Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter R

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter R are the recorder, requinto, rainstick, roman tuba, and rubboard. Here is a list of some musical instruments that start with R, along with a little bit of information about each one.

  • RABAB – A North-African short-necked fiddle that is commonly used in Arabic music.
  • RAG DUNG – A brass trumpet played by Tibetans.
  • RAINSTICK – A shaker that consists of a long hollow tube that is filled with beans, stones, or gravel.
  • RAJÃO – An ancestral stringed instrument of the Hawaiian ukulele.
  • RATATAK – A shaker that is from gourd jingles.
  • RATTLE – Any type of percussion instrument that produces sound when shaken.
  • REBEC – A fiddle from Medieval Europe that is similar to the rabab.
  • RECO-RECO – A hollow bamboo or metal scraper that is usually used in Angolan music.
  • RECORDER – A European whistle flute that varies in size.
  • REDONDO – A drum set that is placed on the ground, allowing the player to sit on it and use a stick or hand to hit and create sound.
  • REPINIQUE – A small Brazilian samba drum that produces a metallic sound.
  • REQUINTO – A small Spanish clarinet-like instrument.
  • RIQ – A tambourine found in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • ROLMO – A Tibetan domed cymbal used in rituals.
  • ROMAN TUBA – A signal trumpet used in the military.
  • RUAN – A Chinese lute that has four strings and a short neck.
  • RUBAB – An Asian plucked lute with a short neck, double chambers, and string that is either from the animal gut or metal strings.
  • RUBBOARD – A washboard that is used by Cajun and Zydeco artists as percussion instruments.
  • RUDRA VEENA – An Indian plucked string instrument.
  • RYUTEKI – A Japanese flute.


There are plenty of musical instruments that start with the letter R, from all over the world. Each one has its own unique sound and purpose.  Whether you’re a musician or just a music lover, try to check out some of these instruments next time you have the chance.