17 Songs With the Name Monica in the Title

The name Monica is a popular female name that is believed to be of Greek origin. In Greek, it is associated with the word “solitary”. It also has roots in Latin which means “to advise”.

This lovely name is also linked to the dreamy location Santa Monica – a famous spot that has captured the hearts of many. It is a special name and deserves special praise. Many songwriters and lyricists are bewitched by this beautiful and melodious name and have used it in their songs. 

For all those who are equally enchanted by this name, we have compiled a list of songs with the name Monica in the title. Go over the list and discover how much influence this name has on the music industry.

1. “Monica” by The Kinks

This folk-rock song of the 1960s talks about love and dedication. The song is about a lady named Monica who is a prostitute.

Although most people wouldn’t expect her to have a fairytale ending because of her profession, the song goes on to talk about how love trumps everything and Monica finds someone who loves her. We can say she is a lucky girl in a sense because love is not judgemental.

The Kinks - Monica (Official Audio)The Kinks – Monica (Official Audio)

2. “With Monica in Oklahoma” by Spacecult

The song has a heavy background story – it talks about a toxic relationship with a girl named Monica. The lady in question is uncaring about the demise of the other party and described as a  waste of time in the lyrics. The singer uses this song to express his frustration and wishes to leave the relationship.

3. “Sing Monica” by Phish

This upbeat and catchy song portrays a man deeply in love with a woman called Monica. He praises and appreciates her through the lyrics.

Monica also reciprocates his feelings, which fits the happy vibe of this song. The song is a celebration of love being accepted and worth celebrating with a song.

Phish - Sing Monica 7-13-14 New York, NY livePhish – Sing Monica 7-13-14 New York, NY live

4. “Santa Monica Sunshine” by Sweet

Compared to the other titles in the list that revolve around a person, this song is dedicated to Santa Monica. As the protagonist in the song undertakes a wonderful journey towards this dreamy destination, he sings a song about the pleasant and beautiful memories he is making.

The song makes you want to go on a road trip. Come to think of it, why not gather a group of friends and make it happen?

Sweet - Santa Monica Sunshine (Dave Lee Travis, 06.12.1971) OFFICIALSweet – Santa Monica Sunshine (Dave Lee Travis, 06.12.1971) OFFICIAL

5. “Monica Gems” by The Horrors

This title is about admiring someone from afar. Here the protagonist is interested in a lady named Monica Gems. However, the woman seems to be preoccupied with other things.

She does not take notice of the people around her which leaves her admirers with no option but to watch her. While Monica Gem remains oblivious of them, the gents around her try to get her attention. Listen, ladies and gents, it pays to look around sometimes.


6. “Santa Monica Bay” by Johnossi

This number has wonderful guitar sounds that fit its theme. Santa Monica Bay in this title serves as a place to reminisce about.

The lyrics talk about the wonderful moments that occurred here but unfortunately they came to an end leaving the narrator heartbroken. All of us have our ways of coping with losses and if you empathize, go and sing along with this tune.

Johnossi Santa Monica BayJohnossi Santa Monica Bay

7. “Santa Monica Drive” by Locnville, ILLA

This catchy and groovy beat just screams ‘let’s party’. The song talks about the things that are happening in Santa Monica Drive and you cannot help but wonder, how awesome an experience it would be. You might even want to take a trip there to find out because it will surely be an experience to remember.

Santa Monica DriveSanta Monica Drive

8. “From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica” by The Clientele

This mellow song describes traveling from Brighton Beach to Santa Monica. It talks about the calm atmosphere of autumn as the journey takes place. The relaxing tune of the song has a calming effect and it is a suitable melody to be played if you are going on a long drive.

The Clientele - From Brighton Beach to Santa MonicaThe Clientele – From Brighton Beach to Santa Monica

9. “Santa Monica” by Everclear

This grudge rock title has a sad history behind it. It involves the untimely demise of a person close to the heart of Alexakis during his youth.

This song reflects his sentiments of pain and heartache. The song leaves listeners with the message that life can be unexpected but one must not lose hope and continue to move forward in a positive light.

Everclear - Santa Monica (Official Music Video)Everclear – Santa Monica (Official Music Video)

10. “Monica sulla Spiaggia di Follonica” by Filippo D’Erasmo

This is another foreign language entry on the list. This song is an Italian love song about a man romantically professing his love to a lovely lady named Monica. The lyrics are full of sweet words.

The lyrics and the tune are very catchy and evoke strong emotions. The song will have you hooked even if you don’t understand Italian.

Monica sulla Spiaggia di FollonicaMonica sulla Spiaggia di Follonica

11. “Santa Monica Sunrise” by Roman Road

This pop song is very catchy. However, beneath this lively tune, the singer contemplates about a failed relationship. The protagonist in the song has grown tired of trying to make things work.

He now believes that there will be times in life when one has to decide if they need to let go or hold on. He comes to the conclusion that if a relationship becomes toxic, then it is understandable to withdraw from it.

Santa Monica SunriseSanta Monica Sunrise

12. “Leaving for Monica” by Rakib Erick

This alternative indie rock song talks about a relationship that is about to end. Even if the narrator still has lingering feelings, he knows his lover will leave one day. The protagonist is aware that her partner is cheating on her with a girl named Monica and that it is only a matter of time when everything will come tumbling down. .

Rakib Erick - Leaving for Monica (Audio)Rakib Erick – Leaving for Monica (Audio)

13. “Telegram to Monica” by Manfred Mann

This rock title tackles a long-distance love affair. The protagonist keeps on reaching out to a girl named Monica but does not get a reply.

The lyrics pay tribute to the tumultuous situation of his heart when he does not  get his desired response. The singer eventually realises that it is not a healthy relationship and understands the need to move on despite having feelings for her. 

Manfred Mann - Telegram To Monica (Peters Pop Show, 05.12.1987) OFFICIALManfred Mann – Telegram To Monica (Peters Pop Show, 05.12.1987) OFFICIAL

14. “Monica/Wanna Be, Pt. 1” by Lachv

The melody of this number is slow in the beginning but as it progresses, the beat picks up. The song talks about the benefit of knowing a woman named Monica. Based on the lyrics, Monica aids the narrator to earn lots of money.

The song is short but can keep you glued due to its uniqueness. Are they in a relationship? It is hard to say based on how the song goes but there is a very clear partnership between the two and it is a successful one!

Monica/Wanna Be, Pt. 1Monica/Wanna Be, Pt. 1

15. “Santa Monica Nights” by David Hasselhoff

Everybody knows David Hasselhoff as an actor but not all are aware that he is also a good singer. This love song talks about all the romantic moments the couple spend together in a beautiful place lined with palm trees and hazy moonlight.

The location of this sweet song is obviously Santa Monica. The song is an affectionate way to rekindle lovely moments.

16. “Monica Freestyle” by Midget Malik

This hip-hop rap song is another entry that has a heavy theme. The song talks about a concerned person who tries to convince Monica not to throw her life away. It seems the lady is tempted by the material things that the world has to offer.

However, the narrator warns her that it is not worth getting involved in that sort of life. Does Monica pay attention to the warning? Listen to the song to answer that question.

Midget Malik - Monica Freestyle (Midget Meets Malik EP 1/6) [Official Audio]Midget Malik – Monica Freestyle (Midget Meets Malik EP 1/6) [Official Audio]

17. “Sweet Monica” by Meltheads

This punk title has an awesome guitar intro and impressive drum sounds. The song is about a man asking Monica out on a date. He tries to wow her with his assets like his car.

He even shares his date plans to get her interested. The lyrics imply that she accepted the invitation but whether they hit it off or not is the question.

Meltheads - Sweet Monica (Official Video)Meltheads – Sweet Monica (Official Video)

You have reached the end of the list. Hopefully, this list of songs with Monica in the title piqued your interest. Whether it is about a nostalgic place or simply a representation of a loved one, this sound adventure will leave you smiling.