20 Songs About Clocks and Time

Ever thought about how many songs are dedicated to this invisible entity we’re all racing against? Dive into a timeless journey with songs that capture the essence of passing moments with this list of songs about clocks and time.

Clocks don’t stop, neither do our hearts, and that constant rhythm, the ceaseless cadence of seconds, minutes, hours, has captured the imaginations of musicians for generations. From the melodious ticking of an antique clock to the relentless countdown of a time bomb, the metaphor of time and its measurement has been used to weave tales of love, loss, anticipation, and regret.

1. “We’re Gonna Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley

Ready to jive? Bill Haley’s track “We’re Gonna Rock Around The Clock,” from the album ‘For Dancers Only,’ is your perfect partner. This rock and roll gem is a celebration of the timeless joy of music, ensuring you can have fun every hour on the hour. An iconic hit from this music legend, it promises an infectious melody that’ll keep your feet tapping!

2. “Time After Time” by Cyndi Lauper

As soothing as it is poignant, Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” is an iconic pop hit that transcends generations. Lauded for its emotional depth, this track clinched the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Whether you interpret it as a nostalgic trip down memory lane or a contemplation on time and opportunities, this song’s timeless appeal is undeniable.

3. “Clocks” by Coldplay

Dive into the depths of relationships with Coldplay’s hauntingly beautiful “Clocks.” This alternative rock anthem explores the turbulent journey of a love story on the brink of falling apart. But, amid the emotional whirlwind, the song underscores the worth and importance of fighting for relationships rooted in true love. A raw, candid musical narrative worth indulging in.

4. “Too Much Time In My Hands” by Styx

Time is a resource. But what happens when it’s misspent? “Too Much Time In My Hands” by Styx, from the album ‘Paradise Theatre,’ illustrates this in a captivating manner. The song tells the tale of a man with seemingly endless time, squandering it away in bars and idle chatter, all while under the influence. It’s a resonating reflection on how we utilize our time.

5. “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones

Wrapping up our list is the slow-burning ballad “Time Is On My Side” by The Rolling Stones. A song of hope and reconciliation, it depicts the optimism of a lover confident in their partner’s return. Described as a “heavy, slowish kind of ballad,” this song is a testament to the power of patience, love, and of course, time.

6. “At The Chime Of A City Clock” by Nick Drake

Strap in and journey through a day in London with Nick Drake’s 1970s folk hit, “At the Chime of a City Clock.” From the album ‘Bryter Layter,’ this track paints a picture of bustling city life, with the chime of the city clock setting the tempo for the day’s routines.

7. “Broken Clocks” by SZA

Balancing work and romance can be a real tightrope walk. SZA’s soulful R&B track, “Broken Clocks,” from her album ‘Ctrl,’ hits that nail right on the head. Highlighting the struggles of juggling career and love, the song reveals the universal truth about time and its preciousness.

8. “Sign Of The Times” by Harry Styles

In this emotional pop masterpiece, Harry Styles showcases his profound storytelling prowess. “Sign Of The Times” may come across as enigmatic, but it holds a heart-rending narrative about a mother urging her newborn to brave the world, even as her own time dwindles due to health complications. Prepare for some introspective moments with this one.

9. “That Old Clock On The Wall” by Dean Martin

Dean Martin’s “That Old Clock On The Wall,” a pop hit from the 1960s album ‘Somewhere There’s A Someone,’ masterfully encapsulates this sentiment of love lost and the yearning for reunion. It portrays a person, akin to an old ticking clock, constantly waiting for a loved one’s return.

10. “If I Could Turn Back Time” by Cher

Cher’s powerful track, “If I Could Turn Back Time,” is from her nineteenth studio album, ‘Heart of Stone.’ A poignant narrative of regret and longing to amend past mistakes, this song resonates with anyone who’s ever wished to rewind the clock and rewrite history.

11. “Time” by Pink Floyd

From their album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon,’ this track is a progressive rock masterpiece, unflinching in its depiction of life’s fleeting nature. The gravity of time’s inescapable march can be felt as the song unravels, leaving you with an intense contemplation of your own mortality.

12. “Only Time Will Tell” by Asia

Asia’s 80’s rock hit, “Only Time Will Tell,” strikes a chord with anyone who’s experienced unrequited love. Released as the third single from their self-titled album, this tune clinched the number 17 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. A tale of love exploited and the hope for karma’s hand, this track hits right in the feels.

13. “Stop The Clocks” by Donots

This modern rock song is from the album titled Coma Chameleon. The track is about self-reflection and evaluation as the narrator reassures that he is aware of who he is. Being aware of his faults, the protagonist wants to stop the clocks and use the opportunity to correct his shortcomings.

14. “Time Of Your Life” by Green Day

Green Day’s mellow punk rock anthem “Time Of Your Life” (from the ‘Nimrod’ album) captures the bitter-sweet essence of time passing by. With a message of acceptance and hope for a fulfilling journey, regardless of where life takes you, this 90s hit remains a timeless classic.

15. “Time” by The Alan Parsons Project

Bringing our musical journey to a close is “Time” by The Alan Parsons Project. A melodic reminder of life’s preciousness, this song serves as a poignant comparison of life to a ticking clock, urging listeners to cherish every fleeting moment.

16. “Running The Clocks” by Our Last Night

In the electro wonderland of Our Last Night’s “Running The Clocks,” from their album ‘The Ghosts Among Us,’ we dive into a deep pool of emotions. This track questions the worth of time spent on those who’ve done us wrong, an echo that resonates in all of us. But remember, once the moment has passed, there’s no rewinding the clock.

17. “Remember The Time” by Michael Jackson

“Remember The Time” is a memorable track by the incomparable Michael Jackson. Featured on the ‘Dangerous’ album, this song is a heartfelt narrative of love and intimacy, a piece that continues to uphold Jackson’s unparalleled musical legacy.

18. “Times Of Your Life” by Paul Anka

In 1975, Paul Anka returned to the music scene with “Times Of Your Life.” The song not only resonated with listeners but also reached a wider audience through its feature in a well-known commercial, turning it into a widely recognized tune.

19. “Calendars And Clocks” by The Coral


The Coral presents “Calendars And Clocks,” a track that the group worked on meticulously. It invites listeners to introspection, addressing personal imperfections and the determination required to face them.

20. “Clocks And Spoons” by John Prine

John Prine’s 1971 folk song “Clocks And Spoons” from the album ‘Diamond in the Rough,’ soothes with its rhythmic flow. Prine’s compelling vocals and guitar work enrich this track, echoing a longing for a return to simpler, more peaceful times.

Final Thoughts

In the symphony of life, time plays a rhythm we all dance to, and clocks set the pace. Whether these tunes have you reminiscing about lost love, contemplating past mistakes, or yearning for simpler times, one thing is clear – time is a gift. Use it wisely, for as the saying goes, ‘lost time is never found again.’ Enjoy these tunes, savor the moments, and remember, every tick-tock counts.