Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter P

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter P are palo de lluvia, pan flute, pastoral pipes, piccolo, and piano. Listed below are musical instruments that start with the letter P and their descriptions.

  • PAHU – A bass drum made from hollowed coconut husks and covered by the calf, ray, or shark skin from Polynesia.
  • PAIXIAO – A pan flute that originated in China.
  • PAKHAWAJ – A barrel drum from North India, typically made out of light wood.
  • PALHETA – A five-holed double-reed instrument with a bell-shaped end section that is comparable to the Spanish dulzaina.
  • PALITOS – A Cuban percussion instrument that strikes a wood block with a small stick.
  • PALMAS – A hand-clap type of percussion instrument which is used in Flamenco music.
  • PALO DE LLUVIA – A shaker made from hollowed wood, filled with stones or seeds that will rattle when shaking.
  • PALOS – Tall drums that are made by hollowing out trees and using animal skin as drumheads in the Dominican Republic.
  • PALWEI – A bamboo flute that is blown on its end to produce sound from Myanmar.
  • PAN FLUTE – A folk instrument that is made out of bamboo pipes with varying lengths.
  • PANDEIRO – A tambourine or frame drum that is popular in Brazil, Portugal, and Galicia.
  • PANDERETA – A type of tambourine that originated from Spain or the Hispanic-American period.
  • PANDURA – An ancient long-necked flute from the Greeks and Romans.
  • PANPIPE – Also known as pan flutes, this instrument is a set of tuned pipes made out of bamboo or canes that are bundled together and are played when blown across each.
  • PARAGUAYAN HARP – A traditional diatonic harp.
  • PARANKU – A Japanese frame drum that has cowhide stretched as the head and is hit by a banchi.
  • PASTORAL PIPES – An ancient bagpipe that is powered by bellows.
  • PI PHU THAI – A flute from Thailand.
  • PIANO – A stringed keyboard instrument that contains wooden hammers which create a sound when the keys are pressed.
  • PICCOLO – A woodwind instrument that is a half-size smaller than a flute.


There is a wide variety of musical instruments that start with the letter P, each with its own distinct sound and history. From the Paraguayan harp to the pandura, there is a wide variety of instruments to choose from if you’re interested in exploring this letter of the alphabet.