sung in a tranquil and mellow voice, contrasting with the energetic music. This creates an interesting and unique sound that is captivating and easy to listen to. 

Glass Animals are known for their energetic live performances, which often feature psychedelic visuals.

Psychedelic Songs

The band’s music is often described as psychedelic, and this is due to the incorporation of trippy sounds and visuals in their songs and live performances. Their music often features slow tempos, fuzzy guitars, and ethereal vocals.

Their album “Dreamland” is a great example of their psychedelic sound, and songs like “Tangerine”, “Tokyo Drifting,” and “Melon and the Coconut” are perfect examples of their soulful and hypnotic music.


Glass Animals is generally classified as an indie-pop band despite its eclectic influences. This is due to their incorporation of pop music elements into their psychedelic and experimental sound.

Their songs are often light and airy, a common characteristic of pop music. Its upbeat rhythms catchy melodies often characterize pop music and simple lyrics.

Glass Animals incorporates these elements into their music, making it more accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience. Their debut studio album “ZABA” features the band’s pop sound with songs like “Gooey,” “Pools,” and “Black Mambo.”


While Glass Animals’ music is eclectic, they are often described as having soulful undertones. This is due to incorporating funk and soul music elements into their sound. Their songs “Walla Walla” and “Hazey” are classic examples of their soulful sound.

Electronic Rock

Glass Animals has a feel of electronic rock, which is a genre that combines electronic music with the sound of rock and roll. This creates a unique and powerful sound that is often heavy and distorted.

Glass Animals incorporate this sound into their music, creating a unique and futuristic sound. Their song “Pork Soda” is a great example of their electronic rock sound, and the song “Life Itself” is a perfect example of their heavy and distorted sound.


Glass Animals is a band that is difficult to categorize, as they incorporate elements of psychedelic indie pop, funk, soul, and electronica into their music. They are generally labeled as an indie band due to their mellow and tranquil lyrics.

Their songs often have soulful undertones and are easy to listen to. Glass Animals is a unique and interesting band worth checking out.

Glass Animals Featured Image by: Southbank Centre, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons