20 Songs With the Name Elaine in the Title

Elaine is a charming name with a captivating meaning. In Greek, it means “sun ray” or “shining light”, while the French and Scottish origin of the name connotes “bright, shining light”. Plus, it has cool stories in King Arthur’s tales and has been a favorite for girls’ names since the 1920s.

It’s no wonder that this lovely name has inspired many singers and composers. In this article, we’ve collected songs with the name Elaine in their titles. From different themes to unique melodies, each song celebrates this special name in its own style. Let’s explore how this name has sparked musical creativity.

1. “Elaine” by ABBA

This pop song belongs to no less than the iconic Swedish group ABBA. It was a B side in the 1980s and wasn’t part of an album until 2001.

The track perfectly captures ABBA’s unique style, with fantastic vocal harmonies and a seamless instrumental break that keeps the energy flowing. In the lyrics, Elaine escapes the boundaries others set and we should definitely aim for that kind of freedom.

2. “My Friend Elaine” by Sally Fingerett

This is a personal song about Sally Fingerett’s friend named Elaine. She describes Elaine as an adventurous soul, like a free-spirited wanderer who follows her desires. The music starts with a beautiful piano tune that brings back old memories. Sally’s voice is relaxing and sincere which shows how much she values her friend.

3. “Hurricane Elaine” by Ian McNabb

“Hurricane Elaine” has some serious guitar work. The vocals are delivered calmly, which contrasts with the intense vibe. It’s surprising how well the loud and low elements blend in this track.

If you’re into guitars, don’t miss this song. The tune compares Elaine to a strong hurricane that charms everyone. Once you hear it, you’ll be convinced for sure.

4. “Miss Elaine” by Run DMC

This lively song with upbeat drums and guitar work packs a lot of power. It’s about Miss Elaine, a good-looking teacher who everyone in class likes. Some of her students even want to take the chance to date her.

However, they try to keep themselves in check and focus on their studies instead. This hip-hop track takes you back to that feeling of having a crush on a teacher, something many can relate to, don’t you think?

5. “Elaine on the Brain” by Squirtgun

This quick and lively song is about a girl the narrator really likes, and Elaine plays a big role in these feelings. The song takes place in a countryside setting, focusing on a simple life.

Despite the dull boring town, the narrator sees Elaine as a precious gem, as valuable as gold. That’s how radiant Elaine is, both in her character and appearance.

6. “Elaine, Harry and Mama” by Mighty Sparrow

This Calypso song, which is a style of Afro-Caribbean music, brings the feel of a sunny beach vacation. It’s about Elaine complaining to her mom about Harry’s extensive appetite. But Elaine’s mom scolded her and reassured that it’s fine. The song gets funny when Mighty Sparrow imitates Mama’s voice by changing his tone.

7. “Elaine’s Song” by Oh-OK

This song was made in the1980s but it didn’t come out until 2002 on a compilation album. The eerie vibe is enhanced by the vocals. If you listen closely, it feels like a chant. You might wonder if Elaine is a ghost who is seeking closure.

8. “Prayer for Elaine” by Marmoset

This slow and short post-punk song talks about a lovely girl named Elaine. The tempo of the song builds up as it progresses which heightens the impact of the song. This psychedelic pop song’s structure has a lot going on. Then, in the middle of its excitement, it gently fades before it reaches two minutes.

It’s a bit of a short musical experience, but definitely worth it. You’ll probably want to listen to it over and over because it’s really good.

9. “Miss Elaine” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

From the rock and roll inspired band, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion created this slow song with a harmonica, which is unusual. The tune has a MidWest vibe and seems to be about someone admiringly calling out to Miss Elaine.

It was not clear if the narrator had the courage to confront her, but listening to the song, you could sense the internal battle.

10. “Dear Elaine” by Roy Wood

This mellow song is dedicated to Elaine who broke up with the protagonist in the track. He’s sorry they had to separate and wants another chance, so he’s apologizing to Elaine in the song.

The tune is full of pleading to be accepted once again. The lyrics are sincere and sweet that would make you want to wish the guy good luck in winning his ex-lover back.

11. “Elaine’s Addiction” by Marcella Detroit

This slow track portrays a worried friend as she watches Elaine indulge in substance abuse. The lyrics describe how disturbing Elaine’s actions and appearance are becoming due to the bad habit.

The vocals sound sweet, but there’s a serious topic underneath that some might relate to. This track truly captures the pain of seeing someone you care about struggle like this.

12. “Joyce Elaine” by TONY CLARKE

This song is about a troubled relationship with a girl named Joyce Elaine. They’re facing something bad and it’s clear to those around them that the protagonist is affected. Despite the uncertainty, the man continues to be true to his feelings. The song ends with him deciding to keep pursuing Joyce Elaine.

13. “Elaine’s Lullaby” by Shorty Rogers

This title is a classic jazz piece. It gives a feeling of warmth like basking in the sun. The melody is lovely and dreamy, making it perfect for a relaxing day off when you’re just taking in the world around you.

14. “Story of Elaine” by Jazzamor

This song is from the perspective of an observer. The third person watches Elaine, a woman deeply in love. In every action she makes, the narrator comments on how devoted the lady is to her lover. In a way, Elaine has made her partner the center of her world and prefers not to be anywhere else but within the arms of the man she loves.

15. “Poor Elaine” by Kipper Jones

This R&B song has a very gentle vibe. The vocals and lyrics are beautiful, discussing two people falling out of love. The reason for the breakup is that Elaine has a different priority in life. As she pursued her dreams, instead of gaining she ended up losing more.

16. “Cocaine Elaine” by Isis

“Cocaine Elaine” is a post-rock sludge metal track that has strong vocals. The theme of the title is to express pity to Cocaine Elaine. The melody of the song is quite catchy. Plus the mood of the song is ironically lively despite the sad narrative that it expresses.

17. “Blue Eyed Elaine” by Ernest Tubb

Being drawn to someone’s eyes leads to attraction, and that is what this song is all about. It’s a love song for a beautiful woman named Elaine. As the lyrics imply, her strongest features are her blue eyes and the tune is filled with praises dedicated to her. This track shows that the narrator is deeply into her and cannot deny his feelings.

18. “Sorry Elaine” by T’ Bell

“Sorry Elaine” is an energetic song that is dominated by strong guitar riffs. It’s about apologizing to Elaine since the two have broken up. Despite the pain, the narrator still loves her a lot and wants her back. He describes how difficult it is to live without her.

19. “Come on Elaine” by Rob Frazier

This energetic Christian pop song portrays a girl named Elaine who is struggling and feels like her life is falling apart. Luckily, someone reached out to her. Through their support, Elaine becomes a fighter by making a positive transformation and finds spiritual solace that greatly helps her.

20. “Sweet Elaine” by Marshall Tucker Band

“Sweet Elaine” is a song professing sincere love and how it encourages a person. It acknowledges life’s hardships but assures that when together, he and Elaine can overcome anything. The track’s message is clear: as long as they stay united, there’s no room for sadness.

Elaine is truly an amazing name that has received a thunder of love from various artists in the music industry. Do you count yourself among the lucky ones who carry this name? Or perhaps there’s a special someone in your life who does? Either way, we hope this list made your day.