What Label Is Young Thug Signed To?

Young Thug was previously signed to Atlantic Records and now he also owns a label himself, called Young Stoner Life Records. The rapper’s journey includes multiple associations and major deals in the music industry.

In the early part of his career, Young Thug had been associated with various record labels, like 1017 Brick Squad Records & 300 Entertainment, before finally signing with Atlantic Records. However, the rapper has made a significant mark in his career by establishing his own label.

This venture aimed to provide a platform for emerging talents and has signed several promising artists, thereby expanding his influence in the music industry.

Young Thug’s Current Record Label

Young Thug’s journey took off with 300 Entertainment, where he dropped a string of standout albums and mixtapes, capturing the attention of fans far and wide. But to truly understand his path to success, we can’t overlook the significance of YSL Records, his own home-grown label.

Short for Young Stoner Life Records, YSL is more than just a label – it’s Young Thug’s platform to uplift rising talent. As its driving force, he’s helped navigate the careers of numerous budding artists, giving them the space to flex their creative muscles.

Previous Label Associations and Deal Highlights

Before touching the stars of success, Young Thug navigated a maze of alliances and contracts within the pulsing heart of the music industry. His journey began within the walls of 1017 Brick Squad Records, where he honed his craft and started making his voice heard. As he found his footing, Young Thug’s path led him to a fruitful stint with Atlantic Records.

However, amid the chronicles of his unfolding career, the rapper’s collaboration with Kobalt Music emerges as a significant milestone.

This global powerhouse of music services extended a helping hand to Young Thug, providing him with the nuts and bolts of the industry including global copyright administration and royalty collection, creating a sturdy shield around his creative genius.

These strategic alliances and agreements are far more than mere stepping stones in Young Thug’s career. They’ve offered him an arsenal of experiences and resources, forging him into the influential artist he is today.

In essence, every deal was a thread in the rich tapestry of his career, contributing to his meteoric rise in the contemporary music panorama.


In conclusion, Young Thug’s career trajectory is a testament to his talent, tenacity, and strategic alliances. Having carved his niche under the roof of 1017 Brick Squad Records and Atlantic Records, he later crafted his own platform, YSL Records, while also aligning with the services of Kobalt Music.

Today, Young Thug stands tall not only as a groundbreaking artist but also as a beacon for emerging talents, guiding them through the ebbs and flows of the music industry.

Young Thug Featured Image by: Frank Schwichtenberg, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons