What Genre Is Glass Animals?

Glass Animals music is described as psychedelic indie pop, and their songs often incorporate elements of funk, soul, and electronica.

The band features David Bayley on vocals and guitar, Drew MacFarlane on guitar and vocals, Edmund Irwin-Singer, and Joe Seaward on drums and percussion. Glass Animals has attracted a big fanbase since starting in 2010, releasing three studio albums.

Their songs have soulful undertones, with groovy drum and basslines. The tranquil, mellow voice contrasts with the energetic music, creating a unique and captivating sound that’s easy to enjoy. 

Glass Animals are famous for their lively shows, often packed with stunning psychedelic visuals.

Psychedelic Songs

The band’s music is often described as psychedelic because of trippy sounds and visuals in their songs and shows. Slow tempos, fuzzy guitars, and ethereal vocals feature prominently in their music.

Their album “Dreamland” showcases their psychedelic sound. Tracks like “Tangerine”, “Tokyo Drifting”, and “Melon and the Coconut” highlight their soulful and hypnotic music.


Glass Animals is typically seen as an indie-pop band thanks to their mix of pop elements with their psychedelic and experimental sound.

Their songs are often light and airy, a common characteristic of pop music. Its upbeat rhythms, catchy melodies, and simple lyrics define it.

Glass Animals blends these elements into their music, making it enjoyable for a wider audience. Their debut album “ZABA” showcases the band’s pop sound with tracks like “Gooey,” “Pools,” and “Black Mambo.”


Glass Animals’ music offers an eclectic mix with soulful undertones. They blend funk and soul elements into their sound. Songs like “Walla Walla” and “Hazey” showcase this soulful style.

Electronic Rock

Glass Animals blends electronic music with rock, creating a unique and powerful sound that’s often heavy and distorted.

Glass Animals bring a unique and futuristic vibe to their music. Their track “Pork Soda” showcases their electronic rock style, while “Life Itself” highlights their heavy and distorted sound.