17 Songs With the Name Monica in the Title

It’s fascinating to witness how one name can inspire such a wide array of artistic expression. We’ve assembled a diverse collection of song showcasing the influence of the name Monica in music.

Monica, a name of Greek and Latin origins meaning “solitary” or “advisor”, has a melody to it that has bewitched lyricists for ages. Whether you associate it with a friendly face, the sun-drenched Californian paradise of Santa Monica, or simply the sweet rhythm of its syllables, Monica resonates with a universal appeal.

1. “Monica” by The Kinks

Take a trip back to the sixties with “Monica” by The Kinks. This folk-rock song reveals a story of a woman named Monica, who works as a prostitute. Yet, in an unexpected turn of events, she discovers true love. This song beautifully illustrates that love has no bounds and can be found in the most unforeseen circumstances.

2. “With Monica in Oklahoma” by Spacecult

Navigating the depths of a challenging relationship is “With Monica in Oklahoma” by Spacecult. This song portrays Monica as an uncaring partner, resulting in a strained relationship. It’s a raw expression of the singer’s longing to break free from the turmoil and start anew.

3. “Sing Monica” by Phish

An enthusiastic and cheery melody, “Sing Monica” by Phish, takes us on a delightful journey of love. Here, a man deeply cherishes Monica and openly expresses his feelings through song, to which Monica responds positively. It’s a jovial celebration of love and mutual affection.


4. “Santa Monica Sunshine” by Sweet

Instead of focusing on a person, “Santa Monica Sunshine” by Sweet celebrates the coastal beauty of Santa Monica. The protagonist recalls his marvelous journey and the joyous memories he’s made. This song encapsulates the warm vibes of a pleasant journey and might inspire you to plan your next road trip.

5. “Monica Gems” by The Horrors

“Monica Gems” by The Horrors crafts a narrative around an intriguing woman named Monica Gems. Although Monica seems preoccupied and unaware of her surroundings, she piques the interest of those around her. This song teaches us a subtle lesson about being aware of our surroundings and the people who appreciate us.

6. “Santa Monica Bay” by Johnossi

Featuring remarkable guitar work, “Santa Monica Bay” by Johnossi paints a picture of a nostalgic locale. The lyrics take you through beautiful moments that once were, but have now come to an end, leaving the narrator with a broken heart. We all deal with loss in our ways. If this resonates with you, this song could be your perfect catharsis.

7. “Santa Monica Drive” by Locnville, ILLA

Infectiously catchy with a groovy beat, “Santa Monica Drive” by Locnville and ILLA is a party anthem in its own right. It talks about the vibrant life on Santa Monica Drive, sparking curiosity and a desire to experience it firsthand. It’s almost like an open invitation for an unforgettable adventure.

8. “From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica” by The Clientele

Calm and soothing, “From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica” by The Clientele illustrates a serene journey from Brighton Beach to Santa Monica during the tranquil autumn season. Its relaxing tune is ideal for long drives, providing a sense of peace and calm that matches the tranquility of the journey it describes.

9. “Santa Monica” by Everclear

Packed with grunge rock energy, “Santa Monica” by Everclear shares the poignant story of a tragic loss experienced by Alexakis in his youth. This powerful song resonates with themes of heartache and loss, while also offering a glimmer of hope, reminding us to face life’s unpredictability with positivity and resilience.

10. “Monica sulla Spiaggia di Follonica” by Filippo D’Erasmo

As a foreign language entry on our list, “Monica sulla Spiaggia di Follonica” by Filippo D’Erasmo is a sweet Italian serenade. It narrates a man’s romantic feelings for a woman named Monica, filled with tender words and sentiments. It’s a soft, melodic testament to love and longing that transcends language barriers.

11. “Santa Monica Sunrise” by Roman Road

“Santa Monica Sunrise” by Roman Road is not just a foot-tapping pop number. The song’s lively veneer conceals a deeper exploration of a love relationship on the brink of collapse. It reflects on the harsh reality that sometimes the healthiest decision is to let go when love turns toxic.

12. “Leaving for Monica” by Rakib Erick

Rakib Erick’s indie rock track “Leaving for Monica” delves into a relationship in its twilight. The protagonist is faced with the painful knowledge of his partner leaving him for Monica. His resignation and acceptance of the situation make it a raw and poignant commentary on the impermanence of love.

13. “Telegram to Monica” by Manfred Mann

Unreciprocated feelings are at the heart of Manfred Mann’s “Telegram to Monica.” Despite the protagonist’s numerous attempts to communicate, Monica remains silent. The narrative underscores the bitter truth of unrequited love and the necessity to move forward for one’s own wellbeing.

14. “Monica/Wanna Be, Pt. 1” by Lachv

“Monica/Wanna Be, Pt. 1” by Lachv gradually transitions from a slow intro to an engaging beat. The song shines a light on a unique bond with a woman named Monica, who seems to be a key contributor to the protagonist’s financial prosperity. It’s a brief, yet intriguing narrative that leaves the audience pondering the nature of their connection.

15. “Santa Monica Nights” by David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff, a celebrated actor, charms with his melodious voice in “Santa Monica Nights.” The song offers a picturesque portrayal of Santa Monica, recounting romantic escapades under the city’s enchanting moonlight and towering palm trees. It’s a melodic invitation to view the city through the lens of romance.

16. “Monica Freestyle” by Midget Malik

“Monica Freestyle” by Midget Malik is a rap number with a meaningful narrative. It follows the story of Monica, who’s charmed by the glitz and glamour of the world. The lyrics hint at a concerned friend who tries to caution Monica about the perils of such a lifestyle. Curious to know if Monica heeds the advice? Give it a listen!

17. “Sweet Monica” by Meltheads

Meltheads offers a punk rock treat with “Sweet Monica.” The song is a lively narration of a man seeking to win over Monica with his charm and material possessions. He shares his ambitious date plans, implying she’s accepted his offer. But the real question is – did their relationship evolve from there?

Final Thoughts

That wraps up our list of songs featuring the name Monica. From tunes that echo sentiments about memorable places to songs narrating complex human emotions, there’s something for everyone. This collection is a testament to the versatile role Monica has played in the realm of music. We hope these tracks have sparked your curiosity and added to your playlist!