Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter I

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter I are Irish bouzouki, itones, ieta, ipu, and idiophones. Below are some musical instruments that start with the letter I, as well as descriptions of each.

  • IAKITXÁ – An indigenous one-meter long trumpet from Brazil.
  • IBEKA – A type of thumb piano from the Kalai people in Gabon.
  • ICHECHE – A leather and woven straw shaker from Nigeria that contains pebbles.
  • ICHIGENKIN– The smallest type of Japanese koto.
  • ICYEMBE – A Rwandan acoustic string instrument that has a wooden box as a body.
  • IDIOPHONES – An instrument that vibrates, such as bells, gongs, and xylophones, either struck or rubbed to generate sound.
  • IETA – A small harp that has 7 strings that originated in southeast Cameroon.
  • IGIL – A Russian fiddle with two strings.
  • IKEMBE  – A lamellophone from Rwanda.
  • IKILI – A lute-shaped stringed instrument from Altai Republic.
  • IKKO –  A Japanese goblet-shaped drum that is decorated.
  • INCI – A flute from the Philippines.
  • INGOMA – An animal membrane-covered cylindrical drum from Burundi.
  • INGONE – A Brazilian ancient drum used in xango ceremonies.
  • IPU – A Hawaiian gourd drum.
  • IRISH BOUZOUKI – The Irish bouzouki is a type of lute used in traditional Irish music, similar to its Greek counterpart.
  • IRISH ULLEANN – An Irish bagpipe that is typically used indoors.
  • ISTARSKI MIH – A Croatian bagpipe.
  • ITONES – A pair of wooden sticks used to create Afro-Cuban music.
  • IYÁ  – A set of three Cuban batá drums and is the largest.


There are many different types of musical instruments that start with the letter I. Each instrument has its unique sound and can be used to create a variety of different genres of music.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional instrument or something more modern, there’s sure to be an instrument that starts with I that’s perfect for you.