Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter K

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter K are the keyboard bass, kettle drum, kaffir piano, kalimba, kaen, and kazoo. Below is a list of musical instruments starting with the letter K, as well as some information about each one.

  • KABOSI –  A tiny lute in the form of a box from Madagascar.
  • KADLONG – A fretted boat lute that originated in the Philippines.
  • KAEN – A mouth organ from Thailand.
  • KAFFIR PIANO – also known as mbira, is a traditional Zimbabwean musical instrument.
  • KALIMBA – A thumb piano that is from Africa.
  • KANGLING – A human tibia or femur that was made into a Tibetan horn.
  • KANTELE – A Finnish plucked string instrument that has horse hair as strings in the oldest version.
  • KAVAL – A flute that is blown from the end and has open ends, originated from the Balkans.
  • KAZOO –  A membranophone that is a toy instrument, played by buzzing the lips into it.
  • KETTLE DRUM – A percussion instrument that is a type of drum and has a rounded bottom.
  • KEYBOARD BASS – A keyboard musical instrument in the bass register that has pipes or strings.
  • KEYED TRUMPET – A brass instrument that is similar to a trumpet, but has finger holes like a flute.
  • KHENA – A mouth organ from India that has a double reed.
  • KISSAR – A lyre from Sudan, Egypt, and Abyssinia.
  • KŎMUNGO – A Korean zither that is half-tubed and hollow.
  • KORA – A 19-stringed harp-lute from West Africa.
  • KOTO – A 13-stringed Japanese zither.
  • KOZIOL – A bagpipe made from a goat’s hide, it originated in Poland.
  • KUBING – A jaw harp that is from the Philippines.
  • KULINTANG A TINIOK – A Philippine metallophone with eight tuned metal plates.


There are many different types of musical instruments that start with the letter K. Some of these instruments are still used today, while others are only found in museums.

Whether you are a musician or simply a music lover, learning about these instruments can be a fascinating experience.