Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter E

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter E are ektara, electric piano, electric guitar, euphonium, egg shaker, and electric bass guitar. Listed below are some musical instruments that start with the letter E and descriptions of each.

  • EDAKKA – An Indian drum that is shaped like an hourglass.
  • EESTI TORUPILL – A bagpipe that originated in Estonia.
  • EGG SHAKER – Also known as a ganza, is a percussion instrument that is held by the hand and produces sound when shaken.
  • EIGHT-STRING GUITAR –  A guitar with two additional strings that are usually tuned to lower pitches.
  • EKENDE – A Congolese thumb piano that has 9 iron tongues.
  • EKTARA – An Indian folk lute that has only one string.
  • ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR –  a stringed instrument with four to six strings or courses and a neck and scale length similar to that of an electric guitar, but has an extended neck and scale length.
  • ELECTRIC GUITAR –  A guitar that uses multiple pickups that allows conversion of the string vibration into electrical signals, which are amplified to produce sound.
  • ELECTRIC PIANO – A type of electronic keyboard designed to simulate the sound of a grand piano or another acoustic piano.
  • ENGALABI – A lead drum that is from Uganda.
  • ENKELHARPA – A Swedish keyed fiddle.
  • ENKRIKAMO – A drum used by Afro-Cubans.
  • EPINETTE DES VOSGES – A French string instrument from the zither family, has 3 fretted strings out of seven.
  • ERHU – A Chinese lute that has only two strings and can produce a range of three octaves.
  • ERIKUNDI – A type of shaker made out of reed or grass that is from Cuba.
  • ERXIAN – A type of bowed instrument that originated in China.
  • ESRAJ – A bowed instrument from North India that has 20 metal frets.
  • ESTERILLA – A Colombian  percussion instrument that looks like a placemat.
  • EUPHONIUM – A brass valved instrument that has a tenor sound, similar to a baritone horn.


There are many musical instruments that start with the letter E, from all around the world. These instruments vary in size, shape, and sound, but all of them can produce beautiful music.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, there’s an instrument on this list that is perfect for you.