What Label Is Megan Thee Stallion Signed To?

Megan Thee Stallion, a prominent figure in the music industry, who started her career at 1501 Certified Entertainment. However, legal disputes led her to transition to 300 Entertainment, before ultimately signing with Roc Nation.

This article explores Megan’s tumultuous journey through these labels, her struggles with legal battles, and the future prospects of her thriving music career.

The Beginnings at 1501 Certified Entertainment

Megan Thee Stallion, a prominent figure in the music industry, began her professional journey with 1501 Certified Entertainment. This Texas-based independent label became her stepping stone into the world of music in 2018.

However, her journey with 1501 wasn’t as smooth as expected. Megan faced numerous legal issues and controversies with the label, which led her to seek a release from her contract.

In 2020, these issues culminated in Megan filing a lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment. The lawsuit claimed that the label tried to halt her music release and pressured her into signing a one-sided contract, creating an atmosphere of tension and hostility.

Transition to 300 Entertainment

Despite these obstacles, Megan Thee Stallion didn’t let her legal battles hamper her musical career. She transitioned to 300 Entertainment, an independent American record label based in New York City.

300 Entertainment is well-known for its work with notable hip-hop artists and provided Megan with a platform to continue her career amidst legal hurdles.

Megan’s career indeed continued to flourish after the transition. She has since released hit after hit, collaborating with top artists in the industry. Her future prospects under the guidance of 300 Entertainment remain promising, promising fans more of her unique style and fiery performances.

Legal Battle and Restraining Order

However, the specter of her previous label didn’t leave her side. In 2022, Megan Thee Stallion was granted a restraining order against 1501 Certified Entertainment and her distributor 300 Entertainment, as reported by Billboard.

Documents obtained by the publication accuse the label of attempting to interfere with the rapper’s control over her music in the upcoming American Music Awards (AMAs).

1501 was alleged to have made a “threatening and retaliatory” attempt to block Megan from using her music in relation to the upcoming AMAs, where she was nominated for Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist.

Due to the urgency of the situation, an ex parte order was filed, a type of emergency order that doesn’t require a response from the other side. This order highlighted that Megan “will suffer irreparable harm if her music cannot be used in conjunction with her promotion for the AMAs.”

Signing with Roc Nation

In a surprising turn of events, Megan Thee Stallion joined Roc Nation, an entertainment agency led by the renowned Jay-Z. During her “If You’re Not First, You’re Last” panel at Cannes Lions, Megan jokingly revealed that Jay-Z used her love for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to persuade her to sign with the label.

This eventful encounter with Jay-Z provided a light-hearted moment amidst her ongoing legal battles. The artist humorously recounted, “But he comes in the room and he has like six platters of Hot Cheetos and he’s like, ‘I heard you like Hot Cheetos!’ And I was sold.”

In the end, Megan Thee Stallion’s journey through different labels, marred with legal battles, has been a testament to her resilience and determination. Now under the wing of Roc Nation, fans eagerly anticipate what this new chapter holds for her music career.


Navigating through the complexities of the music industry can be a challenging endeavor for any artist. Megan Thee Stallion’s journey serves as a testament to this reality, yet also stands as a symbol of resilience and determination.

Throughout all her trials, Megan’s unwavering spirit continues to inspire, making her an artist to watch for years to come.

Megan Thee Stallion Featured Image by: Ashley Graham, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons