10 of the Best Websites for Free Classical Music

Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a curious beginner, the Internet provides an abundance of resources to immerse yourself in classical music. From the simplicity and convenience of Classic Cat to the extensive collections of Archive.org, an array of platforms are at your disposal.

Before using any tracks from these sites, it’s crucial to understand their licenses. While many offer public domain tracks, others may require attribution or have restrictions on commercial use. Some sites also mix free tracks with paid royalty-free ones. As we aren’t copyright lawyers or affiliated with these platforms, we urge you to fully comprehend the license details of any music you plan to use.

With that said, here are 10 of the best websites for free classical music.

1. Musopen

Screenshot of musopen.org

Emerging from the vibrant cultural scene of San Francisco in 2012, Musopen has been striving to democratize access to classical music. With a rich array of free music recordings, sheet music, and educational resources, it’s a treasure trove for classical enthusiasts.

Not just a streaming platform, Musopen also supports education by providing resources for both teachers and students. The free membership offers a generous allotment of five music downloads daily. For a nominal fee, the premium plan promises unlimited early-access downloads, audio from student practice sessions, and a suite of other exclusive benefits.

2. Classic Cat

Screenshot of www.classiccat.net

Classiccat.net is a website that provides you links to sites that allow you to download an mp3 version of a composer’s song. There are over 7000 performances of classical works that can be downloaded for free through links on the site.

It simplifies the task of finding specific pieces across the web. The brainchild of Wim Roffel from the Netherlands, this platform was initiated with a noble aim – to enhance the popularity of classical music by making it easily accessible to all.

3. Chosic

Screenshot of www.chosic.com

Chosic is another site that allows you to download music for free. It’s not just a platform for downloading free music, mostly royalty-free, but also an ingenious algorithm that connects you with similar songs and artists based on your preferences.

So if you find a composer you really like or just a piece you like, it’ll help you find more like it to enjoy. The website is not run by a big company and they require donations to keep running. So, if you enjoy it, consider donating!

4. Archive.org

Screenshot of archive.org

Archive.org works to build a digital library of the content found across the internet. Like a real library, it provides access to anyone and everyone in the general public for free. Its mission is simply to provide access to knowledge.

This nonprofit aims to democratize access to information, thus hosting an impressive collection of 14 million audio files, including 220,000 live concerts. Archive.org is your reliable source for finding classical works and sustaining this massive effort are dedicated volunteers and an executive staff.

5. Free Music Archive

Screenshot of freemusicarchive.org

Spawned by the radio station WFMU in 2009, the Free Music Archive (FMA) is a thriving community of curators, netlabels, and independent musicians who are committed to offering original music for free.

Its open license policy ensures that you can easily download your favorite pieces without any membership. Whether you’re browsing on a whim or searching for something specific, the FMA makes the process effortless and enjoyable.

6. Wikipedia: List of Sound Files

Screenshot of en.wikipedia.org

If the song you are looking for is in the public domain and has a Wikipedia page, there is a good chance that an audio file of it is waiting for you here. Wikipedia is famously the online encyclopedia where information is sourced by the users themselves.

Recognized as a user-fueled encyclopedia, Wikipedia also doubles as an open vault of free, full-length musical content, meticulously linked to relevant articles. Whether you’re seeking the harmonies of yesteryears or contemporary chords, this digital library might be your audio Atlantis.

7. Storyblocks

Screenshot of www.storyblocks.com

Storyblocks is a site with a large library of over 70,000 downloadable songs. They also have sounds and videos to be downloaded too and their library is always expanding.

Though it requires a subscription, the varied pricing plans offer tailored audio access, from a thrifty three-track monthly package to an all-access pass of music, sound effects, and beyond. The beat of unlimited downloads is just a click away, with the freedom to cancel anytime.

8. Epidemic Sound

Screenshot of www.epidemicsound.com

Epidemic Sound has over 30,000 tracks of royalty-free music to be downloaded. It also has membership payment options at $15 and $25 dollars a month, and both options have a first-month free trial available.

The site boasts guaranteeing never having to worry about royalty fees in any content you are making. They also claim to be used by many big companies like Twitter and Microsoft.

9. Orange Free Sounds

Screenshot of orangefreesounds.com

Orange Free Sounds offers users a large library of a lot of free sound effects, music loops, and background music for both commercial & non – commercial use.

There’s no catch, no hidden costs, and no need to sign up. Everything on the site is up for grabs at no cost. It’s a user-friendly space where finding and downloading sounds is a breeze.

10. AudioSparx

Screenshot of www.audiosparx.com

Starting in 1996, AudioSparx is a leading music library and stock audio website that is a favorite among industry professionals. It claims that it brings together the world of music and sound effects with audio files from thousands of independent music artists and bands, ready for download in one place.

To use the site you need to register an account, but it is free to do. In terms of classical music, it has 25,000 tracks just waiting to be downloaded.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a content creator, or someone just looking for some good tunes, these websites have got your back. From free downloadable tracks to expansive libraries full of unique beats and sounds, there’s something for everyone in these digital music havens.