19 Songs About Storms, Thunder, and Lightning

Storms can be unsettling and keep you up at night, but with the right music, playlist, and artists, you can feel calmer and more serene despite the tumult outside. Music has the power to help you weather any storm, both literal and figurative.

Many musicians have drawn inspiration from storms, crafting songs that capture their power, beauty, and drama. These songs can evoke memories of young love, personal struggles, or simply the awesome force of nature.

To assist you in finding the perfect storm-themed playlist, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best songs across various genres and styles. Whether you’re seeking to overcome a fear of storms or simply want to bask in their glory, these songs are sure to inspire and uplift.

1. “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors

Riders on the Storm by The Doors, an American Rock Band was first released in 1971. The song is considered a classic and one of the best ones from that era. 

The booming rhythm you hear throughout the song matches its somewhat dark inspiration. The song actually depicts the actions of one of the most notorious killers, Billy Cook. Even so, it communicates a daring message because the lyrics compare love with such dangerous acts.

2. “Storm Warning” by Bonnie Raitt

For a more sentimental time, this song tops as a good song choice. The vocalist uses the storm as a metaphor for losing a special someone. 

The melancholic harmony mirrors the heartbreak-themed lyrics of the 1994 song. The lyrics are so powerful that some listeners might feel sad even if they are not going through a hard time.

3. “Electrical Storm” by U2

U2’s Electrical Storm was released in 2002. The Irish band had a very specific way of delivering their message. You may, however, easily confuse this with a love song.

The song has an emotional side, yes, but it focuses more on showing how a storm is very similar to the pressure felt between two people in a relationship. It can be heavy, disturbing, but at the same time, you can’t take your mind off it. This is exactly what you can feel when listening to the song.

4. “Stormy Monday Blues” by Manfred Mann

Stormy Monday Blues was originally sung by Bobby Bland in 1962. Not long after, Manfred Mann released a cover of the song. The cover has a more melancholic yet western feel.

The song talks about the struggles a person goes through the days of the week after recently losing a great love. If you’re feeling emotional and going through a similar situation, this track will definitely help you put your thoughts into words and you will end up feeling better.

5. “In From the Storm” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix’s In From the Storm talks about not being able to leave something because they realize they love it too much to let go. The song talks about the struggles in a situation like that.  Jimi accompanied the emotional song with a personal touch of his guitar playing skills.

One of the things that make this song unique is the way it brings together blues and rock tones and has made it popular across the ages. 

6. “Storms in Africa” by Enya

Enya is known for her ethereal style of music where you can hear traces of new age, classical, pop and rock in one song! Her soft, rich vocals have a Celtic tinge mostly.

The 1988 song Storms in Africa refers to warm African dunes and how they seem to stretch endlessly no matter the weather. Many of Enya’s listeners describe this as a song that’s powerful enough to capture Africa’s essence.

7. “Stormbringer” by Deep Purple

If you have a liking for heavy metal songs, you will definitely like Deep Purple’s Stormbringer.This musical piece talks about empowerment and will surely boost your energy levels. The band shows how being a strong-willed person can do impossible things like causing a storm.

In addition to the powerful lyrics, the combined voices of Deep Purple’s singers give the song intense harmony.

8. “Rainy Days & Stormy Nights” by Billie Jo Spears

Rainy Days & Stormy Nights is a country song that makes for a soothing listening experience. Billie Jo Spears uses his powerful vocals to talk about the agonizing heartbreak that one goes through. The music talks about how it seems like it’s always raining in the day, and storms rock everything during the night.

This song is a tearjerker, especially if you feel like nothing is going your way in life.

9. “Calm Inside The Storm” by Cyndi Lauper

One of Cyndi Lauper’s masterpieces, Calm Inside The Storm, is a somewhat fun song that talks about a heartbroken person and their desire to be loved again by the same person.

In addition, the song’s message boils down to regaining the lost relationship as a whole. Like the title, the person aims to be calm despite the overwhelming storm that they’re in.

10. “Shelter From The Storm” by Bob Dylan

As expected from Bob Dylan, Shelter From The Storm is a comfort song that offers poetic lines from beginning to end.

The song can have different meanings for different people. Some listeners believe that it is about a failed marriage that still offers salvation, despite the end of the relationship. Others see it as a reflection of the light that people need after being led on by a plague or a terrible leader.

11. “Storm” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Storm is a fun and motivational song that can help you get through tough times. The lyrics are specially written to give hope to their listeners. The lyrics, although varying, have the same bottom line – the storm will pass, and you will see the light again.

Despite the very aggressive rock undertones of the song, the music helps you see the positive side of life. 

12. “Stormy Weather” by The Spaniels

The Spaniels version of the song Stormy Weather is an emotional take on how being left by someone feels like being out in stormy weather. The jilted lover feels like their life has been hit by a storm ever since their lover left them. Heartbroken people will surely relate to this.

13. “Stormy” by Santana

Have you ever been in a relationship that made you happy, and when it ended, it seemed like your happiness also left? This is exactly what Santana’s song Stormy talks about. The lyrics show how one person can brighten your life to the point that their absence can cause the same feelings as stormy days.

This musical rendition is definitely worth listening to if you’re feeling a bit melancholic.

14. “Ridin’ the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon

Ridin’ the Storm Out is about REO Speedwagon’s personal experience of getting lost in the middle of an unfamiliar city while heavy snow falls. The songwriter uses his music to talk about his experience of making the most out of a dilemma and somehow turning it into a memorable adventure.

Listening to this will help you put things in perspective. Luckily the band’s outstanding guitar and singing skills make it a good listen. They were immensely popular at the time of release. 

15. “Storm is Rising” by Little Axe

Little Axe’s Storm is Rising is a chill country song that also falls under the Reggae category. Its slow tempo is ideal for a slow day when you want to take things easy. The artist talks about feelings that rise when a storm or rain is nearly approaching.

16. “Stormy Weather” by Grace Knight

Accompanied with well-formulated instrumentals, Grace Knight’s Stormy Weather is a classic song that will definitely fit right into the needs of a peaceful Sunday morning. The feelings this song evokes depend on the listener as it can either feel calming or emotional.

This song, with the combined vibes of jazz and blues, gives you all the feelings of being in stormy weather. The song will also fit your mood if you play it on a rainy day. 

17. “The Storm” by Jim Steinman

The intro itself of Jim Steinman’s The Storm is a masterpiece. The whole song is a beautiful  mixture of modern and classical music and will be one of those songs that you play on repeat. 

If you’re into instrumental music, this song will definitely be your favorite in this playlist. Expect combined feelings of thrill, excitement, and an overall enigma through the song even without the presence of lyrics.

18. “Storm Front” by Billy Joel

Storm Front by Billy Joel is a fun and straightforward song about how wonderful thunderstorms are. Although this is an old song, the music is not limited by time and will fit the taste of any generation. Somehow, you may remember old-time countryside experiences when you listen to this lyrical art piece.

19. “Storms” by Fleetwood Mac

If you are looking for more motivational songs related to storms, Fleetwood Mac’s Storms is a comfort song for many people. A number of listeners feel this song is about coping with one’s death and eventually leaving a warm space in the heart for them.

The song has a very realistic approach towards mourning. The lyrics have been penned to share the struggles people face when mourning a loved one. Instead of telling people to have hope or stay positive, it teaches a subtle lesson that it is ok to be sad when things go wrong. 


From the looks of it, storms are a very popular word with our musicians and they have used this weather phenomenon in various ways to talk about everything from heartbreak to death to just plain old rain and thunder. 

The list has a number of genres and you can add them all into one playlist to enjoy diversity in music. You can also pick and choose the ones that go well with your musical preferences. All said, this list will be your go-to whenever a storm approaches your city. Some of the songs even cover themes like love, despair, and family, so you can even relate them to your own experiences.