What Label Is 21 Savage Signed To?

21 Savage signed with Epic Records, a major American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment, and personally co-founded Slaughter Gang LLC, his own independent record label.

21 Savage, a British-American rapper known for his signature dark and gritty sound, caught the attention of the music industry with his mixtapes before signing to Epic Records in 2017.

The key figure behind his signing was L.A. Reid, a renowned record producer who recognized 21 Savage’s potential to become a notable artist. Since joining Epic Records, the rapper’s career has skyrocketed with numerous chart-topping hits and award-winning albums.

Apart from his major contract, 21 Savage co-founded an independent record label, Slaughter Gang LLC, focusing on promoting emerging talents in the hip-hop scene. The label comprises artists like Lotto Savage, SG Tip, and others, creating a platform for talented individuals to collaborate and grow.

Throughout his career, 21 Savage has also built strong industry connections, working with prominent figures like Future, Post Malone, and Metro Boomin, further solidifying his status as a key player in the music industry.

21 Savage’s Journey to Signing with Epic Records

21 Savage’s career trajectory is an inspiring story of perseverance and talent, ultimately leading to his signing with Epic Records. Initially gaining popularity through his mixtapes, his raw and authentic rap style struck a chord with fans and garnered significant attention within the music industry.

  • Early years: Before signing with Epic Records, 21 Savage released successful mixtapes like “The Slaughter Tape” and “Slaughter King,” helping him establish a solid fan base.
  • Breakthrough moment: His collaboration with producer Metro Boomin on the album “Savage Mode” was a turning point, earning critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • Interest from record labels: As his popularity grew, multiple record labels showed interest in signing 21 Savage, but it was Epic Records that won him over.
  • L.A. Reid’s role: Behind the successful deal was Epic Record’s then-CEO, LA Reid, who believed in 21 Savage’s potential and sought to support his artistic growth.

This journey reflects the factors that led to 21 Savage signing with Epic Records, including his promising talent, determination, and the proactive role of industry veterans like LA Reid, which ultimately paved the way for his thriving career.

Slaughter Gang Record Label and Major Artists

Slaughter Gang is a testament to 21 Savage’s dedication to the hip-hop scene and his desire to uplift emerging talents. As the co-founder of this independent record label, he created a platform to support and showcase promising artists in the industry, providing them with an opportunity to collaborate and grow.

  • Formation: The establishment of Slaughter Gang as an independent record label allowed 21 Savage to nurture new talents while giving them creative freedom and control over their careers.
  • Major artists: Aside from 21 Savage, some of the notable artists signed under Slaughter Gang include Young Nudy, an influential rapper in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, and SG Tip, known for his unique flow and hard-hitting lyrics.
  • Collaborative environment: The label encourages synergy among its artists in Atlanta, fostering an atmosphere that promotes creativity and teamwork, which is key to their collective success.

Slaughter Gang plays a significant role in cultivating the next generation of hip-hop artists, offering them guidance and support under 21 Savage’s experienced leadership. This initiative highlights his commitment to giving back to the community that shaped him while cementing his legacy in the music world.

Collaborations and Industry Connections

21 Savage’s collaborations with other renowned artists and his strong industry connections have been instrumental in solidifying his status in the music industry. Working with diverse talents has helped him grow as an artist while expanding his network within the industry.

Collaboration with Drake: One of 21 Savage’s most iconic collaborations is with multiple Grammy Award-winning artist Drake on the track “Sneakin'”, which showcased the unique chemistry between the two rappers and boosted his reputation even further.

  • Other notable collaborations: He has also partnered up with artists like Future, J. Cole, and Offset, among others, exploring new sounds and creative avenues in these joint efforts.
  • Role of Metro Boomin: With his signature style and innovative beats, Metro Boomin helped shape the distinct sound that became synonymous with 21 Savage’s rise to stardom, establishing both of them as prominent figures in the music industry.
  • Relationships within the industry: Alongside collaborations, 21 Savage has formed strong bonds in the music business by attending high-profile events and engaging with influential figures.

These widespread collaborations and industry connections have not only enriched 21 Savage’s discography but also solidified his presence in the music world, propelling his career and gaining him recognition as a key player in contemporary hip-hop.


21 Savage’s signing with Epic Records and the establishment of Slaughter Gang LLC have been pivotal in shaping his career and cementing his status as a prominent figure in the music industry. His journey from mixtapes to major label signings reflects his talent, determination, and the support of industry veterans like L.A. Reid.

Additionally, his co-founded independent label, Slaughter Gang, demonstrates his commitment to nurturing emerging talents. Collaborations with renowned artists and his strong industry connections have further propelled his success. 21 Savage’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, highlighting the importance of perseverance, creativity, and strategic partnerships in achieving musical greatness.

21 Savage Featured Image by: Ralph Arvesen from Round Mountain, Texas, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons