Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter F

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter F are the flamenco guitar, fisarmonica, finger cymbals, frame drum, and flute. Here is a list of musical instruments that start with the letter F.

  • FANGXIANG – A metallophone from China.
  • FIDDLE – is a string instrument that is played with a bow. It is similar to the violin but has a lower, deeper sound.
  • FINGER CYMBALS – Usually worn on the fingers, tiny cymbals are utilized by belly dancers.
  • FINGERBOARD SYNTHESIZER –  an electronic musical instrument that has a row of pads that the player presses with their fingers to create sound.
  • FIRIKYIWA – a bell that is rung in Southern Gana by striking a metal worn on the thumb.
  • FISARMONICA – An accordion made in Italy.
  • FLAGEOLET – The France-made flute that has six holes.
  • FLAMENCO GUITAR – A type of guitar that is used in Flamenco music.
  • FLEXATONE – A percussion instrument that is made of suspended metal sheets and a wire frame.
  • FLOJERE – A flute that is blown from the end, originated in Kosovar Albania.
  • FLOGHERA -The shepherd’s flute, which was originally made from bamboo but is now most commonly made of metal or plastic, originated in Greece.
  • FLUGELHORN – A German trumpet-like brass instrument that has a wider bore.
  • FLUTE –  A wind instrument that is held horizontally and has a metal or wooden body with a row of holes that the player blows into to create sound.
  • FLUTOPHONE – A wind instrument similar to a tonette but has a clarinet-like end.
  • FORTEPIANO – A piano that can produce a very loud or soft sound depending on how the player presses the key.
  • FOTUTO – A pre-colonial Cuban horn that is made out of conch shells.
  • FRAME DRUM – A type of drum that has a round, open frame and is played with the hands.
  • FRENCH HORN -The brass instrument that consists of tubing wrapped in coils and a flared bell.
  • FUJARA – A 6-feet-long Slovakian shepherd’s flute.
  • FUJARA TROMBITA – A 2 to 6-meter-long mountain horn from Slovakia.


Many different types of musical instruments start with the letter F. Each one has its own unique sound and purpose. Some of these instruments are used for traditional music, while others are more modern.  Whether you are a fan of the classics or something more contemporary, there is sure to be an instrument on this list that you will enjoy.