Musical Instruments That Start With the Letter X

Some of the most popular musical instruments that start with the letter X are xylorimba, xaphoon, and xylophone. Musical instruments that start with the letter X are not as common as those that start with other letters, but here is a list of  a few other instruments that start with X:

  • XALAM – A traditional West African instrument that has 1-5 strings.
  • XAPHOON – A bamboo saxophone made by Brian Wittman, a saxophonist in Maui, Hawaii.
  • XEL-XUUR – An iron or bamboo mouth harp from Mongolia.
  • XEREMIA – A bagpipe from the Balearic Islands in Spain.
  • XIAO – A Chinese end-blown vertical flute that has six holes and is made out of bamboo.
  • XIAOCHA – Chinese small cymbals.
  • XIAODIHU – A Chinese tenor instrument that has two strings or also known as a tenor erhu.
  • XIRULA – A three-hole lute, also known as chirula.
  • XITENDE – A plucked string instrument that has a gourd resonator and only has one string.
  • XUN – A Chinese ocarina, it is shaped like an egg and the player can play sound by blowing on its hole.
  • XYLOPHONE – A percussion instrument that has a keyboard-like placement of bars that is struck by the player to create sound.
  • XYLORIMBA– A variety of xylophones but has an extended range.


As you can see, there are a variety of musical instruments that start with the letter X. Though they may not be as common as other instruments, they are still interesting and unique in their ways.

Whether you’re curious about learning a new instrument or simply want to know more about the ones that exist, this list might be helpful.