What Genre of Music Is Adele?

While many genres come to mind that can describe Adele’s style of music, she is considered to be a Pop Singer. Another term that comes to mind that best describes her style of music is “Soul”.

If you’re a fan of Adele, then you’ve probably been wondering what genre of music she sings. Is she a pop singer? Soul? Maybe jazz? or R&B? Actually, her music can be classified as all of those things, and more.

Adele is a singer who has defied classification and created her own unique sound. So, what genre of music is Adele’s music? The answer is simple: She’s the one and only Adele.

Her music speaks to the heart and touches people in a way that few other singers can manage. In fact, many critics would classify her music as “soul,” but her sound incorporates so many different genres that it no longer makes sense to put her in a single category.

Here we will uncover the different music styles that influenced Adele into making her unique voice in the music industry.

Adele’s Music Style

Adele takes inspiration from so many different styles of music that it’s hard to classify her as just one type. At the beginning of her career, her music style was simply called “soul.” We could still argue that she sings soul music today, but I’d say that her voice straddles the line between modern pop, R&B, and indie music.

Adele also takes inspiration from many different genres of music outside the soul spectrum. Her voice has been described as everything from “awkwardly soulful” to “shiny and new.” She’s even been called “raspy” and “husky.” These descriptions demonstrate that her voice is versatile enough to handle many different styles of music.

One thing’s for sure: Adele is among some of the best singers in the world today. Many people will argue that she has the most unique voice around, but I’d say it’s because she has so many influences and styles to draw from.

What is the Songwriting Style of Adele?

Adele’s lyrics are about love, heartbreak, and loss. Most of her songs have a theme of reminiscing about a past love or sadness.

In most cases, the lyrics are relatable to almost all listeners as they tend to be very easy to connect with. The way she uses her voice to convey emotions in her lyrics is probably her greatest strength as a singer.

Many different styles of music also influence her lyrics. Her first album, titled ’19’ was primarily considered breakup songs but has “soul” in song style, and it also contains a lot of elements from indie music.

The second album, ’21’, is more upbeat than her first album and was influenced mainly by country music with older styles of blues and some more soul inflections.

In my opinion, the song “Don’t You Remember” best demonstrates Adele’s ability to write songs with lots of meaning and variety. This song is really sad and dark, but it also has a slightly hopeful and poetic feel to the lyrics.

Her ability to write songs with lots of different feelings is what makes her so special. When you listen to one of her songs, you can feel the lyrics in your heart. That’s what makes her songs so unique.

The Traces of Soul in Modern Pop Music

Soul music has been very important throughout all of modern pop music history. The soul genre has penetrated even in today’s mainstream music industry. Adele is one of those artists who can incorporate elements of soul music into their songs and still be considered mainstream.

The soul genre has always employed the idea of repetition and “buildup” in songwriting structure. Soul songs like to repeat lyrics and key instruments throughout the song to create an infectious beat or melody that listeners will never forget.

Adele uses this lyrical tool popularly in her songs. It may seem like a small thing, but it’s proof that soul music influences modern pop songs more than we realize.

Another way that Adele’s music contains a trace of soul music is in the production style. Soul music is known for its use of live instrumentation, which Adele uses prominently in her songs. Using live instruments can actually make recordings sound more raw and genuine. This is important because it makes the song more meaningful and relatable to listeners.

Soul music has always been about making listeners feel like they could be a part of the music in some way. It’s not overproduced but unique enough to separate itself from other types of music. We can hear all these elements in Adele’s songs today.


In conclusion, Adele is among the best singers in the world today. Her songs are raw, inspiring, emotional, and relatable. The way she uses her voice to convey emotions through lyrics is probably her greatest strength as a singer.

Although mainly geared towards a female audience, her music can appeal to a broad range of people. Her versatility and style are the things that make her so unique. When you listen to one of her songs, you can feel the meaning of the lyrics in your heart. That’s what makes her songs so unique.

It’s pretty amazing to think about all the styles of music that Adele has drawn inspiration from. I think her voice is very unique and truly one of a kind.

Adele Featured Image by: Vogue TaiwanCC BY 3.0, via YouTube