Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter D

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter D are the drum, daxophone, dulcimer, double contrabass flute, and dulcimer. Below is a list of musical instruments starting with the letter D, as well as some information about each one.

  • DABAKAN – A drum that originated from the Philippines and is shaped like a goblet.
  • DHAD – A double-sided drum that is shaped like an hourglass.
  • DAF – A wooden frame drum with no handle and is played by finger-striking.
  • DAHU – A bowed instrument that is popular in China.
  • DAIKO – A Japanese drum without a sound box and has one skin.
  • DAMMAN – An Indian paired kettledrum that one opening can be poured with water.
  • DANKIYO – A Turkish bagpipe that is made out of lambskin.
  • DARBUKA – An Egyptian goblet drum.
  • DAXOPHONE – An electronic friction idiophone.
  • DEF – A Perso-Arabic tambourine used in Iran.
  • DHOL – An Armenian drum that contains two heads, played using sticks and hung around the neck of the player.
  • DIDJERIDU – A woodwind instrument made out of a eucalyptus branch.
  • DIZI – A Chinese bamboo flute that populated during the Han Dynasty.
  • DOUBLE CONTRABASS FLUTE – The lowest-pitched flute made and is also called an ‘octabass flute’.
  • DRUM – A musical instrument that belongs to the percussion family, typically consisting of a single membrane or drumhead which is struck with a mallet, stick, or the player’s hands.
  • DRUM MACHINE – An electronic musical instrument that creates drum sounds.
  • DULCIAN – A double reed instrument that was popular in the Renaissance period.
  • DULCIMER – A string instrument with a trapezoidal shape that is played by striking the strings with small hammers.
  • DULZAINA – An instrument of the oboe family that originated in Spain and is classified as a double reed instrument.
  • DUTAR – A two-stringed lute that has a long neck and comes from Iran and Central Asia.


The list of musical instruments that start with the letter D is quite diverse, ranging from drums and dulcimers to more obscure instruments like the daxophone and double contrabass flute.

Whether you’re looking for a new instrument to learn or just want to explore the wide world of music, any of these instruments would be a great place to start.