What Label Is Ariana Grande Signed To?

Ariana Grande is currently signed to Republic Records, a prominent record label known for its successful collaborations and artist roster, such as Post Malone, Drake, and the Weeknd. The label has played a significant role in her successful career, facilitating her rise as an international pop star.

Ariana Grande’s Early Years

Ariana Grande’s journey to stardom began long before she signed with Republic Records. Her stardom began at the age of 15, where she played the role of Charlotte in the Broadway musical “13,” marking her professional debut.

Her exceptional performance garnered critical acclaim and provided a platform for her to showcase her immense vocal range and acting prowess.

Following her Broadway stint, she transitioned into television, starring as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon series “Victorious.” Her captivating screen presence and talent propelled her into the spotlight, garnering a devoted fan base that would remain loyal throughout her career.

As her popularity soared, Ariana Grande realized that her true calling was in music. She began pursuing a solo career, utilizing her powerhouse vocals and distinct musical style to carve out her unique identity as a pop artist.

Ariana Grande and Republic Records

In 2011, Ariana Grande signed to Republic Records, marking the beginning of a fruitful association that would propel her to the forefront of the music industry. Together with the label, she embarked on her journey as a pop artist, ready to share her talents with the world.

Ariana’s debut single, “Put Your Hearts Up,” was released later in 2011, providing a glimpse of her potential to capture the hearts of millions. The success that followed surpassed all expectations, proving the power of the partnership between Ariana Grande and Republic Records.

Over the years, she has produced numerous hits and chart-topping albums, which can be largely credited to the strong support and guidance provided by the label. As a result, Ariana Grande’s career has soared, becoming a household name and influencing pop culture globally.

Ariana Grande’s Achievements with Republic Records

Since signing with Republic Records, Ariana Grande has achieved monumental success, becoming an influential figure in the music industry. Her numerous accomplishments are a testament to her exceptional talent and the unwavering support of the label that helped nurture her artistry.

A few of Ariana Grande’s prominent achievements with Republic Records include:

  • Chart-topping albums: Grande has multiple critically acclaimed albums, such as “Yours Truly,” “My Everything,” “Sweetener,” and “Thank U, Next.” They have all performed exceptionally well on global music charts, earning her widespread recognition.
  • Grammy Awards: A multi-GRAMMY Award winner, Ariana has consistently demonstrated her prowess as an artist in various categories, solidifying her place among the most accomplished musicians in the world.
  • Impact on the music industry: Her unique style, powerful vocal range, and engaging performances have left an indelible mark on the music scene, inspiring a new generation of artists and captivating audiences globally.

Ariana Grande’s incredible success and achievements under Republic Records have cemented her status as a pop icon, making her one of the most beloved artists of her generation.


Ariana Grande’s partnership with Republic Records has played a pivotal role in her meteoric rise as an international pop superstar. From her debut single “Put Your Hearts Up” to her multiple chart-topping albums and Grammy Awards, Ariana has evolved into a driving force in the music industry, influencing and inspiring fans across the globe.

The renowned label’s commitment to fostering talent is evident not only through Ariana’s success but also in the diverse range of celebrated artists on its roster, such as Taylor Swift, Drake, Post Malone, and Lorde. The collaboration between Ariana Grande and Republic Records signifies a powerful alliance that has forever left its mark on the world of music, elevating the careers of groundbreaking artists and leaving audiences eagerly anticipating what the future holds.

Ariana Grande Featured Image by: Cosmopolitan UK, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons