What Genre Is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande, a prominent pop artist, is also renowned for her expertise in genres such as R&B, trap, and pop soul. By skillfully blending musical styles, she’s redefined contemporary pop music with a unique touch.

Ariana Grande’s genre-defying journey in the music world is nothing short of awe-inspiring. From her roots in pop and R&B to her forays into soul and electronic dance music, Ariana Grande has carved out a niche that’s as versatile as it is compelling. Let’s delve into the multifaceted world of Ariana Grande’s music.

Ariana Grande: An Artist of Multiple Genres

Ariana Grande has wowed audiences globally with her versatility across various music genres. Though primarily associated with pop and R&B, she is unafraid to experiment and incorporate a range of influences into her music.

  • Pop: Songs like “No Tears Left To Cry” and “Into You” are quintessential Ariana pop tunes, showcasing her knack for catchy melodies.
  • R&B: Tracks like “Leave Me Lonely” and “Dangerous Woman” let Grande’s soulful vocals take center stage, paying homage to her R&B roots.
  • Soul: Often an overlooked aspect, the soul elements in songs like “goodnight n go” add emotional depth to her musical catalog.
  • Electronic Dance Music: With tracks like “Break Free” and “One Last Time,” Grande demonstrates her capability to produce dance floor anthems.

Simply put, Ariana Grande’s musical evolution is an exciting journey to follow. This diversification has not only enriched her discography but has also made her a trailblazer in modern music

Exploring Ariana Grande’s Musical Influences

While Ariana Grande’s music may seem genre-fluid, it’s rooted in a solid bedrock of musical influences. She has drawn inspiration from several legendary artists, whose imprint can be found across her work.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s influence on Ariana Grande can’t be understated. Both artists share an affinity for intricate vocal runs and a large vocal range. While Ariana has her style, the comparisons between the two are often hard to miss. Songs like “Almost Is Never Enough” and “The Way” from Ariana’s earlier albums resonate with Carey’s soulful ballads and R&B tunes.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s impact goes beyond Ariana’s incredible vocal range to include her emotive delivery. Ariana has always expressed her admiration for Houston’s incredible voice and stage presence. Songs like “Dangerous Woman” or “Leave Me Lonely” give us a glimpse of how Houston’s powerful delivery has found a new home in Ariana’s vocal chords. 


Madonna, the Queen of Pop, has left a significant imprint on Ariana Grande’s career, particularly in how she approaches her visuals and stage presence. Ariana’s edgier tracks and provocative music videos, such as “God Is a Woman,” embody the groundbreaking spirit that Madonna brought to the pop scene. Moreover, Madonna’s chameleonic ability to reinvent herself across decades is a trait that Ariana seems to be emulating, as evidenced by her ever-evolving musical style and aesthetics.

By drawing from these stellar influences, Ariana Grande crafts a unique sound that honors the past while forging ahead into new musical landscapes. Her music is a sonic kaleidoscope, rich in heritage but fiercely modern, much like the icons who inspired her.

Evolution of Ariana Grande’s Music Over Time

Ariana Grande’s music has undergone an exciting evolution, corresponding with her growth as an artist and individual.

  1. “Yours Truly”: This debut album was a joyful blend of pop and R&B, offering a fresh introduction to Ariana’s angelic voice.
  2. “My Everything”: Here, Ariana diversified, bringing electronic and EDM influences into her sound.
  3. “Dangerous Woman”: This 2016 release showcased a more confident Ariana, blending powerful anthems with deep musical textures.
  4. “Sweetener”: The album marked a stylistic shift towards avant-garde pop infused with trap and hip-hop elements.
  5. “Thank U, Next”: Ariana’s most emotionally raw album to date, it is a mix of contemporary pop and R&B, reflective of her personal growth.

With each album, Ariana Grande has explored new musical territories, refusing to be pinned down by any single genre.


From her early days with “Yours Truly” to the genre-defying “Thank U, Next,” Ariana Grande’s range across various musical styles is unmistakable. She has evolved from pop-infused R&B to a unique blend of genres, including soul and electronic dance music.

This diversification has not only enriched her discography but has also made her a trailblazer in modern music. Ariana Grande is a musical chameleon, forever evolving, and leaving her fans eagerly anticipating where her next musical chapter will lead.

Ariana Grande Featured Image by: Cosmopolitan UKCC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons