Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter N

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter A are the nose flute, nail violin, nagara, nano harp, and the nine-string guitar. Here is a list of musical instruments that start with N and their features.

  • NADASWARAM – A South Indian double reed instrument that is used for traditional music.
  • NAGADODAIKO – A Japanese long drum with a wooden body and head made out of cow skin.
  • NAGARA – A Middle-Eastern drum.
  • NAI – A pan flute in Romania.
  • NAIL VIOLIN – A musical instrument that consists of a wooden soundboard that has iron or brass nails varying in size.
  • NANO HARP – One of the smallest instruments in the world and is carved from silicon.
  • NAO – A large Chinese cymbal.
  • NAQUS – Small cymbals that are hit with iron sticks in order to play sound.
  • NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTE – A block flute that is blown from the end.
  • NATURAL TRUMPET – A trumpet that is commonly used by the military to communicate.
  • NAY – An end-blown flute, commonly used in Arabian music.
  • NENTSI – A Canadian hand drum.
  • NGONI – A tear-drop-shaped flute that has four strings.
  • NINE-STRING GUITAR – A variety of six-stringed guitars that has nine strings to widen the instrument’s range.
  • NJARKA – A single-stringed fiddle.
  • NOGO – A Korean pellet drum with thongs that are knotted.
  • NORTHUMBRIAN SMALL PIPES – A Bellows-blown bagpipe from England.
  • NOSE FLUTE – A flute that is played by blowing through the nose.
  • NYCKELHARPA – A bowed string instrument that belongs to the fiddle family and is popular in Northern Germany and Scandinavia.
  • NYLON GUITAR – An acoustic stringed instrument that has a nylon string.


There are many musical instruments that start with the letter N, each with its own unique features. Some of these instruments are more common than others, but all of them offer a unique sound that can be enjoyed by musicians and audiences alike.