Should I Leave Music On For My Cat?

You do not need to leave music on for your cat when they are left alone. Some types of human music actually can be disruptive for cats. Though, if you really want to, there are certain types of music that are more suitable for cats.

Do cats like music left on?

Not all cats are into music. It may be that you have multiple cats, some of which enjoy the music while others do not.

It is possible to determine whether or not your cat likes music by waiting until they are in a relaxed state. They will normally purr loudly when happy and content with their surroundings. This is the best time to play music to see if your cat entertains it. If they purr, then you can be sure that they enjoy it.

So which types of music are good for cats?

One kind of music that can work for cats is “white noise.” It has static but occasionally changes frequency. It’s similar to the sound of rain or wind blowing.

Music with these types of frequencies is perfect for cats because their hearing is mainly in the ultrasonic range, which is above the level of human hearing.

Another type of music that is good for your cat to listen to is classical jazz. The kind that has low-frequency beats or melodies with steady rhythms can be soothing to them.

It’s best to keep the volume at a medium level, similar to the type of noise you’d find in restaurants or cafes.

Also, a great kind of music that is excellent for cats is called “piano music.” It’s one of the most relaxing types, regardless of whether it’s in the form of chords or singing.

The reason why this type of music is suitable is that it can help them relax, sleep and purr. This means they are able to get a better night’s sleep and let you be at peace too.

If your cat does not seem to have a preference, then it is best to go for this type of music since it has been proven that cats enjoy relaxing tunes. However, if your cat seems to prefer playing with objects or lying down during the day instead of sleeping, you

Differences Between Cat’s Hearing and Human Hearing

Cats are capable of hearing higher than humans. Sometimes, even things that are inaudible to us could be heard by cats.

They have greater intensity in the sounds they hear but also have a better quality of hearing compared to humans. Cats can hear things that are 4 or 5 times further away than humans.

Do Cats like Music or Silence?

Although the studies are not concrete, it is presumed that cats like silence since they would not meow or purr if they were perfectly content.

It’s difficult to say due to the fact that different people provide different things for their cats. Some might prefer playing music for them because it makes them happy while others simply leave their cat in silence.

Although, if you want to be 100% sure that your cat would like music then play some while they are relaxed. You can see their reaction to it and know whether or not they are into the sound of human music.

Does music have an effect on animal behavior?

In some cases, playing music can have an effect on behavior. It may not be the best idea to leave it on at all times since it could keep them awake or prevent them from sleeping too. However, if you find that your cat gets more comfortable around certain types of music, then it can have a positive effect on their behavior.

Do Cats Have Sensitive Hearing?

Cats do have sensitive hearing that is much stronger than humans. They have the ability to pick up a sound from much farther away but also with better auditory discrimination.

It’s not uncommon for a cat to be able to hear a dog bark, even though it might seem like they are too far apart.


Should you leave music on for your cat?

It’s up to you. Though there are many types of music that cats can enjoy, it is also important to know what type of mood they are in. If your cat enjoys being active instead of sleeping, then playing classical jazz or piano music could be a great option for them.

However, if you find that your cat prefers silence, then do not play any type of music for them.