Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter L

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter L are the lyre, laser harp, lo, lithophone, and lute. Listed below are musical instruments along with accompanying information for each.

  • LAMBEG – A drum that originated in Ireland.
  • LANGELEIK – A droned zither that originated from Norwegia.
  • LAPA – wind instrument that is shaped like an oboe and made of metal 
  • LARUAN – A stringed instrument from China.
  • LASER HARP – An electronic musical instrument that uses laser beams to create sound.
  • LAUNEDDAS – A woodwind instrument from Sardinia that is made out of three pipes.
  • LEIER – A type of hurdy gurdy that is from Germany.
  • LEIQIN – A bowed instrument from China.
  • LERA – A cane flute with 4-6 finger holes discovered in the Niger River area of Nigeria.
  • LESIBA – A string instrument with a flattened quill attached to the strings.
  • LIJERICA – A Croatian fiddle with three strings and is similarly played as a cello.
  • LIRONE – A bass bowed instrument that is popular in the renaissance period.
  • LITHOPHONE – A musical instrument that is made out of stone.
  • LO – A 20cm-wide flat gong from China.
  • LOKANGA – A three-stringed fiddle from Madagascar.
  • LUR – A horn made of wood from Norwegia.
  • LUSHENG – A mouth organ with varying lengths from China.
  • LUTE – A plucked string instrument with a pear-shaped body that is popular during the renaissance period.
  • LYRE – A string instrument with a Y-shaped frame that is from Ancient Greece.


There are a wide variety of musical instruments that start with the letter L, ranging from traditional instruments such as the lyre and lute, to more modern electronic instruments such as the laser harp. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be an instrument on this list that will suit your needs.